Steve Sailer’s perfect slogan

Steve Sailer asks which slogan is better, “America First” or “Americans First”?

The downside of a contrarian sensibility is that I’m a poor marketer, so don’t look to me for slogans that sell.

Still, to me, “Americans First” sounds better on several dimensions than “America First.”

What do you think?

Steve Sailer

I think it’s perfect.

The obvious rejoinder is to quibble about the definition of “American”, and according to Scott Adams’ persuasion stack arguing about definitions is capitulation. It sets up the opposition for immediate failure.

Persuasion Stack

Identity (best)

Analogy (okay, not great)

Reason (useless)

Definition (capitulation)

You’ll see a lot of debate on whether Trump is a true conservative or not. That is argument by definition. It is the linguistic equivalent of throwing your gun at a monster because the magazine* is empty.

Scott Adams
Updating the Persuasion Stack (National Review’s Trump Cover)

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6 Responses to Steve Sailer’s perfect slogan

  1. podrag says:

    Americans First is nice. I can definitely see it working in the current environment: especially with minorities actually. In tough times everyone wants to feel patriotic and to have a sense of common cause and warriorship. The tribe cannot afford weakness when facing difficulty.

    ‘Americans First’ pushes all the standing in lines to go kill stuff buttons.

    And shit… can anyone remember what we did with the Neanderthals? Don’t tell me you forgot to feed them again Brad! Don’t we like need them right now or something?

  2. podrag says:

    Personally, I couldn’t imagine Hillary leading an Ashanti Tribe into battle against the British, but somehow I can imagine Big Donald doing so. Even if minorities don’t like him, we all know that at a certain point it’s not about that any more. Think about it. That’s enough deep thought from me for today.

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