Overwatch theory

This is purely opinion. At best, it’s informed editorializing.

The earth is a slave plantation: half breeding colony, half industrial prison planet. Satan is the warden, but he prefers to rule over us humans via shadowy influence rather than shows of power to avoid slave revolts. He would lose a lot of souls to Jesus if people knew he’s real, and souls are his primary personal interest. This is beginning to change- the mass brainwashing is becoming so effective that normal people will believe almost anything an authority tells them.

Spiritual beings exercise surprisingly little power in the material world. Their most extreme exercises of power are restricted to influence of human action, via illusions, suggestions, and selectively revealing esoteric knowledge. Thus, Satan’s influence is propagated by what I call the “demonic whispernet”, a disciplined intelligence network of allied spirits. These spirits influence events primarily through human collaborators who are cultivated for the purpose- roughly equivalent to double agents or house negroes in the antebellum. These collaborators are given greater power, responsibilities, and privileges in exchange- typically via esoteric knowledge and inclusion in the fraternity of empowered collaborators. The best lies merely reframe the truth in a way that convinces a person to follow his predictable heart.

Based on various spiritual activities, I’d say most spirits are only interested in loosh. For example, Mothman sightings (which seem to be interchangeable with Koanic’s Travelers) always precede disasters that include lots of pain and death, and like angels their physical manifestations cause terror and blindness. They are shapeshifters who base their appearance on human expectations (appearing as gods to the ancients, and as UFOs and aliens to rednecks), so the fact that some of them don’t bother to play dress-up suggests many spirits are either unaffiliated or undisciplined or both. This basic hunger for loosh suggests that Satan has to make concessions in his plans in order to “pay” his allies with it. Otherwise, world peace would probably best serve his personal interest in diverting a stream of monads into damnation.

Incidentally, this “loosh” fascination suggests Vox Day’s demagoguery is at least nominally demonic activity. This is worth mulling over in its own right. The fact that this is the only motivation that seems to work is the primary reason I believe the Christian West has already lost the culture war. Fighting alone in self-defense is futile, but dying for one’s countrymen requires a spirit of charity which is interchangeable with “Christianity” and is not in evidence today. (Obviously, I always counsel fighting but with realistic expectations.) For example, despite the fact that only gelded untermenschen (spergs, NEETs, gamers) have produced any victories in the culture war, the VP commentariat never fail to displace their portion of blame onto their social inferiors, and are quick to suggest purging them.

Enough about spiritual woo, let’s talk about how the human collaborators are structured.

First, the unstructured “shallow state”. These are the humans who are somehow influenced by the demonic whispernet but have little or no connection to the collaborator deep state. They aren’t aware the deep state even exists except for an unconscious desire to follow the zeitgeist. Most have no personal demonic inspiration and are motivated purely by the evil desires that are endemic to humanity: greed, lust, etc. We’ll call these folks “muggles”. SJWs are the best example today because their actions are so casually and mind-bogglingly evil, but all humans are at risk of doing Satan’s will by spiritual weakness or by accident. This could be something as simple as tacitly accepting tactical nihilism as a legitimate form of debate (that is, the appeal to literal nonsense). He is the great deceiver, after all, thus large webs of misinformation serve his interests by default. Some of these shallow state collaborators do have personal demonic connections which, depending on their natural talents and their receptivity to cultivation, may qualify them for gradual induction into entry levels of the deep state fraternity.

The deep state is hierarchical, hermetic, and publicly financed: that is, it’s characterized by a formalized pyramidal structure, information asymmetry, and control of the centralized money supply. Central banks are always created by deep state collaborators because this grants the power to raise massive armies- average nonChristians (who are necessarily included in “mass” armies) otherwise lack the moral agency to cooperate and die for each other in common causes. Banks that don’t siphon wealth into the vaults of this deep state are not allowed to exist for long- Satan is not (yet) interested in the show of power necessary to quell organized competition. Thus, large financial institutions of any kind are inextricable from Luciferianism. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

The esoteric knowledge I’ve previously referred to is fragments of the Babylonian pyramid death cult. Its power comes from the fact that it grants initiates with understanding of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It takes different forms in different cultures: various Gnostic fraternities in Europe (“Gnosticism is Kabbalah”), Kabbalah and Sufism in the semitic Middle East, Hinduism in India, and Confucianism in the far East. It is a complete, prescriptive religion and political system that details a functional mixed-race society with eugenics for the enlightened upper class, dysgenics for the unenlightened slave classes, and mystical practices for navigating the all-encompassing propaganda machine. House nigger apotheosis, is what it essentially boils down to.

The lowest levels of the deep state are populated by the Winston Smiths of the world. These are the self-deluding neurotics who desperately want to self-identify as aristocrats but lack the necessary temperament and/or ability to be truly useful. Their self-deluding tendencies are used primarily for manufacturing propaganda, so nowadays you’ll typically find them infiltrating media, academia, and other such institutions. The only rules they are trusted to follow are 1) enforce the Narrative and 2) only say good things about other members of the deep state (hence the recent interest in rehabilitating Alexander Hamilton’s reputation).

The next level up is populated by the O’Briens of the world. These are the anxiety-free psychopaths. Sometimes they are self-aware, sometimes they aren’t, either way they are extremely useful for managing harems of neurotics (they are not unlike madames in this) and for doing the dirty work that is sometimes necessary when indirect influence will not serve, which they typically enjoy. Tinpot dictators of 3rd-world nations always fall into this category because if they are properly handled (that is, restrained from overindulgence in their favorite habits), they produce a culture of fear as naturally as breathing. This is where most human social hierarchies typically end, but even amateur psychologists understand that psychopaths are incapable of self-control. Thus, every psychopath who experiences long-term success- every slave recruited as a whip hand, every tinpot dictator, and every brothel day manager- needs a handler to keep them focused.

Looks like I’ll have to leave off here for now because I gotta get to work.

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51 Responses to Overwatch theory

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Nice analysis, looking forward to seeing how you develope it!

  2. j says:


    >Mothman sightings (which seem to be interchangeable with Koanic’s Travelers) always precede disasters that include lots of pain and death,

    coincidentally, the shithole countries that provide the best loosh are also the most superstitious. this is simultaneously logical and a good cover.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thanks. A confounding variable here is stupidity: most of human suffering is caused by stupidity, and shithole countries tend to have much dumber people, and dumber people are (generally) more superstitious.

      That said, none of these observations are contradictory. They could all be true.

  3. Rime says:

    When I saw Overwatch I thought this was a post about how awesome the extension on the open beta was.

    The banks amass piles of money how? Usury. Outlaw usury and the banks rapidly lose their ability to serve Satan. It is no accident that the masses are completely ignorant of the term.

    We know when someone is running demonic propoganda because they lie about things which they know the truth of or they compromise positions they claim to hold. If someone claims to be seeking truth you tend to see their thinking become MORE internally coherent and consistent. Examples include CS Lewis, Lawrence Auster, Mencius Moldbug. Historical examples include St. Ignatius de Loyola, St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Paul the Apostle.

    Hamilton’s reclaimation as a secular saint of the cathedral is interesting. I listened to a few of the tunes from the musical. Not impressive. Sounds like the guy came up with the rhymes and beats over the course of a pot-filled afternoon. I imagine techno-archeologists won’t know of it except through comments denigrating it like this one. Don’t bother trying to find a working server with the soundtrack, not worth it.

    • Heaviside says:

      My impression is that Hamilton was a brilliant man, and his economic policies were key to America’s rise to the #1 spot.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >When I saw Overwatch I thought this was a post about how awesome the extension on the open beta was.

      I hadn’t heard of it. I’m not a gamer and I’m relatively isolated from American culture.

      > If someone claims to be seeking truth you tend to see their thinking become MORE internally coherent and consistent.

      That’s a good way of looking at it, and it lends a bit more credence to my definition of reason as “the process of modifying perception to minimize absurdities”.

      I’m not surprised the Hamilton musical sucks, narcissists have no aesthetic sense almost by definition.

  4. Rime says:

    Never heard of Mothman. Disturbing stuff. Of course secular authority claims its a red crane. Lol

    In the interests of coming up with a better name for the apparatus our enemy uses can we come up with a synonym for the Cathedral? Cathedrals are pretty and wonderful buildings.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Never heard of Mothman. Disturbing stuff. Of course secular authority claims its a red crane.

      People will believe anything.

      >In the interests of coming up with a better name for the apparatus our enemy uses can we come up with a synonym for the Cathedral? Cathedrals are pretty and wonderful buildings.

      That’s a good point, but these beautiful buildings were built by precisely the bunch of people we’re talking about.

      • Ansible says:

        No, they were not. Cathedrals were build by peasantry and now (mostly) extinct aristocracy, modern day progs are largely descended from clergy/aristoi that broke their vows. Jim’s Law of Posterboys: Martin Luther/Henry VIII

        Over the past five-hundred years we’ve become completely different people. And I say this as a man descended from peasants and aristocrats who did not break their vows.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Cathedrals were build by peasantry and now (mostly) extinct aristocracy

          They were built by literal masons, that’s where the freemasons got their name.

          >modern day progs are largely descended from clergy/aristoi that broke their vows.

          I’m not up on the Moldbug stuff, but if you’re talking about the “puritan spirit” I think you’d best redirect your attention to the Quakers. Note the much larger number of similarities with the modern prog.

          >Over the past five-hundred years we’ve become completely different people.

          I agree.

          >And I say this as a man descended from peasants and aristocrats who did not break their vows.

          I don’t know what you’re talking about here. Maybe it’s because I don’t read Jim’s blog regularly, although what I’ve read was pretty good.

  5. Koanic says:

    What do you mean by calling vox days demagoguery nominally demonic?

    The Cathedral is the Pyramid.

  6. Jdc says:

    I used to identify with rightist circles quite heavily until I started to read sites like visupview.blogspot.com Now I don’t really know what to believe anymore, everything seems correlated and has a synchronicity in the strangest ways like some type of Philip K Dick nightmare.

    I’m wary these days of who is trying to influence me and for what reason. But it can lead to neurosis and a bleak outlook on life. Do we have a side, a purpose in the contemporary world?

  7. Jdc says:

    As for Loosh, I used to hunt and when you kill something for some reason afterwards you get a weird rush of elation and energy and sometimes it makes you laugh uncontrollably. It’s creepy as hell and I never understood it, it’s almost involuntary. I don’t think it’s adrenalin, it’s something different.

  8. j says:

    idea: reincarnation is real and depending on your celestial soul-essence you reincarnate as a certain edenic phrenotype.

  9. Mr. T. says:

    “This is beginning to change- the mass brainwashing is becoming so effective that normal people will believe almost anything an authority tells them.”

    Pop culture has gone way occult (Illuminati, what ever) recently. Just compare to obly a few dacades ago when Christianity was still the way to go! It’s hard to know if for example pop stars/producers are totally serious (in the know) or only doing it because it looks “cool” and rebellious.

    Different people and operators doing different things or just going along.

    And of course even if the loosh concept works broadly, the dynamics and effects of these spiritual things are… hard to model, to say the least. Thanks for the effort!

    But it’s an interesting topic that might look strange to your normal nerdy/spergy atheist, but surprisingly it’s true. TV, movies and videogames have a lot of demons/magic and so forth, and it’s actually true in the real world as well — surprise! We just know very little how the world works. The mundane is the mundane.

    But thankfully Christianity has real power as well, so not all is lost.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Hawaiian Libertarian captured this Christian -> Occultism movement in a recent post:

      In 1995, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ was still a nationally recognized holiday. The season began on the Friday Morning immediately following Thanksgiving, when the Corporate retail industry beholden to crass consumerism, would offer the best deals of the year to buy shit we don’t need with money we don’t have. In the name of celebrating the birth of Jesus, we started off the season with the appropriate offerings for the worshipping of Mammon. All schools and institutions had Christ Mass as an official holiday break on the calendar. The public school kids all learned, practiced and performed in Christmas pageants that featured Christ Mass music like Silent Night, Away in the Manger, O Little Star of Bethlehem, etc. Many shopping centers and towns put together choral performances and caroling events in suburban communities, all supporting Jesus-is-da-reason-for-da-season. The Nativity Scene was displayed in front of Churches, Government buildings, private homes, company parking lots, town centers and parks.

      In 2005, in the name of tolerance and diversity for those of other religious beliefs and practises, all schools and institutions had “Winter Break” as the official designation on the calendar. The public school kids all learned and performed Holiday-themed music with no mention of the birth of Christ, such as White Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Let it Snow, etc. The Nativity Scene was displayed in front of only Churches, private homes, and shopping centers that were still pandering to Christian’s seeking suitable outlets to pay their seasonal obeisance to Mammon. Celebrations officially kicked off at midnight on Thanksgiving, in which the first minute of Black Friday signaled the commencement of the Holy season for paying appropriate tithes to the Pagan Gods of yore.

      In 2015, creches during Christmas season are few and far between, and certainly not found anywhere on public property. Only secular X-mas trees are allowed, and only in conjunction with the symbols and ornaments related to minority Christmas substitute holidays like Kwanzaahannukah. Vibrant diversity is the reason for the season, and it is now celebrated earlier than ever. The shopping festivities officially kick off before Thanksgiving dinner dishes are even cleared from the table and the leftovers put away.


  10. podrag says:

    From my experience as a Winston who got Winstoned this is 100% accurate

  11. podrag says:

    On a serious note however I find the Buddhist 6 paramitas to be the best defence against demonic forces. The first paramita is Generosity, the second is Right Conduct. These two are like shade under a hot sun. Keep practicing both diligently and you will confound your enemies both spiritual and material. Even something as simple as giving spare change to a homeless bigger can have deeply profound impact. Demonic forces feed off of expectation and fear, if we stop giving them our expectations, they lose their power.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Generosity, honesty…I’m curious, are the other four “fun”, “kindness”, “courage”, and “magic/friendship”?

      • podrag says:

        Dāna pāramitā: generosity, giving of oneself (in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, 布施波羅蜜; in Tibetan, སབྱིན་པ sbyin-pa)
        Śīla pāramitā : virtue, morality, discipline, proper conduct (持戒波羅蜜; ཚུལ་ཁྲིམས tshul-khrims)
        Kṣānti pāramitā : patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance (忍辱波羅蜜; བཟོད་པ bzod-pa)
        Vīrya pāramitā : energy, diligence, vigor, effort (精進波羅蜜; བརྩོན་འགྲུས brtson-’grus)
        Dhyāna pāramitā : one-pointed concentration, contemplation (禪定波羅蜜, བསམ་གཏན bsam-gtan)
        Prajñā pāramitā : wisdom, insight (般若波羅蜜; ཤེས་རབ shes-rab)

      • podrag says:

        According to Buddhism ‘loosh’ is created through egocentricity and the cycle of hope and disappointment through which we are conditioned. One quite deep teaching of Vajrayana Buddhism is that there is NO HOPE! Our spiritual practice is to serve the world but the problems of Samasaric delusion just are what they are. All these manifestations of the mentals states and motivations of others are, in effect, reflections of our own mind.

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  14. Mr. T. says:

    Last year I was watching Chris LaSala’s Youtube videos (on this topic, and others). They don’t seem quite as insightful anymore, but just in case somebody’s interested:

    — Satanic Networks Hidden By Spiritual Intimidation: https://youtu.be/yfB6182s9kk
    — You Must Overcome Demonic Fallen Angels To Be Born Again: https://youtu.be/CR–cyNO04g

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  16. podrag says:

    In terms of the culture war it all makes perfect sense if you follow Heaviside’s logic with regards to the allies essentially losing WW2. What has followed since has been a grinding into dust.

    • podrag says:

      Essentially via summoning demons. That’s how the oldies would have described it. The deeper I go the more I see that we are under attack from some pretty hardcore Tantric energy.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I think it’s hyperbole when he says the allies “lost”. Maybe he’s using the well-known persuasion technique, I dunno. But I believe he’s sufficiently demonstrated that they didn’t “win” in the categorical way that we understand it today. Turns out to be a lot more messy. “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

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  24. Obadiah says:

    Vast herds of cows: proletariat and middle classes

    Cows who think they’re going to be promoted to the ranks of the humans and snitch on the other cows: neurotics

    Ranch hands: demagogues

    Farmcorp field office employees: technocrats

    Farmcorp corporate office employees: politicians

    Farmcorp executive board members: alchemists

    Chairman of the board: Satan

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