Identity and human action

From the comments on Overwatch Theory:

I used to identify with rightist circles quite heavily until I started to read sites like Now I don’t really know what to believe anymore, everything seems correlated and has a synchronicity in the strangest ways like some type of Philip K Dick nightmare.
I’m wary these days of who is trying to influence me and for what reason. But it can lead to neurosis and a bleak outlook on life. Do we have a side, a purpose in the contemporary world?


Here’s how I figure it: everything in life boils down to divisions, and which side of each divide you find yourself on. Humans are

1) animal,
2) sociopolitical, and
3) transcendental.

We lack any sense of purpose or identity except in reaction to these things.

As animals, we lack all desire except that which arises to satisfy our survival needs. This is a reaction to the physical world- it distinguishes You from the things that are Not You. These are physical needs because we are physical creatures.

As political animals, we lack all desire except that which arises to satisfy our social needs: sexual reproduction, family, friends, ancestry and tribe, national pride, etc. Again, by distinguishing what is You from Not You, we can achieve perspective for how to act. These are abstract needs that ultimately seem to boil down to physical needs- although this might be a premature generalization, it’s what the evopsych indicates so far.

As transcendental creatures, we are limited in our anxieties because we have trouble seeing the transcendental “stuff” and therefore have trouble distinguishing Me from Not Me. But when we do sense these things, it fills us with spiritual need to react, same as the other levels.

So to answer your question, yes, we do have a purpose in the contemporary world. Everything in life (and the higher realms) boils down to which side you’re on in the various conflicts. I wrote a more abstract take on this here, which I’m less sure about and which is less concrete and sensible.

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1 Response to Identity and human action

  1. Jdc says:

    I’ve thought about this post and what I wrote earlier. I think the solution is to keep doing what is right and what is possible in spite of say the existence of terrible things whether gnostic, supernatural or just greedy oligarchs. The deep state exists, that’s a fact but we can work towards a better world without falling into existential despair. Strength against odds, that is our superiority.

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