On lulz

What do you mean by calling vox days demagoguery nominally demonic?
The Cathedral is the Pyramid.

Comment on Overwatch Theory

I mean that people who are engaging in anti-Cathedral activity (rhetoric et al) say they are doing it indifferently with schadenfreude as their reward.

Now let’s be clear: I don’t *believe* them when they say this (Edit: with a couple of antifragile Sigmas excepted, Vox himself being one). There’s an easier explanation- claiming to do this is a way of pretending to have outcome independence, which is to say high status and therefore a relative position of unimpeachable power. Or “hand”, if you prefer. Sadism is a traditional hobby of the idle aristocratic class.

Cruelty that is delivered with supreme confidence, bemused detachment, and eviscerating precision is catnip to women’s kitties. Glib male cruelty says “I have so much power and self-assurance that I can freely shit in the faces of losers and foes without appearing insecure”. It is the mischievous cruelty of the Joker that makes women swoon. Despite themselves, women will get turned on by the masterful application of cruelty toward lesser men (and women!), because cruelty, almost in a league of its own, flaunts dominance. Male dominance is to women as female beauty is to men: it’s irresistible.

I say “despite themselves”, because women will hardly ever admit to such crass cravings. In the face of your cruelty to others, she’ll pout and feign a morally indignant pose and wag a finger and beg you to show mercy and pretend to be put off but in the final calculation the seismic ripples of her pussy will speak louder than any words coming from her mouth.

You think I jest?

Me: Sweetcheeks, look. That bum just winked at you. He wants to take you back to his cardboard box. [waving at bum] Hi, bum!
Her: [struggling to conceal a grin] Shh, stop that. Stop waving. You’re horrible.

Chicks Dig Cruelty

Claiming to be motivated by indifferent cruelty is a form of tactical nihilism, i.e. lying for effect. Same as NLP, affirmations, propaganda, and other forms of magic (because magic = influence over perception).

It’s normal and expected for neurotypicals to bluff in this way, which is why I describe this as “nominal” demonic behavior. They are simply playing the Game by the Rules as given.


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9 Responses to On lulz

  1. Heaviside says:

    So what you’re saying is, honest sadism is okay? We could bring back cat-burning!

  2. podrag says:

    There’s cruelty and there’s cruelty though. I, for one, enjoy being cruel to people who I know to be essentially evil in their core motivations. Win-win.

  3. Koanic says:

    I think you’re projecting. I doubt Vox is lying about his indifference, even though it’s difficult for you to comprehend or model.

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