Overwatch theory continued, the technocrats

Last time I left off at the psychopaths who manage the neurotics, who in turn manage the Narrative. But psychopaths can’t self-regulate, so they need handlers in turn. Enter the technocrats.

These technocrats are characterized by three personality traits: intelligence, conscientiousness, and a fascination with different forms of information storage and transfer. This latter bit is the most interesting because it gives rise to a predictable range of hobbies and interests that spans technology and art- radios, electronics, information technology, encryption, encoding…word games, puzzles, iconography, linguistics, and philosophy. They prefer Plato to Aristotle.

In contrast to the freaks who populate the other classes, technocrats are overwhelmingly normal: they dress conservatively, have an average number of children (who play soccer and go to “good” schools), and are quite happy with the status quo. They enjoy earning advanced technical degrees from prestigious universities, learning new technology, and they dislike substantive social change (except when they are destabilizing other countries). Depending on the society, they can be recruited via eugenics or meritocracy- a perfect example would be the Mandarins in China under Confucianism. Though they consider themselves highly imaginative and creative, they underperform relative to their IQs- the “creative” works they prefer tend to be clever rather than aesthetically pleasing: stylistically clever, humorously clever, relying heavily on cultural reference material, and often nihilistic.

This should be no surprise because they are effectively bureaucrats, shuffling information and parceling out official judgments on small matters of law and policy. They overwhelmingly populate America’s intelligence agencies and “think tanks” and even in operations they are much more economic hit man than 007 agent or special operator. If they have an interest in ethics, it is purely academic because they show a shocking indifference toward the simplest repercussions of their actions that borders on psychopathy- they wouldn’t torture someone personally, but they would sentence that someone to heinous tortures by foreign tinpot dictators without losing a wink of sleep. This disinterest arises from their firm belief that “the system works” (after all, it elevated them). This insensitivity to implication is what fundamentally stunts their creative faculties.

If we think of the tinpot psychopaths as regional managers, then these technocrats can be thought of as the bureaucrats employed by the central state apparatus to keep them in line (with carrot and stick) and generally keep an eye on things. Their power rests not in their powerful personalities, but in their dedication to enforce state policy by invoking the might of the state. Cooperative tinpot dictators are rewarded with financial aid and quelled rebellions (face it- spec ops guys just enjoy the fighting part), and are punished financially or by destabilization and deposition. The psychopaths might not like being controlled this way, but they know what’s good for them.

Like the neurotics, technocrats fancy themselves to be natural aristocrats. But they aren’t.

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11 Responses to Overwatch theory continued, the technocrats

  1. podrag says:

    I think the problem now is that you have to go so far up the tree to find anything that looks like a decentTechnocrat it’s all becoming far too Sovietised. Even executive board level is psychopath/neurotic who’s been given a bit of Masonic induction into magic and dissemination of goodfeels. The arse has fallen out of the whole thing IMO. Ultimately the whole feels mechanism is there to keep those who actually add value in line, but those who add value are fucking off disgusted with the whole charade. It’s just a bunch of misfits in a Greek Farce if you ask me.

    • podrag says:

      Sorry Heaviside I know that’s actually probably insulting to the Soviet Union. At least the USSR could build infrastructure.

      • Heaviside says:

        It’s not me you need to worry about.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Shh, we’re gonna fix the infrastructure with optimism and hats that say Make America Great Again. These problems may be cultural and they may have been entrenched and festering for a century (or better) but we’re going to fix them all in two presidential terms.

        What, close the public schools? Don’t be crazy, that’s crazy. We have to make the schooldays longer to keep up with Singapore!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s just dysgenics. It’s not that you have to go higher up, it’s that you start from lower because the bottom of the pyramid is growing in leaps and bounds. There are just so many more people now that you need entirely new levels of bureaucracy to keep them all employed and busy.

      The Pareto principle (80/20) includes the information traders who enable a scaled business/economy to run in the 20%, but don’t actually produce anything (accountants, lawyers, salesmen, executives, etc.). It’s probably more like 99/1 in terms of productive work getting done.

      Alas, I was hoping to break into the 20% crowd but it appears you have to be a social networker and a hard charger. So…back to the 80% with me until I learn a productive skill that some idiot can exploit via scale.

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