A theory about the Holocaust

European Jews have adopted feminine mental patterns because, like women, they have adapted to societal support roles to the near-exclusion of productive roles. This gives rise to their unusually strong verbal tilt (verbal IQ being the key to social navigation), solipsism, neuroticism, conscientiousness, authoritarianism, and other such traits that we typically associated with female cognitive style. There is a disconnect between their sentimentalism and their psychopathic pursuit of genetic self-interest that seems paradoxical, unless we model them as having an impenetrable wall between their forebrains and hindbrains. Just as women act fundamentally out of sexual self-interest while rationalizing post-facto with sentiment, platitude, etc., Jews act fundamentally out of tribal self-interest and rationalize post-facto in the same way.

Thus, much of PUA may be repurposed for dealing with typical Jews. I daresay this is more or less the case for straight WASP men who are dealing with anyone with fewer patriarchy points. As I said at Alpha Game recently, liquidation is an over-reaction in situations where a firm “No” will suffice.

European Jews make up a huge proportion of the neurotics caste due to these feminine mental patterns and their high average IQ (which puts a huge proportion of them in the midwit range). So when the financial system collapses (or is collapsed) and the country destabilizes, the upper castes cut and run, consciously sacrificing the neurotics to the demagogues and the angry masses to cover their escape.

This is further exacerbated by my maxim that in a civil war race becomes a uniform you can’t take off. That is, when you’re fighting brothers and cousins it can be difficult to tell who’s on your side, and hesitation can mean death. So people fall back on the oldest heuristic: does that guy look like a friend or a foe? This is compounded by escalating reprisals because victim morality is the lowest common denominator in human affairs.

This is probably how the Holocaust played out, except that it was more formalized and efficient due to the national character of Germany.

As far as the history is concerned, I believe the six million number is accurate. Record-keeping is the national fetish in Germany, after all. But as many have pointed out, it is simply impossible to accomplish such a number in such a small span of time by industrial processes—so it’s likely that most died of passive weapons like starvation and disease, as these are the traditional weapon for killing millions of people. Considering the Jewish preference for indirect conflict, they would be easy targets for the logic of massacres. The gas chambers business was probably a small-time business (an anecdote, in terms of actual number of lives lost) played up in retrospect in order to generate philosemitic sentiment.

After all, who’s even heard of the Holodomor?

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5 Responses to A theory about the Holocaust

    • Heaviside says:

      You can talk about “a firm no” all you want, but that didn’t stop Mossad agents from deploying Stuxnet to hijack the Siemens programmable logic controllers on the backup diesel generators on 3/11. It didn’t stop the crypto-Jew Columbus from launching the genocide of the American Indians. Any head of state who is seriously concerned with the long term future of his nation ought to be thinking about how to destroy the Jews once and for all.

      The Jews are a political problem. “Game” is a personal solution. I grew up around tons of Jews, and while they may be flawed as individuals it isn’t particularly remarkable. The problem is that Jews as a political group want to dominate and control all other peoples, and they will not stop until they have totally subjugated everyone else.

  1. Obadiah says:

    >Bro, eventually you have to admit the Rothschilds weren’t Jews, and it wasn’t Trotsky who sank the Lusitania.

    I actually imagine Jacob Rothschild looking like an extremely genetically-degenerated and corrupted version of Abraham.

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