Updated plurals

Plurals! Inspired by Penny Arcade: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2016/05/18/precognition

E.g. A “pride” of lions, a “murder” of crows, etc. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0004725.html

A horde of GenZers.
A coven of Millenials.
A suicide of GenXers.
A debt of Baby Boomers.
A queue of Greats.

Macro races
A riot of blacks.
A bordello of whites.
A mass of Asians.
A hellscape of aborigines.

A plantation of English.
A tribe of Irishmen.
A commune of Germans.
A din of Scots.
An exhibit of Native Americans.

Recent immigrants
A liability of Jews.
An infection of Scandinavians.
A gang of Mexicans.
A work crew of Mestizos.
A stench of Indians.
A school of Koreans.
A factory of Chinese.
A tentacle of Japan (not of Japanese, they are all one big kaiju :-P).
A raft of Cubans.
A base of Filipinos.

A bunch of pussies.

A computer convention of thards.
A drunken orgy of croms.
A most dangerous game of melons.
A lump of phrenologists.

Internet subcultures
A DeviantArt of bronies.
A shitpost of NEETs.
An ironic meme of faschies.
A posse of Dread Ilk.
A system of NRxers.
A representative sample of aspies.
An ejaculation of PUAs.
A handful of MGToWs.
A deluge of puppies.
A fourth generation of gamers.
An edge of alt-righters.
A fringe of conspiracy theorists.

An office of airmen.
A remedial class of soldiers.
A crapshoot of officers.
A confusion of generals.
A fashion show of sailors.
A confiscation of Coast Guard…people.
A cult of marines.
A camchat of NSA analysts.
A cancer of CIA agents.
An entrapment of FBI agents.

A beautiful surrender of churchians.
A schism of Protestants.
An centralization of Catholics.
An explosion of Muslims.
An ovenful of Jews.
A mess of Hindus.
A Yoga class of Buddhists.
An opium den of Confucians.
A tumor of agnostics.
There is no plural for atheist because they can’t stand each other’s company either.

A molestation of SJWs.
An external hard drive of cuckservatives.
A temple of neocons.
An exurb of SWPLs.
A mouthful of Twitter users.
A mine of socialists.
A JournoList of journalists.
A circle-jerk of bloggers.
A disorder of Tumblrites.
A supply of YouTubers.
An alternative history of communists.
A hysteria of feminists.
A life insurance premium of trannies.
An assembly line of teachers.
A flock of academics.
A warren of rabbits.
A festering of kudzu.
An unplanned family of ruderals.

A waste of normalfags.
A database of Facebook users.
A couch of men.
A hive of women.
An accidental series of children.
An indictment of football players.
A two-drink minimum of baseball fans.
A second mortgage of spouses.
A swamp of job-hoppers.
A shower drain of students.
A herd of entrepreneurs.

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3 Responses to Updated plurals

  1. Bicebicebice says:

    The Human Race = a herd of nerds.
    Sometimes i feel like the true nerds have been usurped by everyone else. Once upon a time, it was not cool to use a computer, and I believe that time can come again.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      There was a huge propaganda push over here to make nerd = cool, and the masses have obliged their masters as well as they could have. Which is to say, thick-rimmed glasses are *so* in this season. But it won’t last, eventually they’ll get bored and wander back to warmer climes.

  2. ......... says:

    A duet of daoists…..

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