The tinpot psycho class is predominantly big-eye melons

In my opinion, this is the easiest phrenology generalization that can be made about the pyramid structure of society. The O’Briens tend to look like this:


Credit goes to Polymath for creating the archetype, naming it, and creating this composite of faces.


The next level up is populated by the O’Briens of the world. These are the anxiety-free psychopaths. Sometimes they are self-aware, sometimes they aren’t, either way they are extremely useful for managing harems of neurotics (they are not unlike madames in this) and for doing the dirty work that is sometimes necessary when indirect influence will not serve, which they typically enjoy. Tinpot dictators of 3rd-world nations always fall into this category because if they are properly handled (that is, restrained from overindulgence in their favorite habits), they produce a culture of fear as naturally as breathing. This is where most human social hierarchies typically end, but even amateur psychologists understand that psychopaths are incapable of self-control. Thus, every psychopath who experiences long-term success- every slave recruited as a whip hand, every tinpot dictator, and every brothel day manager- needs a handler to keep them focused.

Overwatch theory

Phrenologically, this archetype is characterized by large eyeball size (which is also exaggerated by projection from the sockets), extremely wide spacing between the eyes, and wide faces in general. Physiognomically, they tend to be endomorphic and carry themselves like silverback gorillas (which they are, essentially). Because they are energetic and image-conscious they tend to be in decent shape in while they’re young, but after age 40 they invariably become fat because of the way they eat.

Their crania take many different shapes, so I’d hesitate to make any generalizations. However, I will say that no TMs have been spotted in the wild with big-eye melon faces—they have all had melon-backs of some variety or another.

This is the archetypal “big man” style of Alpha male (both Voxian and Heartistean). They excel at interpersonal relations, and are masters of nonverbal communication like body language and vocal intonation. They tend to be boisterous to the point of being obnoxious, but this is a carefully calculated decision- they are quite capable of whispering, influence, and are fluent in powertalk, gametalk, etc.

Psychologically, this type seems to be specialized for community relations. They are extreme extraverts (as predicted by wide-spaced eyes)—energized by attention, shallow socializing, going places, and getting to know the important players in a community. They enjoy greasy food and music and the fawning attention of attractive women, all of which they are given for free on a daily basis by hordes of fans clamoring for an audience.

Big-eye melons are smart, like all melons, tending to cluster around the 135 IQ mark. Because of their nonverbal fluency, big-eye melons are a rare exception to the communication gap, which allows them to communicate with people below the 2 SD window (but not above). This is important because they spend a lot of time managing the emotions of degenerates within their domains.

What holds these men (and a few rare women) back is their high time preference and disinterest in anything other than socializing and managing people. Thus, they lack the focus or interest required for abstract or academic pursuits, and don’t spend much time reading. This is how the technocratic class keeps them in check with economics- big-eye melons would rather cut an informal deal with financial overlords and enjoy their fiefdoms than bother navigating the tedious rule systems designed by technocrats to obfuscate financial rent-seeking behavior.

However, they are devotees of talk radio and podcasts.

Big-eye melons are natural-born demagogues. If someone were to make a composite of talk radio hosts, it would look like the one Polymath made above. Because they are silverback demagogues, you see a lot of them ruling countries in Africa.


Now, like all human types they have the possibility of tending toward good or evil, and like all humans they trend evil. Evil is expressed in different ways by people with different phrenologies, so let’s have a look.

Big eyes indicate a high level of sympathy, or as Koanic calls it: “low core shielding”. Because of their melon-backs, big-eye melons also have high cognitive empathy and are extremely astute and attentive students of human behavior. Extreme wide-spacing of the eyes indicates that their ego is “other-focused”, which means that their self-concept is extraordinarily dependent on group opinion. There is no such thing as a person with wide-spaced eyes who thinks highly of himself while his tribe thinks little of him—rather, he mirrors their opinions. Thus, they are very tuned in to group opinion, trends, fads, hashtags, etc., if only to crack jokes about the ones they disagree with.

What this boils down to in the worst case is an extreme “people watcher” personality. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that the extreme manifestation of this trait is sadism.

Typically, this trait will be hard-coded into the big-eye melon psyche by the time they hit puberty. This will then manifest as a sexual kink or a fetish which ranges from an unusual fascination for submission and blowjobs up to whips, chains, and ballgags (NB: the actor above plays the 50 Shades of Gray guy).

Like all other personality traits, this tendency can either be restrained with conscious effort or given free rein to run to its logical extremes. The latter is often the case with tinpot dictators, because they have the excuse of needing to keep their subjects “in line” (i.e. afraid and docile). Usually big-eye melons in more civilized countries exercise restraint to stay within social norms, but they still enjoy flirting humorously with the outer edges of propriety. This is because humor is the low end of sadism and because edgy and subtly sadistic humor is the sort that appeals most to neurotypicals at all IQ levels.

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55 Responses to The tinpot psycho class is predominantly big-eye melons

  1. Koanic says:

    High quality. Salute.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you. I was inspired by Rime’s effortpost to do one of my own :-).

      • Rime says:

        Dude I can’t compete. I’m digging with sticks and you bring out ferropolis.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          All the more shameful then if I shitpost. False humility is a sin; I’ll admit that I’m working with a lot more of whatever thing it is I have that isn’t IQ. But I also won’t pretend you don’t have a lot of potential for genius- your observations are almost always correct and insightful. Genius happens when you practice doing that often enough to become proficient.

  2. Jdc says:

    Yep, what Koanic wrote. A+

  3. vejiortan says:

    This is one of your best posts so far.

  4. Ardepark says:

    Hi Aeoli, where can I find the most up-to-date gathering of facial composites?

  5. Would Anders Borg be an example? Former finance minister of Sweden.

  6. lqwerty says:

    What are some other blogs that post stuff like this anyone? I forgot how interesting i found it because no ones done it in ages and ive never been arsed with the idea of sending people pictures of myself just to sign up for a forum.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Koanic Soul and Vault-Co are the only ones I know of, and they’re both inactive. I’ve cornered the market!

      Could you be more specific? Are you looking for insight porn, phrenology, alien conspiracy theories?

  7. podrag says:

    Needs more transcendental cosmic psychic octopus but overall is pretty much totally accurate.

    The thing about the kids of people you point out is that they’re likely to wilt under decent challenge, you’re absolutely right that they aren’t intellectually rigorous and that leads them to go in half-cocked a lot of the time. The display mobbing behaviour against predators though: they’ll gang up. They’re more tactical than strategic and intelligent in a low-quality way sort of like Jackdaws or something.

    Often they’ll also put MC untermeschen or just fucked up looking goons in blocking positions around them with some bigeye females in HR to boot, with their own respective coven to navigate. And they run set routines like American Football or Cheerleaders or something. It’s very much in the vein of Chad & Stacy Eternal High School The Musical, except if it were some sort of dystopian, jarring psychological horror movie that ruined anything nice. Just like regular High School the Musical then..

    • podrag says:

      Sorry for my poor spelling.

    • podrag says:

      Just one more thing…

      These people aren’t chosen because they are good, they are chosen as sort of predictable utility players whose buttons are easy to press. It’s a feature of the sort of big S SOCIALISM that attempts to flatten everyone out with a hammer. If you observe these people for long enough you can run command line operations on them.

    • podrag says:

      And another thing…

      You’re right to describe these people as ‘Madames’ because they’re the highest tier of the system that the system will happily throw under the bus when they’re finished with them. They represent the threshold of disposability but, like neurotics, they like to think of themselves as super special snowflakes… they’re almost the ultimate neurotics in that they actually believe their own stories!

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        But they believe they have value and it would be troublesome to remove and replace them (true), and they advocate for themselves. I’m hesitant to say how much they believe their own pitches, that seems to be more of a feminine/Jewish thing, but it could be the other-centric ego thing at its root.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Needs more transcendental cosmic psychic octopus but overall is pretty much totally accurate.

      Check out my anime/conspiracy theory cross-over fanfics: “Everything is tentacles!”

      >Often they’ll also put MC untermeschen or just fucked up looking goons in blocking positions around them with some bigeye females in HR to boot, with their own respective coven to navigate. And they run set routines like American Football or Cheerleaders or something.

      This is precisely what I observed at the strip club.

  8. Bump says:

    I’ve been investigating certain bikie gangs lately, quite a few of the leaders and enforcers have the wide spaced eyes.

  9. Wog Slayer says:

    If the bigeyes are tinpots, then what are the technocrats? Snakes/owls?

    • podrag says:

      The high tier technocrats as Aeoli describes them start exhibiting more Starchildy-ish features (Newt Gingrich), coneheads, amud/gracile Melon/Thal/Owlie hybrid features often with Jewish influence. Christine Lagarde or Marc Andreessen are good examples. Also Alan Greenspan. These are the people who manufacture the doublethink for the O’Briens to think in.

      The lower down Technocrats are just sort of smart people who can exhibit discretion, awareness and self-control. Probably a fair number of MTs lie down to die doing this sort of role. You’ll find them plying their trade in law, media and politics exerting hard influence but in a very ‘functionary’ way… not with any ‘flair’ or creativity. They’ll run standard ‘plays’ like the bigeye melons do, but they’ll set the limits of the game and give dressing downs when necessary.

      I like this as a good Technocrat to Psycho conversation:

      What do you think Aeoli?

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Agree 100% on all counts, particularly the video. I love the big man’s body language, it’s perfect.

        I think it’s impossible to do phrenology on the technocrats except to say they generally have big heads. But even that isn’t true all of the time, and especially for the Jewish ones.

        The recruitment process is just an outgrowth of any lengthy, rigorous academic process. Got a master’s in electrical engineering and a bachelor’s in linguistics? Work for government? You’re in.

      • Heaviside says:

        https://www. youtube .com/watch?v =a5hsJCF7Va4&t=21m44s

        A nice, warm, idyllic show with a lot of technocrat/”bigeye melon” interactions. It’s got politics but nobody really gets hurt in the end.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Not many snakes usually, I think, they like to go straight for prestige, influence, and direct power (politics, business, etc.). If you find owls here, I suspect it’d be part of a larger agenda.

  10. atonthemelon says:

    Hey, great post (this kind of thing–physiognomy–is what I miss about the old

    As a big-eye melon myself, I can verify a lot of this, to one degree or another, from my own experience.

    A small thing: I feel as if I have a healthy degree of self-control. Perhaps my religious bent helps, perhaps that’s my “handler.” Or, it could be the bigeyes themselves, which are associated with sympathy; it’s very hard for me to hurt people who are right in front of me, whom I can see, whom I can feel. On the other hand, much easier just to press the launch button for nuclear warheads.

    Also, I am not an extreme extrovert, but then again, my eyes are overly far apart.

  11. atonthemelon says:

    are not overly far apart*

  12. Wog Slayer says:

    It would be fantastic if someone could write a description of the snake/owl types like this. Great way to introduce people to the basic ideas of edenism without being too complicated. I am not so sure if the alpinised melons should be considered a legitimate type however.
    A SC description would be incredibly useful if done right. Although I am not sure if there are enough examples to fill the details.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, I’ve known one and podrag has supplied some very good anecdotes. I bet the magic neanderbrain can work with that.

    • podrag says:

      This blog is a good starter for how they operate.

      Typically they write the boundaries of their own reality, which makes them hell for Melons but for Thals they just seem a bit like silly sausages. Will socialise with Thal-Melon hybrids ideally Owl and Amud because they often never meet their own kind. Typically morally neutral, savant-level intellect, particularly verbal intellect, socially adept but also socially ambivalent. Masters of memetic warfare. I like them I’ve met two proper proper ones IRL and my grandfather looked like a Black Irish deepsocket Newt Gingrich so a smidgen of the DNA holographic projector reel is probably kicking about somewhere inside. You can typically find them kicking about in high social status circles or full of heroine skid row looking disillusioned, heartbroken and bored waiting for the Starship to take them back to the centre of the moon. If in technical/financial fields they will become experts in ‘dark arts’ where there is no proper answer.

      Aeoli’s bigger occ will probably be able to infer a better account. I’m just the kid who’s seen the dead people.

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  14. Robotnick says:

    Joseph Smith seems to fit this type. There are only paintings of him to go by, but his psych profile seems to fit very well. Perhaps he was a tinpot for the freemasons. Perhaps he had some occipital mass which would explain his knowledge obtained to rise through the ranks of the Masons in a matter of days. Or perhaps his high associative horizon.

    I’d imagine a lot of these types are ENFJ’s ESFP’s and ESTP’s.

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  16. Aton says:

    Shout-out again to this powerful, eerily-accurate post.

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  18. Obadiah says:

    Duffman, not Barney.

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