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Initial lessons from “The Profit”

Marcus Lemonis views small businesses from three angles when he’s deciding whether and how to invest in them: People Product Process Viewing each of these in isolation gives a very useful perspective, but I’d like to examine the typical interactions … Continue reading

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What happened to conservatism? It punts on the defining question of our time: whether nations have a right to exist

Inspired by this question, I decided to distill my answer to its essence as concisely as possible: Who killed conservatism? Why did you switch the label? Why are you calling the name I call myself to refer, for example, not … Continue reading

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Idolatry is emulation

Yesterday I responded to a comment by MM that I’ve “never had an idol in my life”. Turns out this is completely false and I just didn’t understand the concept. Koanic recommended the show The Profit to me a couple … Continue reading

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Some perspective on the genetic bottleneck

A collection of notes I left at VP just now. The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted 116-36 Wednesday to legally demolish the notion of biological sex in favor of “gender identity.” A similar bill passed the Massachusetts Senate last month. … Continue reading

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Cheap liquor

I mostly drink beer now, but there are times when only liquor will do. I can’t handle most liquor now because it’s too sugary. So clearer is better. That means my choices are gin or vodka. You might as well … Continue reading

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The tinpot psycho class is predominantly big-eye melons

In my opinion, this is the easiest phrenology generalization that can be made about the pyramid structure of society. The O’Briens tend to look like this: Credit goes to Polymath for creating the archetype, naming it, and creating this composite … Continue reading

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Tapping guitar is best guitar

A dirty little secret of guitar performance is that basic tapping is one of the easiest things in the world to learn and it sounds amazing. This is an advanced example of tapping on multiple strings. The hardest part of … Continue reading

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