It’s Independence Day, that one day of the year when Americans pretend it’s still 1950 and not 2016. A cold front has just come over my town, making the sky prematurely dark. I think of La Raza, 50 million Mexicans peering out of their barrios at fireworks in faraway exurbs with hatred and fear. When they burn the American flag outside of Trump rallies, are they thinking of Wise Latinas and transnational mulattos? No, they are spitting on women and children who dare to remain in the territory they’ve conquered.

I believe with all my heart that only Jesus Christ himself can save my people, and yet we look to government—to beautiful ideals and politicians and demagogues. Is it good to laugh at a funeral? Put away your fireworks and put on sackcloth, you wretched fools! Has anyone gathered two of each kind of animal? Who has stored up seven years’ worth of grain? We look to government for peace of mind, the same government that gelded my entire generation with education, living costs, debt, and plastic bottles, and bid our replacements to be fruitful. The generations that came before don’t even have enough sense to be drunkards.

Insofar as I see whites returning to Christianity, they are all cultural Christians, Churchians who are too lazy to attend church and too stupid to study history. Show me a town with ten righteous men who fear God and I’ll show you a nation that will inherit this land.

Night falls, and yet there are no stars. Where is the heavenly host? I see only fireworks, brilliant against a backdrop of stormclouds. Repent, all you spermless wretches! It is still not too late for the Lord to save us.


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12 Responses to Jeremiad

  1. A.B. Prosper says:

    I love a good Jeremiad

    Truth is A.P. Only knowledge and will can save our people from disaster . We don’t have the faintest idea of what kind of society we want instead of what we have and thus no will to get it and we’ll slump to disaster.

    And this is not the fault of the Gen Y or the Generation Empty kids who’ve known little else but of the current crud, no its the fault of the people who have know something else and should at east imagine something better. Jesus doesn’t even play into the picture.

    I’ll give you an example, Europe. This amount of arson and anti invader attacks is far higher than that of the US because they can imagine something else. a land without invaders . Its not because of Neo Christian Crusaders. Heck of of the most effective groups is the Soldier’s of Odin a group starting to come to American

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Christendom is becoming a thing of the 3rd world mostly now. Its rejected in Europe, nearly gone and done and slowly but surely going away in the States

    It likely won’t come back in scale and we as people don’t need this imported idea to thrive in our lands anyway . We never did and in fact whites the only group I am much concerned with thrived for centuries without it.

    We need simply, a Whiter, Righter society nothing more and nothing less.

    Once we figure out what Righter means, the social and economic aspects and all that we can say “This is what we want” and get started on the hard work ahead,

    Till than we live in the suck.

  2. podrag says:

    ‘Mine is a storm where yours is a gentle wind, inflexible where yours is deaf, all-loving not all-doting. And he is young and strong like Hercules. His is the voice that spoke in thunder when he stood bright before Moses in the burning bush, a giant before the dwarf of dwarfs. In the valley of Gibeon he stayed the sun, and worked miracles without number – and would work them still, if people were not dead, like you.’ Ibsen’s Brand H/T Heaviside

  3. bicebicebice says:

    Decent people with a healthy fearful dose of hellfire tends to create a nice and stable society where they can live out their time on this planet. People who dont believe in the devilry and such thingamajings tends to recreate a copy of hell on earth instead.

  4. Heaviside says:

    “Satanism IS Americanism in its purest form” — (((Anton Szandor LaVey)))

  5. Rime says:

    Good work. Will show to friends.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you. It’s not necessarily a gloom and doom future but I believe our culture is incoherent to the point that Christianity is the only functional replacement. Other replacements won’t sustain the current population, which requires a massive die-off to the lower population.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    >The thing holding us back us is low testosterone and the need for social reality.

    The latter primarily, IMO.

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