Shitpost: expected MBTI profiles for edenic types

The Huffington Post hates MBTI, therefore it must be God’s own truth. Plurality of genpop sapiens is ESFP.

So that’s your sapiens baseline. I figure thals are INTP or anything one step removed, and melons are ENFJ (and anything one step removed from that). Cro mag white genpop is probably ESTJ.

Here are the prevalence rates for the US. Keep in mind that proper edenic outliers are expected to be 1% of the white population or so, so most people in any of these types aren’t going to be thal, or melon, or hybrids, or what-have-you. Still, most INTPs probably have at least a little neanderthal in them.

It’s a fun idea, so I ran with it and here are my feelz:

Arch melon: ENFJ
Snake melon: ESTP?
Owl melon: ENTJ
Big-eye melon: ESFJ

This is a good place to note that these aren’t expected to be set in stone, they’re just median positions. For instance, I’m a TT who’s an INTJ.

Amud: INFP
Mousterian: INTJ
Arch thal: ISTP
Cave bear: ISTP?

Compare for extra fun and edification :-)

Edit—Reading that gave me the idea for progressive cro magnon, i.e. edenic-leaning SWPLs of the oven-middle class: ISFJ fits like a glove.


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19 Responses to Shitpost: expected MBTI profiles for edenic types

  1. Young Heaving Bosoms of Liberty says:

    I test as ENTP, INTP, or INFP, depending on mood.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thoughts on this: You test ENTP when you’re feeling energetic, and INTP when you’re feeling subdued (the dominant function eN switches with the secondary function iT). Dunno exactly where INFP comes from; such personalities are your natural “tribesman”, so this may be something you mirror for bonding purposes.

      ENTP “mad scientist” sounds right for you though, makes sense with your tendency to collect fringe science theories. Probably the INTP side comes out from social isolation because IQ.

  2. aton says:

    I don’t think the test is accurate for people with melon expression, who have a malleable type of personality. I’ve tested as INTP or INTJ, but the “I” is totally flexible and depends on mood/environment, and the “T” isn’t quite right either.

    Laughed at the meme!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      MBTI produces a lot of great memes, as do all forms of HBD.

      I think you’re right about the malleability, whereas thals are pretty well stuck in the INTP/INTJ/ISTP/INFP nexus.

  3. Pellegri says:

    INFJ or INTJ depending on how I answer the questions. (Let’s do it again and find out!) Looks like I’m an INFP now, which is a reversion to my childhood type. Huh.

  4. Koanic says:

    Self tested personality is inherently unreliable. Ratings from people who know you well will be much more stable.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Truth. MBTI would be extremely improved by adopting the 3 Colors of Ministry method of giving questionnaires to a friend and a parent as well as the subject.

  5. Aeoli Pera says:

    Only the finest concept porn for my readers.

  6. Boneflour says:

    “The Huffington Post hates MBTI, therefore it must be God’s own truth.”

    This is actually one of those funny but true things. I remember reading a headline saying something like “No, Muslims Don’t Want Sharia Law, Racists” pre/early redpill days, before I knew what Sharia was.

    Of course, the translation is “Yes, Sharia Will Replace The Courts, Fuck Whitey”, almost the exact opposite of the headline. If the Machine has to grind out antibodies against it… must be some solid truth in there.

    Another example. The NY Times hates fish oil:

    Second article says Inuits may metabolize Omega 3s better because of genetic (racial) differences.

    When shitlibs are so busy denouncing a supplement that they start acknowledging racial differences?… That’s a strong point in favor to me.

  7. minwu says:

    INTJ TT here. I self-type as a TT (I’m too paranoid to send my pics. NSA is watching), mainly because I instinctively dislike the MT archetype (militarism, laconophilia, hierarchy, tougher-than-thou, drill sergeants). However, I also dislike the chivalry/protofeminism/double standard of the TT archetype. Maybe chivalry requires gammatude, so omega TTs aren’t chivalrous.

    Off topic: I think you will find this helpful, as you often say you tend to forget replying.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      If you’ve got a driver’s license, they’ve got your photo as part of your dossier. But we aren’t important enough for them to be spending analyst time on us individually, I think that’s the bottleneck. It’s hard to guess the extent to which the average NSA worker is working for, against, or irrespective of the American people and the West in general (on a spectrum from the average Marine to the average CIA operative to the average government worker).

      However I would guess that most of them would at least be patriotic to the state and the country itself, if not the nation.

  8. Tom Kratman says:

    Yes, ENTJ, but not over everything, only over things that matter.

    This is beginning to get interesting.

  9. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Idea for a future post: write your own descriptions of the eight cognitive functions. Internet is already full of those, but I’d like to read your take on them. If this sounds like too much work or you suspect that it gets too long, you can do it in parts.

    Also, nice blog nerdbro.

  10. ThalMelon says:

    My MBTI type is INTJ, and I’m a TM. I have a melon friend, probably Mousterian phenotype, with a few that traits, and he’s ENTP.

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