Because I’m emotionally incontinent and everybody needs a good rant. It’s not personal.

The problem

Vox summarizes Fred Reed’s point well:

The Information Society was supposed to replace the Industrial Society, and we all know how well that has worked. Very, very well for some, not so well for most. People didn’t find alternative employment so much as they were provided make-work jobs and kept in school for four to eight more years.

Now the Robotic Society is replacing the Information Society and the ability to disguise both the lack of employment and the lack of need of employment is rapidly vanishing. The fundamental falsity of increasingly outdated economics models are also becoming apparent; no conventional model can survive the near-complete replacement of labor with capital.

Vox Day

What keeps the smart blue pillers from coming up with solutions is the WINNARZ mentality. There are still a lot of people who think the 500 million is supposed to be the smartest and most productive humans, and not the help.

The true problem is that the upper class prefers the “useless eaters” to the white middle class because 1) they have an emotional need for servants so they can feel superior to their palanquin-bearers, 2) the middle class is troublesome and obsessed with ridiculous things like “freedom” (lol, he thinks he’s people!), and 3) eliminating the latter will not affect their style of living in the short term.

The idea that a population of moral, skilled tool users doesn’t need leaders or a special class of decision-makers simply will not occur to 99% of the human population. See, this comment thread exemplifies why Tex says there’s no solution. Homo sapiens can’t solve problems, and they proactively oppose anyone who can. People are the problem because they simply can’t countenance the idea that the same person can work and think. “I’m a worker, better get somebody to make decisions for me.” “I’m an aristocrat, better conquer something to get some slaves and whip them into shape.” This is why people hit their computers. It’s the only sort of troubleshooting they know because actually doing work is “demeaning”.

Still, there might be a few populations out there who lean more artisanal than others and are forced by circumstances to find a working economic solution. Here you go, free of charge because I’m a fucking retard.

The beginning of a solution

Here’s the deal: the middle class is defined by skilled use of capital goods and support roles thereof. To have a middle class, you need smartish people who own tools, because otherwise there’s no point to having support roles. Pharaoh doesn’t need lawyers to convince people to push blocks up ramps.

To get smartish people you need monogamy, ingenopathy, and religiosity over time. That is, the exact opposite of modern Americans. These things cannot be created by state policies, but they can be destroyed by them as we’ve seen.

To get tools, you need borders, tariffs, property ownership, at least some natural resources, and low time preference. In less abstract terms, the middle class is a necessary component of industry in a country that isn’t morally sick, and doesn’t have an elite that’s actively working to kill all of us.

Again, tl;dr- To have a middle class you need skilled people who own their tools. All this talk of robots and information societies is obfuscation, and intentionally misses the point.

The part where I piss on everybody else’s ideas

Again, it’s not personal. It’s just frustrating.

On urbanites returning to soil, aka the neo-Amish solution: The Amish have not created the means to defend themselves from a predatory transnational elite who explicitly intend to genocide them with legions of brainwashed idiots, and therefore exist at the sufferance of others. The government likes to remind them of this now and then with raw milk raids. Incidentally, like all Americans they are subject to monetary laws. (Still, I hope they get overlooked and inherit the land.)

On electronic souls: You can build mechanical computers. How many gears do you have to daisy-chain before they achieve sentience? Rhetorical. This idea is based on a curious mysticism that humans feel toward electricity and overwhelming complexity.

On singularities: Robots, computers, and factories are all just big, complex tools. Every tool is a lever. You need a human somewhere in the process to pull the lever, otherwise what you’re talking about is a perpetual motion machine. It’s still the same question as whether to dig with spoons or a bulldozer, except scaled past the human capacity for imagination.

On clever monetary policies: Yeah, just think of all the times that’s worked before. Maybe we can convince the Jews to subsidize white people to breed and go to church and fix our dysgenics and abysmally immoral culture! Or maybe the problem is that elites are gaslighting the middle class into giving away their land, tools, children and other sorts of capital goods.

On space: Let’s face it, there are two reasons people suggest this. 1) Animal spirits and 2) fleeing to Northern Canada is concrete enough that we can imagine potential problems instead of fantasizing.

Please note that all of these ideas are united by the element of fantasy, specifically fantasy born of overwhelming complexity.

On post-scarcity: We’re already post-scarce in every way that matters. We have post-scarce food, tools, land, knowledge, and to an extent even natural resources. The problem for most people is that they don’t have the IQs to acquire knowledge, the knowledge to skillfully use tools, the permission from rent-seeking genocidal elites to buy land, or the knowledge, land, and tools required to make their own food. These are all problems with humanity itself, and nothing to do with robots.


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6 Responses to Rant

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    The Amish haven’t been overlooked. They’ve been struggling and resisting for centuries, and have developed strong social technologies.

  2. UlricKerensky says:

    Western middle class society, broadly defined, is only post scarcity, as you define it above, with the ability to buy basic resources, much of the marginal supply from non western countries. Currency and trade disruptions have wrecked such arrangements before, look at the Athens-Sparta conflicts, British corn laws or Wilheimian Germany during the first World War.

    As a theoretical concept, Post scarcity, as you define it above, may be an artifact of looking at a limited period.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    Saps seek the lowest common denominator, they are not happy or thriving in our curreny system. Look at the ooga boogas in the US, during slavery, 100% employment! Wow! Something to do everyday, having that freedom goal in mind worked wonders, it actually worked! Now they have freedom, and they spend their days killing mostly each other.

    Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man”) vs the Information age. Ha, all those thalish fellows they be scratching their heads,”- Why isn’t the world changing, look at the facts I have acquired” also known as “Muh internet comments!!!”. Yes, this is self-criticism, in a way.

    I don’t know man, that black panther guy (smartest black man ever, E.T wants to subconsciously go home) said the blacks should move to those five southern states, ichh too hot and sticky aka perfect blackish weather. Just give me the north, man.
    The Melons can have the equator. Then they can push blocks, get wasted and whip each other out of the goodness of their hearts. Itz what they do, and want to do.

    There is no usury with beer and bread, Melons may be a lot of things, but they aint necessarily jews. http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/5000-year-old-mesopotamian-pay-stub-reveals-workers-were-paid-beer-006201

  4. Wog slayer says:

    It has always bothered me that post-scarcity is a real thing. Nothing makes me feel better then to know that the incapable and dumb reach room temperature when “dere beez no oh-reeos o’ koke”. Few things are worse than the current mind-numbing mass of pigeon-imitators and jiggling mantits called the mid[wit] class. Oh, how I long for the days of the sharp stick and axe amid the recess of the granite-clad fortress Valhammar.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It didn’t bother me back when I was a nice Churchian kid, but when I became aware that human traits are subject to animal breeding principles I manifested the attitude you’re describing.

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