Comments on Leo’s “Deepsocket vs. Widespace”

Leo = Koanic.

Widespace and Deepsocket both result from increased development of the orbitofrontal cortex, which is a universalist altruistic justice engine. However, just as width is perpendicular to depth, so also the target of altruism is mutually orthogonal: the emotions of others vs the ideas of others.

A Widespace may act like an emotional tyrant, but it is benign and selfless, and can be answered at equal volume without causing offense. A Deepsocket may act like an intellectual tyrant, but it is benign and selfless, and can be answered at equal volume without causing offense. In fact (and counterintuitively), both types expect and appreciate volume matching.

They are two sides of the Neanderthal coin. The problem is that to the Widespace, it is naturally right to subordinate logos to socioemotion, whereas Deepsocket believes the opposite. (Note that “subordinate” does not mean “pervert”: not lying or malice, but relative prioritization and expression.) Thus it is very easy for an intractable conflict to develop between two parties with a selflessly unlimited appetite for it.

In the original small tribe context, this wasn’t a problem – not least because everyone was both widespace and deepsocket. But today, it is a significant source of disunity for the Neanderthal movement.

Just remember:

Widespace are as autistically committed to socioemotional altruism as Deepsockets are to asocial intellectual altruism.

Deepsocket vs. Widespace – Cold Water and Boiling Oil

I think the widespace folks have the correct orientation 95% of the time, because people are more important than ideas in almost all situations. Ideas are occasionally important in the long term, usually ideas about people, and then only insofar as it is not more important to focus on cultivating other people who come up with and transmit good ideas. Which is to say, the idea of eugenics/dysgenics is more important than successfully producing free energy from nuclear fusion.

(Koanic: That’s true in bullshit garbage atomized society. Sapsciety delenda est, I will live by the cold hard pure principled justice of syssitia. Widespace warmglue is just a poor substitute for absolute syssitia.)

Yup, but it’s the correct orientation for living in the world as it is 95% of the time. The unfortunate thing is, living correctly doesn’t produce much incentive to change the world into a better one for which the widespace is less adapted  (i.e. producing antidysgenics or positive eugenics, rather than merely “supporting” either).

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6 Responses to Comments on Leo’s “Deepsocket vs. Widespace”

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Only financial problems, not a single thing else. Turns out money is measured in IRL friends.

    • John Curley says:

      Yeah, I’m in much the same boat. We’re just not cut out for this type of society.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I haven’t ruled out the possibility that this problem can be solved. Who would have thought MTs could learn Game and get laid? (By nature they’re the least likable/charismatic type.)

        The pussynerd phenomenon, though overblown (because internet autism), opens up new vistas in altruistic eucivic assholery. Who’s to say the edenic spirit can’t be taught social success in a more general sense?

        • bicebicebice says:

          “The pussynerd phenomenon”, that’s how you dismiss the entire sjw/feminist/mgtow/”manoshpere”, the panderers and the pandering. God I hate those people, put that cursed coin in the wishing well and pray for their souls, drown them all and let god sort them out etc.

          Imagine how much LOTR and such thingamajings would suck if every battle was a dialogue with evil for the next thirty odd minutes or so.

          Muh good vs evil society! I blame the Y2K bug, as in saps just can’t go that high, hence the daily massive sappery we are now seeing, and have seen for many years.

          Those pussynerds in Sodom and Gomorrah got their due, too bad such a thing can not be recreated in modern times due to the messy logistics involved.

          The basement is the birthplace and graveyard of creation. God damned pussynerds!


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Indeed. I try to keep a pessimistic mindset about girls as a matter of pragmatism for daily function but the ones who lurk in places like this are pretty sharp.

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