From an old questionnaire I took back in 2013 or so.

What do you do to maintain Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual health?

Physical health is surprisingly easy for a healthy young lad like me: sleep, exercise, and diet. Exercise helps me sleep and encourages good diet, a good diet gives me enough energy that I want to exercise (and bad diet is bad for my sleep), and good, long sleep repairs my body for more exercise.

Emotional health is less easy, and I haven’t entirely figured it out. Sleep is very important, as is general physical health. But there are more factors (relationships and stress come to mind) and I haven’t worked out all the details. I’d guess that being part of a functional, happy family is the most important factor.

I’m even less confident to pretend at any expertise on spiritual health. I certainly haven’t achieved it. If I had to guess, I’d say the most important elements are time and earnest prayer in response to suffering.

Describe how you handle the following:
• Discouragement
• Anger
• Loneliness
• Conflicts
• Frustration

This is a good question.

By far, my best antidote for anger is to hit the gym and then work out the problem with a cooler head. Aside from dispelling anger, I get a great workout.

I rarely feel lonely, but when I do I seek communion with Jesus, or I call or write to someone, or I blog.

All conflicts are different, but as a rule of thumb I make sure to organize my priorities. If I know what I stand for, or what I’m willing to do or give up for something else, then it usually becomes easy to decide how to handle it. Plus, I’m just so popular and charismatic that no one ever disagrees with me.

Practicing guitar is my outlet for frustration. If I concentrate and play well, it sounds good. If I don’t, I need to slow down and take each note one at a time. Simple lessons, but it’s a great reminder and my guitar is a patient teacher.


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