Shitpost: Moral characteristic of primary edenic traits

The primary traits are deepsocket/shallowsocket and bigmelon/bigocc. Recall,

So we have two axes, explicit/implicit and external/internal. Here are examples of norms for each combination:

Explicit, external: Code of conduct, formal etiquette
Implicit, external: Social mores, esoteric aspects of religion
Explicit, internal: Philosophical ethics, personal codes, internalized religious codes
Implicit, internal: Conscience, Budo, Daoism

These are each enforced with various sorts of punishments:

Explicit, external: Fines, corporal punishment, imprisonment, territorial violence
Implicit, external: Shame, ostracization, unofficial behavioral correcting violence
Explicit, internal: Distracting “conflicted” feelings, confusion
Implicit, internal: Guilt, “pangs of conscience”

Conformity is also rewarded with different sorts of feelings:

Explicit, external: Social prestige, personal pride
Implicit, external: Social dominance, personal superiority
Explicit, internal: Confident sense of purpose, motive, and direction
Implicit, internal: Self-righteousness, feeling “pure”

Disambiguating norms for behavior

Explicit, external: Law = deepsock
Implicit, external: Culture/custom = shallowsock
Explicit, internal: Ethos = bigmelon
Implicit, internal: (Pagan) virtue = bigocc

In practical terms, you can expect the personality given by socket depth to be used to modify the environment in service of the back. So a TT will create written laws to maximize one’s/society’s virtue/strength, whereas an MT will create written laws in service of maximizing one’s/society’s ethos/idealism, and so on.

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6 Responses to Shitpost: Moral characteristic of primary edenic traits

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  2. Robotnick says:

    Damn. Aeoli, sometimes I envy your forehead.

  3. ol il ul says:

    Why not point out how implicit external norms are enforced much more zealously than the explicit external?

    Since all what humans crave most, for the very reason it is what they crave the most, needs to be taboo, unsaid, all rules that rule-setters (that is, rules — again, explicit rulers, and even more, implicit rulers: the main rulers have no less of a tendency to be implicit than do the main rules) care about the most (= all what is needed to preserver their power, and make sure the supply of bows & kissing of their soles is steady: this is what is best rewarded, and it starts from displaying happiness in obedience, adulation, plus a trait that rulers always cherish in the ruled — the inability to be the owners of their own thoughts).

    You are allowed a lot of explicit external transgression, as long as you dance the implicit external steps right.
    Personal pride, and partly social prestige, come so much from being above the explicit external norms as from nothing else.
    But your post deals with the common group units and only them, probably.

    And, anyway, I should have taken your warning that the average verbal IQ around here is 145 more seriously, and abstained from posting

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