Beginnings of a universal symbolic language (form constants)

This is something I brainstormed on a lark, but there’s probably something to it. Has that mythical feeling of weight I recognize from previous myths.

I believe that these are “form constants” stored at a very low level of the brain, which we combine to form our perceptions. For a brief introduction to this idea, look at the illustrations and description in pages 122-125 of The Man Who Tasted Shapes, which are available in the Google books preview. My working thesis is that knowledge of these form constants is passed down by mystics who gained experience of them through psychedelic practices. In the West, this has particularly been the provenance of Gnostic numerology (or Kabbalah among the Ashkenazim) and various New Age forms of Luciferianism. Though such psychedelic experiences are often dismissed as spiritually meaningless because the accompanying euphoria can be explained materially, I believe this is a mistake in reaction to primitive Dualism. Temporal lobe epilepsy and delta wave brain states are similar phenomena.

Here are the associations my magic neanderbrain came up with. Please note that these associations have a sort of “pure” aesthetic quality similar to color psychology.

0: The circle O. Universalism, equality, sameness, all-connectedness, holism, “no difference” i.e. lack of distinction between parts, the feminine spirit and the vagina, pre-rational existence, profundity, awe, theta brain state, Omega, finality, resolution, dimensionless points.

1: The line —. Distinction/Disjunction, division of a whole into parts, analysis, tension between parts, simple associations, subtraction/cancellation (as in the minus sign and strikethrough), symbolic reasoning, the masculine spirit and the penis, elimination of contradictions, violence, primitive pagan virtus delta wave state, perception, dimensionality.

2: The cross +. Combination, material creation, trees, families, tribes, grids/meshes, nesting and subcategories, mendelian genetics, interconnection, unification of parts into a new whole, position within a lattice, proprioception.

3: The triangle Δ. Stratification, ranking, asymmetry and direction, order, society, hierarchy, paradox and dialectic, cohesion/coherence, enforced harmony, rigor, political statesmanship, statism, maintenance of stability, judgment of value, spectra, man as a political animal.

4: Unknown symbol, possibly composition of compositions, matrices of matrices, “drilling down”, etc.

5: Star ⛤. Conjunction/Unification of hierarchies (note triangles in pentagram), Consciousness (self-perception, endogenous personality), enlightenment, eminence, Genius, productivity/multiplication, alchemy, Gnosticism, inspiration, connection to spirits, Platonic forms, other heavenly nonmaterial things.

6: Wave ~. Transmission, flow, relaxation, information transfer, dispersion, culture, sex, lossless energy transfer, light, radiation, fire, heat, continuation, man as a cultural animal.

7: “Jags”, jagged lines, sharp angles, Z. Destruction, inelastic collisions, brokenness, Gestalt shifts in perception, displacement, tectonic shift, exile, comedy, death, suffering, loosh. Bad endings.

i: Spiral, square root of -1. Contortion, torque, warp (in all senses of the word), perversion, “emergence” (emergent effects from dualistic dynamics), pressure, tornadoes and hurricanes (effects of dualistic pressure fronts), exponentiation, bias, positive feedback.

Related symbols:

The circle: spheres (3-D counterpart, divides space into inner/outer), cycles, any sort of loop.
The line: planes (3-D counterpart, divides space into parts).
The triangle: Prism, pyramid, cone (this one only sort of, a cone represents emanation from a point rather than coherence).
The star: pentagram, inverted pentagram, asterisk, sun symbols (circumscribed dot, swastika), most things related to astrology, alchemy, enlightenment.
The wave: waves, flowing curves.
Jagged lines: broken lines, discontinuities, jumps.

Combinations of these symbols are typically used to express combinations of the ideas. For example, a spiraled cross is used to represent a cross as viewed through a warped perspective.

Now that I’ve really grokked this, I think I’ll compare notes with Vejiortan.


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27 Responses to Beginnings of a universal symbolic language (form constants)

  1. Tom Bri says:

    Have you looked into all the esoteric symbols painted in caves millennia ago? Lots of stuff that is hard to find on line. They always show the same pics of a few horses/lions, but there are thousands of paintings of all sorts of lines, wavy shapes, dots etc. Looks to me like an early form of symbology, almost writing, certainly info is meant to be transmitted.
    O also indicates mouth, and sun.
    – means one in East Asian written languages. + is ten. Three wavy lines together is river.

    • > – means one in East Asian written languages. + is ten. Three wavy lines together is river.

      The Chinese oracle bone scripts are worth a look for further insight:

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Man, I want a symbolic written language, but I like the alphabet too. What’s a sperg to do? Learn Chinese, that’s what.

        • I would recommend checking out this paper ‘Notation as a Tool of Thought’ @

          Reading thru this post brought it to mind. I always had it saved on my computer because of the cool title and an interest in learning the J programming language.

          Many of the quotes regarding powerful math/programming notation can apply to a powerful unviersal symbolic language. Just replace notation w/ universal symbolic language and you get some powerful ideas:

          > Nevertheless, mathematical notation has serious deficiencies. In particular, it lacks universality, and must be interpreted differently according to the topic, according to the author, and even according to the immediate context.

          > By relieving the brain of all unnecessary work, a good notation sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race.

          > The utility of a language as a tool of thought increases with the range of topics it can treat, but decreases with the amount of vocabulary and the complexity of grammatical rules which the user must keep in mind. Economy of notation is therefore important.

          > If it is to be effective as a tool of thought, a notation must allow convenient expression not only of notions arising directly from a problem, but also of those arising in subsequent analysis, generalization, and specialization.

          The money quote is:

          > By relieving the brain of all unnecessary work, a good notation sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race.

          Perhaps those who grok and can manipulate universal symbols are using the ultimate notation for thought and are thinking on a completely different level/plane.

          I don’t know if this is useful. I’ll stop >_<

          Oh. I wouldn't bother with Chinese characters. But for symbolic purposes you are just better off learning the common pictographs and common ideograms/ideographs.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Have you looked into all the esoteric symbols painted in caves millennia ago?

      Nope, this is just introspection. Can’t even remember how I got on this track.

      Re: Other stuff, the epicycles like hieroglyphs and Chinese writing aren’t primitive symbols anymore than drawings are color psychology, but they’re related. This is assuming I’m not completely off my rocker here.

  2. Marshall Mead says:

    Great stuff.
    Other things:
    1. Numerology and music. base 136 hz C=most mind-bending, spiritual-satanic when dissonant. base 128 C= perfect sphere music. Just intonation only, with tempo based off HZ of key note(in 1st,2nd, or if making DNB, 3rd octave). Just intonation only (based of key).There’s a program called SCALA which makes scales that can be used by some old vst synths like ZETA+. Lots of more info if you get into it. It was something of a hobby of mine.
    Ex of a song with tempo just close to keynote. G#

    A 174 BPM song in F maj/min would be perfect.

    Keep messing around with symbols, numerology and shit. Will be waiting for your post “Had Another Nightmare: The Black Sun and the Owl”
    Really though this is the one occult thing I can vouch for being 100 percent real.

  3. Marshall Mead says:

    Another note:
    Linear spiral= bad
    exponential spiral= “good” or at least natural

  4. bicebicebice says:

    Don’t forget the ridicule power of the dick-doodle.

  5. minwu says:

    Have you read the Sepher Yetzirah and/or the Zohar?

    “In the West, this has particularly been the provenance of Gnostic numerology (or Kabbalah among the Ashkenazim) and various New Age forms of Luciferianism”

    Most esotericists believe that Lucifer and Satan aren’t the same being. Ex. Rudolph Steiner:

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