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Explanatory framework for female lust

Chicks dig assholes. This is known. But explaining it in terms of evopsych has been a shaky proposition so far. I believe it can be explained by the extreme selective effects of slavery in human history. Women hate enslaved men … Continue reading

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Intellectual property is a Ponzi scheme

Capitalism doesn’t work for creative or intellectual pursuits because you can’t incentivize honesty. Poor Scientific Research Is Disproportionately Rewarded Slashdot summary: A new study calculates a low probability that real effects are actually being detected in psychology, neuroscience and medicine … Continue reading

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Greebles and inappropriate attachment to inanimate objects in Asperger’s

I believe the tendency of aspies (particularly children in the “active but odd” stage of development) to anthropomorphize specific classes of objects (such as pencils) can be explained by a brain that is specialized for domain-specific expert pattern recognition. There’s … Continue reading

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Floating/flying is the aesthetic expression of Gnostic enlightenment

It took me way too long to figure this out. Floating is a physical representation of the “mind over matter” idea. When an individual floats, they are showing their ability to conquer reality with pure thought. When an enlightened person … Continue reading

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Divisions of the American Alt-Right and their interests

Understanding the American Alt-Right requires an understanding of America’s white demographics and philosophical background. White flight America is 63.7% non-Hispanic white. It appears that having less than a two-thirds majority was the tipping point for these non-Hispanic whites to discover … Continue reading

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Is despair due to underperforming canonical neurons?

This is going to circumnavigate a bit. I disambiguate between despair and depression thus: despair is a Frame which sees the future as hopeless because no possible actions appear to lead to good ends, whereas depression is a pessimistic emotional … Continue reading

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Premises of Frame

Previous. 1. Framing is the act of selling a perspective by bringing attention to some contextual details which are—presumably—generally representative, and downplaying others which are not. 2. All symbolic communication is framing. (This is a “strong” version of the theory.) … Continue reading

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