The relation of IQ and Game

Heartiste takes a shot at it and gets some of the answer, but not all of it.

I’ve argued (in this post and indirectly as a question in the Dating Market Value Test for Men) that raw smarts isn’t especially relevant to a man’s romantic success. A high IQ may help in the mate market, but probably won’t help nearly as much as nerds hope.

The best that can be said for having a quick wit as a man is that it’s associated with perceived charisma, which is sexually attractive to women. (And that’s how I see it in everyday life; the charming men have a silver tongue lubed by white matter to spare.)

Another net benefit of male high IQ may be a slightly increased desirability as a long-term relationship prospect. Women seeking long-term lovers will place greater emphasis on those male character traits that suggest a willingness to settle down and get to the job of providing for her future brood.

Mostly, though, high IQ is largely superfluous to pickup, beyond what it can do to elevate a man’s witty repartee.

Le Chateau
Game And IQ

IQ is not so useful for learning Game because it is similar to leadership, where talent matters more and skill training matters less.


(H/T Stuart Ritchie. This is the introductory IQ book and any student of humanity must read it.)

However, high (verbal) IQ is extremely useful for signalling social class, which is more important than Heartiste allows because it determines the pool of available women. Game then determines your success within that pool. The most pedestrian example of this is admission to college: a higher verbal IQ will get you into a better college, and therefore access to a higher-quality pool of available women according to the socionomics of CSR theory.

The fact of the matter is, lower-class women are fatter and uglier on the average (in keeping with this trend, lower-class men are shorter, dumber, and socially oblivious). Because of this, it is much more difficult to find a 7 in the lower class than in the middle and upper classes, and the low supply will drive up the price of this objective SMV 7 such that your Game will have to be in the top 1% of this milieu. Not impossible, but more difficult than obtaining an objective SMV 7 in the upper class, where she is surrounded by 8s and 9s.

This is similar to the observation that a 10 in Minneapolis is a 7 in Las Vegas.


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4 Responses to The relation of IQ and Game

  1. Andy says:

    There’s no such thing as game or gina tingles, and I’m convinced that whole website is just an elaborate troll job. How it works irl is girls choose the highest status guy (status as judged by their mileiu) as their looks can get commitment out of. The club bouncer who can barely string two sentences together demolishes the witty CPA in terms of romantic success.

  2. Aton says:

    This is a very good insight. I would hypothesize that IQ is totally superfluous–in terms of game–after a modest 130, perhaps less. It’s easy to be too clever.

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