Divisions of the American Alt-Right and their interests

Understanding the American Alt-Right requires an understanding of America’s white demographics and philosophical background.


White flight

America is 63.7% non-Hispanic white. It appears that having less than a two-thirds majority was the tipping point for these non-Hispanic whites to discover identity politics. The flag breakdown refers to the dominant white cultures as explained in Albion’s Seed.

The Germans are found predominantly in Yankee states whereas the English are found predominantly in the South, and they have continued their ancestors’ tradition of hating each other’s guts throughout American history (including a very bitter civil war between them). The Irish are found pretty much everywhere and never saw a fight they didn’t like.

America was founded on French Enlightenment philosophy, but the only group that really swallowed this line was the Scots-Irish, who were desperate to take on a new identity because their old one was terrible. The first batch, especially. They believe that Montesquieu, Rousseau, Descartes, and other philosophers with French surnames generally had the right idea about morality and organizing society. They are swing voters or “Reagan Democrats” and tend to work in industry.

Everyone else’s political philosophy has regressed to their racial stereotype.

The English are (American-style) conservatives who love guns, commercial enterprise, and history. They think Adam Smith, John Locke, and other philosophers with British surnames generally had the right idea about morality and organizing society. They have traditionally voted Republican in favor of “equal rights (for English gentlemen…who own land)” and tend to own small businesses.

The Germans are (American-style) liberals who love nice neighborhoods, well-maintained roads, and the natural sciences. They think Heidegger, Kant, and other very serious-looking Germans generally had the right idea about morality and organizing society. They have traditionally voted Democrat in favor of “the common good (for my neighborhood…and higher cost of living to keep blacks out)” and tend to work for large corporations.

White fights

Germans believe in national unity because that’s the genetic strategy of a continental nation, and the English believe in tradition because that’s the genetic strategy of an island nation. In the last century, a lot of these people have found their way of life threatened by globalism and immigration, and are exhibiting the traditional stress responses of their people.


Fascism is the German stress response. They are a well-oiled Panzer division. In times of stress, the Irish forget their French idealism and remember their Gaelic blood. The English stress response, naturally, is to write a scathing letter full of pedigree and historical anecdotes. (I jest, don’t piss off the Saxon.)

Many of these folks have been read out of their traditional political parties and thrown together in an unexpected alliance called the Alt-Right, fighting a 4th-generation culture war for survival against their own brainwashed kith and kin.

Here’s why all this matters:

How to divide and conquer political enemies

1. Identify the subdivisions
2. Identify their common interests and differing interests
3. Put the different interests in opposite directions, remove the common interest, polarize and separate
4. Quickly crush the more offensive, least defensive group(s)
5. Slowly crush the more defensive group(s)

The alt-right is basically made up of the alt-lite, the alt-white, and the alt-west. Their common interest is self-defense against Umbrella zombies. The alt-lites also want to go full libertardian, the alt-whites furthermore want to go full Nazi, and the alt-west wants to go full Spanish Inquisition.


Milo Yiannopoulos is an example of polarization. Libertardians like Milo, the Spanish Inquisition considers him an ally, and the Nazis consider him an enemy. In terms of public acceptance (4GW defensibility), we have alt-lite > alt-west > alt-white, whereas in terms of offensive capability it’s the opposite. If the alt-whites break ranks from this polarization (alienation), they are guaranteeing that the enemy will crush them without allies to back them up or public backlash. Who cares if purity-spiraling Nazi spergs* get SWATed?

Without the offensive group, the other groups have lost their best weapons. At that point, the slow march resumes.

White knights

The moral of the story is: win first. Survive. Then we can go separate ways and purity spiral to our hearts’ content. The German stress response in 1865 was triggered by English separatism. We need to learn from history and hold off on Round 2 at least until the wall gets built.

This is 4GW. The winning condition is a future for white children. Don’t split the party!

*This is how the public would see it; personally, I have great respect for weaponized autism. We’re making anime real!

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15 Responses to Divisions of the American Alt-Right and their interests

  1. bicebicebice says:

    I brainwaved you into making this post, now I shall co-opt it!
    No, but seriously, I was thinking about this just before checking your blog, topicish. I also scrapped a post on the forum, muh struggling effortpost. Weird. But good!

    “Everyone else’s political philosophy has regressed to their racial stereotype.”

    Reminds me of that scandinavian chap who sperged 1400 pages in a doc then said fuggit and started some shit. Did it work? Yes, the Norwegians were, and probably are, more afraid of the potential “Breivikings”, than the mohammedans, despite all the “ISIS” stuff. Probably something genetic memory thingamajing acting up, imo.
    The real victim was that document, scholars 500 years into the future will read it and have sensible chuckle. RIP “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”. Should have blogged that shit instead, yo.

    “The English stress response, naturally, is to write a scathing letter full of pedigree and historical anecdotes. (I jest, don’t piss off the Saxon.)” lol :D. Itz funny cause it is true.

    Love the murdochs, here is episode 15 that got gassed, powerlevel was too high, if you havent seen it.

  2. Santoculto says:

    “Alt white” on general hate or distrust Milo because he is a jew who seems are trying to subvert the alt right movement to the basic Jewish thinking: “It’s good for us??”.

    The fact that he is homossexual seems secondary in importance.

  3. Santoculto says:

    The ideia of brainwashing seems little controversial. It’s like brain-deception or “extrinsic schizophrenia” than a real or literal brainwashing.

    Socially liberals always exist the difference Today is that they are socially or politically organized or united at surface and identifiable in contrast to the past.

    You’re talking about ethnic identity that is prevalent is not? Because almost of European Americans have English ancestry.

    So the “proles” of the Europe who immigrated to the United States are more prone to be liberals??

  4. Heaviside says:

    I think you are mostly wrong. Let’s get down to brass tacks:

    1) The Irish are not very important, and their politics are simply Catholicism + underdog/victim mentality. (This is why many are pro-Palestine)

    2) Lots of Germans in the U.S. are the descendants of ’48ers. German-Americans lean towards Social Democracy, or perhaps Fordism with a good welfare state and public infrastructure. They trust authority, especially military and pedagogical authority. However, in the end their political views aren’t very important either, because they have never been in the “driver’s seat”. (They provided a lot of help to the Union in the War of Northern Aggression, but they did not start it.)

    3) The English*: almost, but not quite, pure evil. Your rosy view of them could only come from ignoring all the ones with Transatlantic accents, i.e. those who actually matter. Surprisingly, even worse when removed from their natural habitat — Perfidious Albion.


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      1 and 2. We seem to be agreed on characterization. You’re disagreeing that the politics of these groups matters, yet they’ve pretty clearly shaped the political scene for a century or better. I think you put too much stock in the ability of leaders to shape reality when they are mostly focused on riding public sentiment to compete for position.

      3. My opinion of the English is not rosy. I think all of these groups are basically evil in their own ways, and TBH Western culture hasn’t done me any favors personally. My support of the Alt-Right and the West is a sort of cucking analogous to monasticism.

      In conclusion, I believe your disagreement runs deeper than what you’ve said here.

  5. glosoli says:

    Alt-right, alt-west, alt-lite?
    Germans, English, the rest.?
    Christians v the rest, that’ll be it, eventually.
    It might look like we’re outnumbered in the West, but I see movement in the shadows, preparations being made.

  6. glosoli says:

    I strongly suggest everyone reads this (courtesy of MTW aka akon:


    I read this AFTER my micro-blog update btw.

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    I don’t agree that these guys are threats to the Alt-Right. They are threats to the Alt-Right’s ideological purity, and I think the purists are correct to respond aggressively to that danger, but it isn’t bad for the Alt-Right for the Alt-Lite to have major spokespeople. Otherwise, you’re just throwing out the Alt-Lite entirely, which means no entry point for millions of normies.

    I think the Geeks need to facilitate the entry of MOPs but keep the center free of them. Ref: http://meaningness.com/metablog/geeks-mops-sociopaths

  8. Pingback: Polarization of Alt-Right posts so far | Aeoli Pera

  9. Many of the so called English might have Scottish / Irish and therefore Celtic genes. Which explains their individualism. It is also likely that they follow a Southern “hillbilly” culture, so they are very individualistic.

    The 2016 election broke the mold though. You might want to check out Jayman’s American Nation series for that. Yankees go over to Trump too.

    So race does play a part. Not just German / English, which really should be Teutonic / Celtic.

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