Intellectual property is a Ponzi scheme

Capitalism doesn’t work for creative or intellectual pursuits because you can’t incentivize honesty.

Poor Scientific Research Is Disproportionately Rewarded
Slashdot summary:

A new study calculates a low probability that real effects are actually being detected in psychology, neuroscience and medicine research paper — and then explains why. Slashdot reader ananyo writes:

“The average statistical power of papers culled from 44 reviews published between 1960 and 2011 was about 24%. The authors built an evolutionary computer model to suggest why and show that poor methods that get ‘results’ will inevitably prosper. They also show that replication efforts cannot stop the degradation of the scientific record as long as science continues to reward the volume of a researcher’s publications — rather than their quality.”

The article notes that in a 2015 sample of 100 psychological studies, only 36% of the results could actually be reproduced. Yet the researchers conclude that in the Darwin-esque hunt for funding, “top-performing laboratories will always be those who are able to cut corners.” And the article’s larger argument is until universities stop rewarding bad science, even subsequent attempts to invalidate those bogus results will be “incapable of correcting the situation no matter how rigorously it is pursued.”

If you try to replace curiosity with incentives, merchants will drive out the naturally curious. Intellectual property is a scam pushed by value-extracting hucksters who view human culture as a commodity to be squeezed dry of every last penny.

You can’t incentivize good faith, that’s why we have in-groups and out-groups in the first place. Imagine a world where parents run up a tab for their children every time they ask for advice or food. We’re already half-way there, so-called “teachers” charge for job training with crippling debt and daycare centers are seeing record profits.

Can’t even be bothered with their own posterity, what a useless species. A chimpanzee has more sense.

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30 Responses to Intellectual property is a Ponzi scheme

  1. Koanic says:

    Great post, but you didn’t really disprove the concept of intellectual property, just its implementation.

    The problem with intellectual property is the problem with free trade – the lack of an integrous political structure past the nuclear family to mediate such agreements.

    Under such a system, there would absolutely be an altruistic system for rewarding genuine innovation in place. To do otherwise would be uncompetitive.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    The only way to incentivize honesty is to punish dishonesty severely, and spread the loot around, not allowing TOO much concentration of wealth. The Bible system of limiting land ownership goes a long way toward that. Also forbidding of interest and limiting profits. Limit poker good; no limit poker bad. The tenth commandment, about coveting, applies directly to this. Charging interest is coveting.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    Is Tipping a city in China?

    Melon: Haha, no, donate shekels. You need money in order to live in the real world.

    Thal. Yes,

    Crom. Hehe, gooks.

    Sap. I like chicken not dogs.

    SC: You are not funny, no wonder you are poor.

    Pick one.

  4. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Off-topic: isn’t this a pretty good description of T-back thinking?

    • Koanic says:

      No. It doesn’t address abstraction altitude. A melon back can cover a broader range with his conceptual thinking because the atomic components of his thought are more abstract. As written it’s more of an IQ distinction.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Melons have a richer “mentalese”? Ie they can represent more abstract linguistics natively. Is that what you’re saying?

        • Koanic says:

          It’s exactly like low level vs high level programming languages. You can get “more done” in Ruby, but can do it “better” in assembly.

          So IQ expresses how good you are in the language, and altitude which language you’re using.

  5. Heaviside says:

    The only real property is land.

  6. bashkabashka says:

    we have 98% dna in common with chimpanzees, and 4% in common with neanderthals, but you think you are a neanderthal? Aeoli like Illuminatus and unlike some of the other moron who believe in all this you actually seem quite smart, don’t you realise koanic’s delusional and tex is genuinely insane and a liar… i mean don’t you see how much lies are in the personals stories he writes in his blog?

    • Koanic says:

      According to your math, humans are 24.5x closer to chimpanzees than Neanderthals. That’s one theory. Here’s an alternative hypothesis:

      You’re not smart enough to understand a model unless it’s spoon fed to you, and should come back in 10 years when the big boys release the children’s version.

      • bashkabashka says:

        its not a model, you are not a fucking neandrthal you’re just a confused little boy who wants to be special

        • Koanic says:

          Let’s focus on common ground – you’re a chimp.

          • Takudzwa Aywok says:

            A chimp would given enough training with a keyboard probably be able to type the word “Neanderthal” correctly.
            I say it’s more likely he was born a bit of a mentally “special” kid like many niggers. Maybe his mom failed in trying to abort him or some shit and it fucked up what was to become his brain for the rest of his life.

        • Wog slayer says:

          Are you a negro or jew? You sound like one. Have you ever failed a grade or three?

    • Surely, neanderthals also have 98% something similarity with chimpanzees. So I would think that 4% lies in the 2% difference range. Can anyone explain?

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Some genes matter vastly more than others. Percentages are mostly just useful for tracking ancestry. We share 60% of our genes with bananas, but we aren’t 60% banana.

        Neanderthals and sapiens share a large amount of their DNA, but they also have distinct genes that don’t exist in each other’s gene pools. “3% neanderthal” means 3% of a person’s genes are from the neanderthals-only gene pool.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >we have 98% dna in common with chimpanzees, and 4% in common with neanderthals, but you think you are a neanderthal?

      Not precisely, but close enough. Your grasp of the genetic reality is informed by propaganda.

      >Aeoli like Illuminatus and unlike some of the other moron who believe in all this you actually seem quite smart, don’t you realise koanic’s delusional and tex is genuinely insane and a liar…

      All of these people have various faults, but I’m the dumbest on the list. However, I seem to make up for my IQ with extraordinarily good instincts.

      Tex is easily the smartest of us but also a bit of a megalomaniac. Comes from the isolation, I think.
      Koanic is the opposite of delusional, but he’s insensate and therefore lacks human feeling and sentiment.
      I don’t know Illuminatus but he seems relatively myopic for all his intelligence, knowledge, and instincts.
      I’m a genius but not intelligent and emotionally incontinent, and I’ve also been reduced to almost nothing by the Omega lifegrind.

      >i mean don’t you see how much lies are in the personals stories he writes in his blog?

      You’re mistaking information compression for deceit. He’s trying to communicate big ideas through aesthetic impressions using his life history as a starting point. For instance, it’s unlikely that the quotes he uses are real, because nobody talks like that. However, if the events of his life were used as inspiration for a novel, such quotes would be in that novel. Does that make sense?

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