Analysis of the leaked Correct the Record transcript

What we’re all wondering is whether it’s real or fake. I believe it’s probably real and I’ll share what I’ve learned so you can judge for yourself. If it isn’t real, it’s a very elaborate false flag by someone who’s intimately familiar with this organization.


Correct the Record is the name of a Hillary super-pac that files its paperwork as American Bridge 21st Century. Their address is 455 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20001.


This is 10 minutes from We the Pizza, which is referenced in the chat. (As I pointed out, this is either real or a very elaborate hoax, it’s not possible that this is an “obvious” hoax.)


American Bridge 21st Century is bankrolled by the usual mix of Jews, Anglos, and deceptively named shell companies. Please note they also take donations as Correct the Record, and possibly under other names.


“brock” is David Brock, a mercenary political hack comparable to Roger Stone. He has a reputation as a sociopath, a scumbag, and a homosexual.

Currently, I believe efink (aka “Liz”) is Elizabeth Fink, a former Navy SIGINT boss lady living in a suburb just outside the Beltway. I’m not going to share my source on that in case I’ve got the wrong person so an innocent person won’t be harassed.

FOXACID is an NSA server cluster used for cookie-cutter exploits to plant backdoors on the computers of intelligence targets. It appears that Correct the Record has been using social media analytics to identify thought leaders, then FOXACID to exploit their computers for later harassment.

What follows are my speculations.

If this is a fake, we’re looking at an extremely well-crafted fake by someone who was expecting it to be scrutinized. This would explain some of the statements that could otherwise only be explained as ironic jokes, and we all know progressives have too much status anxiety to make deprecating jokes about their own politics.


This appears at first glance to be an admission that Hillary has a body-double, but I disbelieve that a body double appeared at the first presidential debate. My judgment on that is that Hillary is very sick, but was receiving some serious medications during the debate, possibly via pump or dermal patches or similar. I interpret this as an exchange between people who’ve met Hillary and are aware that she’s sickly, and were surprised at how well she held up (as was I). “Whoever that was” would be an oblique way of saying “that wasn’t the Hillary I saw X days ago”.

There are a couple of other examples like this (e.g. “deplorable”) that I won’t go into because you can read it and make your own guesses and judgments.

I believe it’s more likely than not that this transcript is a real and not a false flag. If so, then the following (speculative) picture emerges.

Brock is the boss and Fink is his whip-hand, Shaw and Kim are their underlings. Brock is a megalomaniac who plays the game for its own sake, and whose politics are for sale. Fink is a realist who supports the neoliberal geopolitical project. The underlings are true believers in the Hillary campaign with weak stomachs. It’s likely that the underlings are techies with significant skills in analytics, Fink is somewhat technical, and Brock is a nontechnical socialite who watches political debates with the volume off.

Monday night these political data analysts were watching the debate together and discussing it at home on this secure chat. They (Brock and Fink) watched the Alt-Right blitz the online polls and social media in real time, giving the appearance that Trump won a huge victory in the debate. Since it’s supposed to be their job to countersignal the Alt-Right online (probably along with other, lower-rent Soros trolls), the boss received a very serious dressing-down from “The Voice of God” (probably either Soros or Hillary).


Brock and Fink put on their game faces and whip the troops into a frenzy of doxxing and FOXing. Their new assignment is to disrupt the Alt-Right such that it can’t organize to affect public perceptions the way it did for this debate. That gives them between one and five weeks to dox and disrupt the lives of approximately 1,500 people, prioritizing the most influential and then the most vulnerable. It’s likely that this will involve copy-paste recipes like getting people fired and planting child pornography, because this would be sufficient to divert their efforts from politicking.

I believe the reference to “Google Seth Rich” was hyperbole, because it’s unlikely that Hillary has the political capital necessary to secretly murder 1,500 people across the country in a month (or even a tenth of that). On the other hand, with FOXACID it would be trivial to plant child porn on 1,500 computers and then tip off police. However, all of this is illegal and bad optics and this is referenced in the chat as US Code 18-2381.


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24 Responses to Analysis of the leaked Correct the Record transcript

  1. Koanic says:

    You didn’t even follow the entire script, much less see through it.

    “Google Seth Rich” was a reference to the consequences of being a nosy insider, not the intended outcome for alt-right social media thought leaders.

    Congrats on “figuring out” the publicly available information used to construct fiction.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    This could be a false flag, but if it is, it’s the highest quality one I’ve EVER seen. When Roosh did his letter from a Rothschild, that was obvious within the first few paragraphs.

  3. Heaviside says:


  4. Rime says:

    It’s about time you ended up on a watchlist. ;)

    Good work.

    They don’t get it. Every time this bitch opens her mouth she oozes evil. She could be as healthy as my left nut and she still wouldn’t be shooting off swimmarz.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    Real or fake, it is still ominous thus serving itz purpose.
    Don’t mess with the man, or woman in this case.

  6. bicebicebice says:

    Evil doesn’t have to own up to any standards, so the game is rigged in that sense.
    In the good old days those people were simply killed on the spot or exiled.

    Who wants to live in Hell? Devils! And they be loving every minute of it.

    • Koanic says:

      No. Even God had to fight a war to kick them out. Immigration starts with SJWs.

      • bicebicebice says:

        “If you kill your enemies, they win”: Justin Trudeau

        • A.B. Prosper says:

          That is a communications gap between different modes of thinking

          Trudeau is correct considered within the limits of the force the political class is willing or able to apply

          The old CI saying is I killed the top ten of a hundred now only a thousand remain or something like that.

          However if one is willing to call Exterminatus like the Russians did in Grozny you can break an insurgency

          Trudeau and he Western leaders are are not.

  7. The good thing about very obvious back doors into computers is that, like the Open Source community, they are self-policing. I doubt that they’ll pull of such a crude stunt without repercussions. Same with killing people, it’s all becoming a bit ridiculous now.

    This, to me, sounds like they’re under siege from zombies and running out of ammo. They have no power base and are trying to fight asymmetric warfare against the alt-right and the Pentagon from their bunker in Washington sorry but no. This is not an actually strategy at all, and also they don’t even seem to understand the alt-right at all. It reads a bit like ‘In the Thick of It’.

    Sir Alex Ferguson used to call it ‘Squeaky Bum Time’. They’re right it’s about winning but, personally, I don’t believe they’re made for war.

  8. A.B. Prosper says:

    Gut check says this is probably false, not that the Left wouldn’t try nearly nearly anything for power but the language is I don’t know too martial and decisive in places.

    That said there have been some small potatoes attacks on .Alt Right though leaders there was B.S. DMCA attack on the UNZ report/Vox Day and Mike Cernovich had his bank accounts frozen for a short period or time.

    The former is an everyday “no platforming” kind of thing, very annoying but of little consequence or concern though the later is a bit worrisome.

    I’d advise the Left to be cautious with this kind of thing if its real, the loss of power is recoverable with effort, the loss of ones nation or worse not so much.

    Read What I Saw at the Coup by Matt Bracken for some cautionary fiction

  9. Wog slayer says:

    Reading this stuff makes me want to spread a list of every single political puppeteer’s and financial chessplayer’s address and identity so that they can be targeted by anyone 24/7.
    Seriously, who with any human decency needs these people to exist? No one.

  10. Pingback: List of targeted influential Alt-Right sympathizers | Aeoli Pera

  11. Sarah says:

    Considering all of the Seth Rich news lately, what do you make of it now?

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