The Pyrrhic cycle

The text in green refers to elements from the monomyth of Osiris and Set.


You can find a lot of correspondences within this framework. Enjoy!


Law = feminine virtue, social (in-group) competitiveness, verbal IQ (cortical thickness)
Faith = masculine virtue, martial (out-group) competitiveness, performance IQ (brain volume)


The Fate of Empires, John Glubb
Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock
The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics, Anonymous Conservative

The weird orientation of the axes was so I could force-fit the data points on this graph onto it:


Rather than taking this as a strict dynamic system, imagine all of these data points are making little counterclockwise circles and drifting lazily about. It’s more of a statistical statement saying that nations tend to make these little circles around their set points as these set points drift along the r/k axes in absolute terms.

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20 Responses to The Pyrrhic cycle

  1. Koanic says:

    A deep model

    and a mild abuse of r/K

  2. Santoculto says:

    Based on natural decadence maybe right but we have a unnatural external agent orchestrating it. Maybe every civilization have their co-evolutive antagonists and when this civilization will becoming more pacific they become actively destructive. The great paradigm of human evolution is…

    No doubt the social evolution is started by “decadence”, when the full stupidity (religion or magical thinking) and ignorance ( absolute fairness instead religious morality) are gone. But when comfort is massively conquered the culture–intelligence co-evolution finish and people become less smart to follow the increase of moral neo demands, more sensitive and subtle while people are usually insensitive and tendentious.

    When the common man is enlightened he tend to become more self-centric (not exactly selfish) because the existential realism that religions usually hide. And higher self centrism tend to correlates with lower fertility and higher self awareness. People become more exigent, more realistic short term and inevitably hedonistic.

    This is kind of philosophical hallucination instead a genuine enlightenment because people will becoming in the same time more abstract in their mental operationality or less compromise with other people attitudes as well more practical/short term for themselves well because without the promise of heaven just exist this life. One of the reason atheists and agnostics tend to have lower fertility rates.

    Or not, just rubbish things.

    Westerners and easterners as well, progressively the entire world, are not adapting to the K strategy because instead they still have kids enough to replace themselves they simply are not have kids. It’s not k selection but voluntary des–selection because the reality become too big to care about other beings if not itself.

    The great challenge is: Found a substitute purpose to constitute family without the big fake gods reducing significantly our worries in: Have a job, have kids, go to church in the Sundays.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Based on natural decadence maybe right but we have a unnatural external agent orchestrating it.

      This is where the serpent comes in.

      >Or not, just rubbish things.

      Insofar as it matters, I agree with your interpretation of this as false enlightenment.

      >The great challenge is: Found a substitute purpose to constitute family without the big fake gods reducing significantly our worries in: Have a job, have kids, go to church in the Sundays.

      This was Goethe’s idea. I’ll be writing a post about that next.

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Okay. Agree all, except I’m doubtful that pure thals are lawful. We seem too disordered for real lawfulness.

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  10. Obadiah says:

    Not much time to be a D.R.E.A.M.E.R. when the muslims are coming (and they’re always coming)

    Faith won’t last long if you can’t organize into a group large enough to defend it

  11. Obadiah says:

    I invoke “muh outer hajnal” but I think my family is from Austria or the very south-end of Germany judging from our German surname and the midwestern area my Dad’s side of the family immigrated to in America (also Catholic). My paternal grandpa was a swarthy MM with a military-tested 150+ IQ (He looked similar to that strain of “pharaoh melon” that is relatively common in that south-German area).

    (As an aside, the Pacific campaign fucked him up so badly that he killed a handle of whiskey every few days until having a stroke in his mid-80s, though he still woke up screaming in the middle of the night semi-regularly; this drinking supplemented his incessant ranting about the evils of capitalism, how the new Wal-Mart store that everybody loved so much was evil and was actually going to destroy our small town [which it later did], as well as his conspiracy-theorizing about ww2 in general).

    I’m not quite what we’d call “Southern Italy-Tier” outer-Hajnal adapted but I’m still large-group adapted and have other-centric emotional-ego-processing* such that there will be absolutely no cooperation or heroic action whatsoever between us for as long as you continue to view me as a cannibal troll creature, which is why I have to research and explain melonhead origins in depth (which in turn leads to other problems that must be solved and explained)

    *I would be “maximally prosocial” and “large-group” shifted in the two axes outlined in this article:

    Biomechanically, I actually *cannot* engage in heroic action with people who see me as a cannibal nigger creature—and so my autism must ascend to ever-greater heights / :

  12. Obadiah says:

    I grew up in the (outer) South (my mom’s side of the family are the descendants of Yeoman farmers with red hair and rh- negative blood) and hung out with a bunch of Cavalier types in college and young adulthood, so for a while I had a stupid emotional bias toward “muh romantic South”, but my (paternal) family are actually midwestern Germans who are completely innocent of any sort of slavery, financial exploitation, predatory behavior, or really doing anything other than being upright hard-working law-abiding Americans (despite having very strong melonhead phenotypical expression). Our greatest sin was Catholicism.

  13. Obadiah says:

    I’m much more Bavarian or Austrian in temperament than Prussian (or one of your “Alt-White Nazis”). I get a kick out of Milo’s antics and find (found) him politically useful, though I wouldn’t let him watch my kids for more than a couple minutes (not that I have kids, LOL). I like guns (I’m not a gun nut but believe the population should be heavily armed). I like history more than natural sciences.

    ‘ate uncontrolled cancerous capitalism
    ‘ate globalism
    ‘ate communism
    ‘ate the Synagogue of Satan
    ‘ate cucks
    ‘ate public schools (in their current, deeply satanic form)
    love alcohol
    love castles
    love enchanted fairy forests
    love jesus
    love national continental unity

    Simple as

    (that’s a 4chan meme from /sp/)

  14. Obadiah says:

    >‘ate public schools (in their current, deeply satanic form)

    Evil might actually be a feature of large-scale mandatory education rather than a bug tbh

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