Known overwatch theory archetypes and the leapfrog identity rule

Original theory is here.

The archetypal pyramid society’s hierarchy, as I understand it, has at least these castes:

Politicians (generally snake melons)
Technocrats (generally MTs)
Demagogues (generally big-eye melons)
Neurotics* (described in the original post)
Middle class

The leapfrog identity rule refers to a curious pattern where people who rise to their natural position in this hierarchy identify as being a natural fit for the position two steps up. So a neurotic thinks of herself as a natural technocrat, a demagogue identifies as a true politician, a technocrat thinks of himself as a genius in the tradition of Isaac Newton and Francis Galton, and so on.

I think this is a consequence of 1) eons of sexual selection for irrational optimism in homo sapiens and 2) the tendency to hate your boss and have nearly a mirror opposite personality from him. It could also be due to some sort of personality-functional balancing act in complex systems like this, but who’s to say at this point?

*The upper middle class: mostly Jews and progressive cro magnons, and some “talented tenth” nonwhite elites with high verbal ability and low nonverbal ability. In a simplified view, where demagogues are the whip hand, the neurotics are the snitches who extend the totalitarian influence of the state into the private realm.

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20 Responses to Known overwatch theory archetypes and the leapfrog identity rule

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Interesting… that is the same pattern as women, who feel they deserve a man 2 points about their own SMV. And it is a similar authority structure. Fractal nature of the universe at work, the fractal nature of human behavior. Notice a behavior in one place, and you’ll find it elsewhere, at various scales.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “the neurotics are the snitches who extend the totalitarian influence of the state into the private realm.”

    First thing that popped into my mind after reading that; Psychiatry.

    You are an insane racist for not believing in multiculti blah blah etc etc. You need medicine.

    That will be this many dollars.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I believe this taps into the subject of “Culture of Critique”, although I haven’t read it yet. My thought on psychiatry is the same as for other complex subjects: though it’s difficult and often done poorly, we should still attempt it. Wells are poisoned because people need water, nobody poisons a rock.

      The problem with psychiatrists today isn’t what they don’t know, it’s what they know that ain’t so.

  3. Heaviside says:

    I think it is wrong to arrange them in single a linear hierarchy. I think using at least two gives a much better picture: a private/civil society hierarchy which is like yours, with politicians, billionaire oligarchs, demagogues, and then a state machinery hierarchy which has military officers, senior executive service, intelligence agents, lower federal and state bureaucrats, corporate executives who are integrated into this system, etc. and then there are usually one of each for every nation state.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      One of the ideas that I haven’t been forthright about is that this structure is meant to be fractal, not linear. My previous boss was a slightly degenerate bigeye melon whose second-hand gal was a walking case study of extreme hypertension. I doubt they’re running the world, but the principle by which they ran the night shift (into the ground) is illustrative of how this is done on a larger scale.

  4. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Aeoli, would you say that Elliot Hulse is an example of a good-guy demagogue?

  5. LSXBlog says:

    Why don’t you write some sort of anime type story with all your ideas as themes aeoli?

  6. Santoculto says:

    Neurotics or predominantly neurotic people are those with a constancy of ”negative’ point of views about the world. I thought you’re misusing this adjective. My quasi-SJW brother (extremely retarded) don’t appear to be neurotic, otherwise, he appear to be very calm, relaxed, extrovert and dumb, of course. I thought among SJW there are that two extreme types, the first group are too much relaxed in temperament, the ”second” group are too much neurotic.

    I thought there are a lot of subconscious influences shaping the reactive and active behavior of people in the way most part of verbalized narratives that are used by and for all human groups are at least false descriptions or mirroring of their particular realities.

    verbalized cultural narrative about leftist crowd

    ”Lefitsts care about equality …. but they has been ‘manipulated’ to hate white people, only and specially white people”

    Possibly correct narrative

    leftists would be like the negative pole of any human group, who subconsciously desire to eliminate their own group or subconscious suicide.

    other complementary or even substitutive possibility is

    leftists/socially liberals are people who just can see similarities (ambiguous responses and/or relativity to nihilism) as well women, on avg, or neurotypical and not-so-neurotypical ones.

    rightists/socially conservatives are that people who just can see differences (binnary responses and/or superficial certainties), as well men, on avg, or neurotypical and not-so-neurotypical ones.

    • Santoculto says:

      two forces of any body, collective or individual, those who want conscious or subconscious destroy itself, and those who want, conscious or not, keep itself.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Neurotics or predominantly neurotic people are those with a constancy of ”negative’ point of views about the world. I thought you’re misusing this adjective.

      I’m using definition 1 from the dictionary: unstable, unbalanced, stressful, hypochondriac, etc.

      Roughly speaking, I believe the left/right divide comes from an optimism/pessimism toward greater abstraction and complexity of social mores.

  7. Jdc says:

    I found this link for Heaviside, I thought he might appreciate it.

  8. Heaviside says:

    Thank you for your consideration.

  9. Anon Frog says:

    You brought up Isaac Newton and Francis Galton as examples of “alchemists”. Are you implying then that geniuses are somehow a high-ranking part of this Satanic hierarchy?

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