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Further analysis of the people, process, product categories

I’ve previously written about Marcus Lemonis’ big picture for businesses, and how he uses it to solve problems. I’d like to extend this now into a more general problem-solving process. There’s an implicit hierarchy in People, Process, Product, with the … Continue reading

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Evangelion allegory interpreted

The previous disclaimer still applies. I don’t recommend the show in general. Evangelion is allegorical in nature, and the symbols are straightforward. When I hand you this cipher, you will be able to understand the allegory by doing a straightforward … Continue reading

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The four humors, pH, and metabolism

Here’s a weird thought out of left field. Can the four classical humors—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—be mapped to high/low pH and metabolism? Who knows? Certainly not me, I’m just this guy. Here’s how I’d wager though: Sanguine: … Continue reading

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Stress tolerance koan

“Pain is an acquired taste.” This would be a good motto for any physical endurance course that selects for personalities that get off on how badass they must be for voluntarily subjecting themselves to misery. There are a couple of … Continue reading

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Neuron extinction events re: epigenetics

A comment I left over at Vault-co. Something connected to methylation switches on the ARNDT2 gene sets off a cascade that begins pulling genetic sequences for fundamental development from the archaic DRD chains. Once started, they begin to fall like … Continue reading

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Evangelion character analysis

NB: I generally advise against watching the show. While it’s artistically ambitious, it’s plagued with terrible writing, awful production and direction, fanservice, and filler. The theatrical remake fixes most of these problems and is easily the most visually sublime creation … Continue reading

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Superego is worldview

This is something I thought up while wondering about Whackjob’s comment about the Greek conception of man as animal, rational, and thumotic. I realized that thumos maps to Freud’s “ego” (spirit, action) and the rest fell into place. So I … Continue reading

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Alt-right shibboleths

This is inspired by Vox Day’s effortless differentiation between libertarians and alt-righters. The key difference between the Alt-Right and libertarianism is that libertarianism insists on the existence of Rational Man. The Alt-Right observes, to the contrary, that Man is an … Continue reading

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Advice to an emigre

These are some comments in response to an e-mail Vox posted. They are reasonably general and can therefore be applied to most foreigners living in America. Vox’s response is in the original post. I’m English and I moved to the … Continue reading

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Boneflour on status and class

Yesterday the blog hit both 100,000 views and 20,000 visitors for 2016. To celebrate, I’m taking the day off. Here’s another guest post from Boneflour, taken from the comments. I originally was answering a different question: Can Thals have social … Continue reading

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