On debt

tl;dr- Big amygdala = faithful, big ACC = lawful.

The idea of debt is an adaptive lie for hypersocial apes. First I will explain the reality, then how the lie works.

Everything that exists is an IOU to God, and during our short time on this earth we’re just stewards of varying competence and trustworthiness. The reality is this: no one owes you anything, you don’t owe anybody except God anything. Nobody is “owed” a fair shot at life, or loving parents, or a civil society where it’s possible to make a living, or even freedom from excruciating pain. The very idea of justice outside of morality and God is what statesmen call a “noble lie”, and what I just call a regular lie and chutzpah to boot.

The way we treat God’s creation (people, animals, the earth itself, etc.) is merely a reflection of our respect or disrespect for its creator. If you’re kidnapped and tortured to death, no one is committing a sin against you, because you didn’t deserve better. Deserving has nothing to do with it. A grievous sin was committed, but it was against God. Most humanistic moralizing is made up nonsense, used to deceive dumbass apes into a tenuous civil order so we can have nicer things in the meantime.

So if you’ve got any grudges, you might as well get over them. There are no ethical scores for you to settle, except perhaps as a practical matter of reputation (as in the noble lie). Settling moral “accounts” is God’s job. That’s the reality.

The big lie that humans can owe debts to each other stems from barter and the exchange of goods for money. The economic idea is that I can give Oog my cow in exchange for ten chickens and hope that Oog is trustworthy and has a low enough time preference to remember that he owes me a favor roughly equivalent in value to the difference of ten chickens from one cow. Oog has no moral obligation to hold up his end of the bargain, it’s only his shared interest in having a high-trust society that may (or may not) compel him to follow through. It’s a very adaptive common understanding if the trust between Oog and me is real and not a fantasy. But if I strike a bargain with a psychopath to mortgage my adult livelihood in exchange for false hopes, shame on me for being a stupid 18 year old who spent his teens reading the wrong kinds of books.

The trick here, and the key to surviving the next fifty years or so as the Pyrrhic cycle swings from lawless faithlessness into the K upswing, is to understand what’s real and what’s part of the noble delusion that’s quickly collapsing around us. We’re re-entering an age where “do as thou wilt (with due regard for the policeman around the corner)” is again the whole of the law. Good faith relationships are quickly acquiring their natural premium whereas contractual agreements enforced by law are being broken left and right with no legal recourse for the victims. The trick is to guess which is which, and game out possible outcomes based on that.

Humans constantly carry around a balance sheet in our heads of social assets and liabilities. This lie is so old we’ve even developed a piece of hardware for the purpose called an anterior cingulate cortex, that tracks our obligations to the “social contract”. Again, this is a lie that in previous days was useful for building “social capital” (i.e. the expectation of high trust between complete strangers), but is completely useless now that the population of the West is majority parasites. Only a complete cuck still thinks it’s moral to pay taxes to a government that hates him and wants him dead. We only do so from fear of the policeman around the corner, who either believes the lie or (more and more commonly now) is a psychopath perfectly happy to play the crony and get his kicks and kickbacks.

Everything in humans ultimately comes back to the amygdala. This is the core of the emotional system and is responsible for assigning weight (emotional salience) to various factors. Psychopaths, sociopaths, deceivers, and other social parasites all have damaged amygdalas and are fundamentally incapable of feeling the weight of guilt that comes from faithless exploitation of their supposed in-group. They are forever engaged in the natural war of all against all and are incapable of acting in good faith. Now that we exist in a world predominantly peopled by the faithless, we need to act like it and drop the facade of lawfulness until these amygdala-damaged parasites can be purged from the West.

What that means is, if you can get away with it: don’t pay your taxes, take out loans from strangers and default on them, form gangs of men you’d trust with your life, and refuse to extend good faith for free. Understand that the behaviors we once considered “moral” are now a luxury with a serious price tag that you should only enjoy in moderation. We don’t live in that world anymore.

All that said, remember that you’re a steward and you’ll have to give an account of your actions to almighty God. Remember the intro where I explained this is the reality? So be as moral as the situation allows, and try not to fuck over people who aren’t parasites, because I don’t think God likes that.


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12 Responses to On debt

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  2. Koanic says:

    The reason to keep your word is that it benefits you to be able to credibly contract, not that it benefits others.

    Jacob and Laban is my limit.

  3. Boneflour says:

    This + last few posts = We’re entering an Aeoli Renaissance.


  4. Glosoli says:

    Good stuff.

  5. mobiuswolf says:

    “The trick is to guess which is which, and game out possible outcomes based on that.”
    I never figured that out. I kept extending good faith until driven to hermit-hood.

    “if you can get away with it:”
    I wouldn’t get too busy. The later you come to the shooting, the better your chances.

  6. Edenist Whackjob says:

    I know at a deep level that there are only two worldviews: Evolution/Nazism/Might-makes-Right/Satanism, and Everything-comes-from-God.

    Moderns attempt to live in a middle which doesn’t really exist. Morality is a borrowed concept – after all, if there is no God, why should we choose the one island of moral behavior in the vast sea of possible moral worlds which presupposes that He exists? Why not go full Nietzschean Overman then?

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