Seems legit

Take heed, oh troll warriors of Kek. Though the Hildebeast is ‘ere slain, the war has only just begun.


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15 Responses to Seems legit

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    I think so. It more or less confirms what I’ve believed for a long time. The US of A is far sunk in corruption. You have to spend some time in a leftist hellhole to really appreciate just how far gone we are.

    Of course, if we could lose most of the cities, it’d go a long way.

    rabbit warrens

  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    This is the second time you say “seems legit” to something that to my gut seems fake.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      We’ll never know. The rumors are distributed, which can either be explained by truth convergence, a massively focused conspiracy by a few people (unlikely), or a thin conspiracy by many people pursuing their own best interests (plausible, many Trump supporters believe in perception = might = right).

  3. Seems to me like a Trump supporter false flagging. The void of chaos itself is becoming chaotic and is evolving its own meta laws.

  4. Pellegri says:

    So much petting for /pol/, though.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t understand what petting means in this context.

      • Pellegri says:

        All of the fellatio might’ve been a better way to put it, but cruder.

        I find it interesting that the guy’s talking about the magic of confirmation bias and how Trump has weaponized it, while also telling /pol/ they’re so cool even the FBI admires them for figuring things out.

        Granted, where are you gonna go to dump your plausibly deniable leaks other than somewhere with people you think have a clue? But still.

  5. Mycroft Jones says:

    If it was real, they plugged the leak already; for Comey to re-open the case, then close it one day later, then Podesta flashed the hand signal of Osiris dead and butchered, shows they found out who was leaking information and neutralized (probably killed) them. That explains the November 5 dud from Anonymous. Still haven’t seen proof that Assange is alive.

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