Speculative origin story for melonheads

Posted for lack of time to write up something decent. This was already sitting around in a couple of semi-private places.

Probably wrong, but I think a pretty good shot in the dark. If nothing else, this would make an insanely entertaining fantasy world backstory.

The behavioral revolution in South Africa circa 100kya suggests to me that the Denisovans (or sapiens hybrids thereof) were a race of hyperverbal pirate kings who mapped out much of the world, ate sapiens, and became the melonheads (probably via hybridization with neanderthals, to acquire brain size). No other hominid is known to be in contention as the source of giant stature in humans. Their extreme genetic distance from sapiens would explain the psychological distance which enables such predation that, intraspecies, would be simple cannibalism.

Pirate kings, #Iwanttobelieve. http://www.worldofmi.com/images/fanart/2/Pirate_Captain.jpg


Ref also: Vault-Co: Must-See Hybrid Talk on YouTube | http://vault-co.blogspot.com/2016/10/must-see-hybrid-talk-on-youtube.html

Melonhead anthro conspiracy theory also explains why physical evidence of Denisovans is so rare.

The leftovers of this hypothetical “seafaring giants” legacy seem to devolve pretty quickly into petty cannibals, as seen in African Boskopoids, Australoids, the Philistine giants, and giant myths in Europe and America.

Pirate king theory also explains the tendency to be based on islands.


Vejiortan said: ↑

That’s very interesting. Can you give a couple of links regarding “No other hominid is known to be in contention as the source of giant stature in humans” and the contention that denisovans were highly verbal ?

I reference the giant molar found in the Denisova cave as the best evidence regarding giantism, and the Heidelbergensis genetic ancestors (regularly 7 ft tall in South Africa). Start at 38:00 in this video:

The contention that they were hyperverbal is unsubstantiated woo. I don’t believe the Denisovans proper were hyperverbal, but that their Swiderian descendants were.

Koanic said: ↑

Makes no sense. Denisovan = Australoid cannibal autists.

Highly unrelated to melonheads, whether woo or science.

You’re getting stuck in linear thinking here. I’m only relying on two fairly uncontroversial ideas here:

1) Behavioral revolutions correspond to hybridizations (reasonable).
2) There was a sophisticated artistic, bonesmithing culture in South Africa 90 kya that relied heavily on fishing (Katanda, Blombos). http://d1vn86fw4xmcz1.cloudfront.net/content/royptb/366/1567/1060/F1.large.jpg
(Google for “Blombos cave art”)

I’m proposing that Denisovans were giants born of Heidelbergensis (fairly reasonable). Their migration pattern suggests that they (or their hybrid descendants) preferred to stay near the coasts and were capable of crossing big water (e.g. Madagascar). It’s reasonable to suggest that they (or their hybrid descendants) became a culture of navigators with a spiritual connection to the stars and astronomy.

Now, we know that there was a coexistence of a sophisticated bonesmithing culture with a Mousterian stonesmithing culture, which resulted in the hyperdolicocephalic Swiderians. These Swiderians appear to have invented the astronomy-based religious monolith culture (proper melonheads at this point), as explained early on in the video above. It simply makes sense to me that the astronomy portion of that has to come from a navigation culture. Furthermore, we know that melonheads today prefer to live on the coasts and on islands, and despise “the boonies” like flatlands and woodlands (dunno about hill country).

Australoids are just a side effect of this plot. I don’t need to rehash the legends of man-eating giants. And it figures that 1) there were probably corrals of sheep-people who were eaten at leisure, and 2) the smaller, low-SMV giants would have fucked the sheep-people, just like the low-SMV Semitic descendants of the Swiderians fuck sheep today.

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19 Responses to Speculative origin story for melonheads

  1. Koanic says:

    I have no idea about this, nor need to deep dive it. Reality mapped sufficiently for action now.

  2. Nottuh says:

    Tall stature among modern humans might be a throwback to tall Heidelbergensis specimens that later evolved into Sapiens. The Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrids of Skhul and Qafzeh had some males up to 6’3″ in their populations, which was much taller than any of the pure Neanderthals found yet in Europe, or even the admixed Sapiens-admixed Neanderthals in West Asia (males in both groups usually 5’5″ to 5’7″).

    Regarding Denisovans, some of the DNA of the late Heidelbergensis/early Neanderthal Atapuerca/Sima de los Huesos people has come back as Denisovan-like.

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    This stuff is fascinating.
    Could you recommend a book on the types?

  4. Heaviside says:




  5. Kingboss says:

    Aeoli, how extensive is your knowledge on other religions? Do you consider other religions wrong to study or is your knowledge limited to the Big Monotheistic Trio?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      My knowledge of religions is not extensive at all. It’s restricted to a medium deep knowledge of Christianity and a passing knowledge of everything else. I don’t consider it wrong to study them, but I’m not generally interested in studying esoteric subjects because the insights come too slow and there’s too much stupidity, bullshit, and disinformation mixed in.

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  13. Obadiah says:

    The lower a man’s self-esteem, the more extraordinary are the terrors with which the Other becomes endowed.

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