Further predictions

For the record, at this point I predict a close Trump win (fraudulently reported as close, that is). This is the only option for TPTB that doesn’t lead to the day of the rope scenario. Probably we’re looking at 49% Trump (so they can trot out the line “less than half”), 48% Clinton, something like that. Trump supporters report they would be satisfied with a mere win, so they won’t dig into it fervently and won’t care if it comes out that the counts were rigged. Because winning is all that matters! …RiGhT? I mean, that’s what the alt-Right says is their dogma, there’s no way that could actually be retarded, could it?

This is because they can’t afford to fake the election for Hillary at this point, but even more than that they can’t afford to give the alt-Right the mandate of heaven that comes with a Trumpslide. That is, they will exhaust the high-energy momentum with meaningless friction and hope the energy burns off before causing any real damage, then restore business as usual.

Therefore the election will be followed by a small amount of litigation that will be squashed, and a great deal of chimping out by minorities (riots yes, a few in warmer cities). White Hillary supporters will mostly just be depressed. Litigation against TPTB will be so slow and difficult that angry Americans will lose interest within two years.

Trump, however, will gain momentum from all this conflict due to his personality. He will also retain his popularity because the mudslinging has been so unbelievable that it’s lost all effectiveness, making him effectively invincible against any charges as long as he denies them categorically. As he begins to be frustrated with Americans’ complete lack of moral fiber (a rant for another day), he will accumulate executive power and transition into a de facto emperor. This is a much preferable scenario to Hillary’s professed 3rd-worldism and starting a nuclear war with Russia. However, it also suggests that Trump will not let the Southern states secede, which all but guarantees the civil war I’ve been predicting.


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8 Responses to Further predictions

  1. bicebicebice says:

    Melons gonna Melon other Melons!

    “mutant sized head” thats racist!

  2. Aeoli you’re hilarious and super awesomo. Also you’re probably right?

  3. LEATHUR says:

    What I don’t understand is why the Alt-Right actually think and believe that Trump will be any better? He’s part of the same establishment. Friends with Clintons, Epstein, etc. Tonnes of evidence that he’s a sexual predator. I’ll post some links below. I’m not by any means saying they’ve got it right, it’s just that, well it seems like Trump is trolling the American people. I’m not sure there will be any real change. We’d all *like* to believe it’s true but surely it’s too good to be true?


  4. Aeoli you called it. You called it perfectly.

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