Boneflour on status and class

Yesterday the blog hit both 100,000 views and 20,000 visitors for 2016. To celebrate, I’m taking the day off. Here’s another guest post from Boneflour, taken from the comments.

I originally was answering a different question:
Can Thals have social status in society at large? Yes, but you might not like having it.

Nerd cred. I’ve actually been in the situation where the power goes out, and I was the only white guy in the room. There was no hesitation, the single mothers literally fled the building to their cars and everybody else immediately looked at me expectantly, like “well, are you going to fix this or what?”

From what I understand, “status” is how many people you own, and “class” is how comfortable you are with owning them, broadly speaking.
Class and status markers always seem to boil down to those two factors. Super Classy people don’t have blenders and dishwashers… because why have noisy labor saving appliances when ‘the help’ can do those things quietly?

Paul Fussell would approve of this analysis.

Tex apparently makes a good amount of money, but has neither status nor class, just going from his anecdotes. (high paid consultant, but looked down on by the employees, and a nerd who dislikes melon culture)

Class is misanthropy. Tex has (some) class when he’s fed up, but I suspect he’s a terminal niceguy in real life (projection). It’s very difficult to sustain a psychopathic attitude when it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Another example: Trump is high status, like it or not. He owns people (businesses), he gets laid.
But, Trump eats Big Macs. Worse, he LIKES Big Macs. Trump isn’t classy enough to have ‘the help’ cook him organic SWPL foods for every meal. He was on WrestleMania for crying out loud. I mean WTF? That’s Prole-Tier shit right there.
Trump owns people, probably even comfortable with owning them (can function in high society), but because he enjoys low-class things, he’s “low-class” by default.

Brilliant. Trump is low-class because he doesn’t hate the people he owns.

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7 Responses to Boneflour on status and class

  1. bicebicebice says:

    I Can Has Big Mac?

    We are now back in the year 2007, when Barron becomes president we’ll have reached the 80ies, with our current, and improved, technological level. This is back to the future present and past, all at the same time. Truly, some Trump worthy intergalactical time travelling underwater 7D chess.


  2. Highly intelligent altruistic leaders (MTs/Owls) with enough juice to cause problems are populists and hated by misanthropes (MMs) under the guise of scientism. Basically MTs are some kind of demonic unworldly terminator that, like the atomic bomb, was created out of necessity of war but now won’t go away and is just waiting in the wings to dispense the Clorox when the MMs and their minion cohorts over step the mark. 1 like = 1 tear

  3. Post Alley Crackpot says:

    Now I know how to shit test a chick that I might be thinking about for the longer haul:

    1. Rent a small rental cottage in the countryside during a very snowy and cold winter.
    2. Stock it with enough supplies to last at least two weeks.
    3. Arrange with the property’s owners that the power gets cut off “by accident” for three days.
    4. Contact the property owners so they can handle “getting the power back on”.
    5. Observe how the chick reacts to the loss of “modern conveniences”.
    6. Watch what happens when the power gets “restored”.

    Successful contestant winners get access to enhanced wealth that includes the future opportunity to manage a highly modernised agricultural operation known as a “farm” as well as a small investment venture known as a “family” …

    Contestants who do not succeed get dropped off at an agreed-upon place back in “civilisation”, never to be contacted again.

    Sorry shallow eye sockets chicks, you don’t even get to make it this far.

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