Evangelion character analysis

NB: I generally advise against watching the show. While it’s artistically ambitious, it’s plagued with terrible writing, awful production and direction, fanservice, and filler. The theatrical remake fixes most of these problems and is easily the most visually sublime creation of all time, but I suspect the creators have lost the plot (presuming they ever had it in the first place).

Going from bottom to top according to overwatch theory types.

Overwatch type: Neurotic
Edenism: Neothal
Eysenck: Low IQ, High N, Low P
SSMV: Omega
Psych: Learned helplessness
Freud: Superego

Overwatch type: Neurotic
Eysenck: Low IQ, Low N, Low P
Psych: Attachment disorder
Freud: Id
Hermetic: Divine feminine, Babylon

Overwatch type: Neurotic
Edenism: Progressive cro magnon
Eysenck: High IQ, High N, Low P
Psych: Megalomania, burnout
Freud: Ego

Overwatch type: Demagogue (emotional herder of neurotics)
Edenism: Bigeye melon
Eysenck: Low IQ, Low N, High P
Psych: PTSD

Overwatch type: Technocrat
Edenism: MT
Eysenck: High IQ, Low N, High P
Psych: Avoidant personality disorder

Overwatch type: Revolutionary (disaffected technocrat)
Edenism: Owl melon
Eysenck: High IQ, Low N, High P
SSMV: Sigma

SEELE members
Overwatch type: Kabbalist*
Edenism: Snake melon
Eysenck: High IQ, High N, Low P
Psych: Dark tetrad

Overwatch type: Alchemist
Edenism: Spider melon
Eysenck: High IQ, High N, High P
SSMV: Alpha
Psych: Dark triad genius
Hermetic: Lucifer

The characters that follow don’t have functional ranks within the overwatch pyramid scheme.

Overwatch type: Natural philosopher
Edenism: Nobilid (aristocratic amud-melon hybrid)
Eysenck: High IQ, Low N, Low P
SSMV: Beta

Overwatch type: Priest
Edenism: Starchild
Eysenck: High IQ, Low N, High P
SSMV: Lambda
Psych: Machiavellian

*Previously “politician”. These are the builders of the NRx’s “Cathedral”, a network of political, cultural, financial, and freemason cabal members.

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20 Responses to Evangelion character analysis

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    “aristocratic amud-melon hybrid”

    Is this a thing now? Just when you thought the whacky theories couldn’t grow any more epicycles…

  2. Rime says:

    Only anime worth rewatching. Maybe some Miyazaki’s works are exceptions but he’s a marxist fool and not to be trusted. Just like Kubrick, Anno focuses on the visual – not so much on the action. We will have to wait for the Rebuild to be completed to know if Anno is an artistic genius or just someone who got lucky. I wish I had time to put my thoughts on NGE into something coherent.

    Anno is Shinji, Shinji is Anno. Asuka is life, she is active participation, not depressive spectation. Other characters do not provide the drama but provide us lenses from which to view the drama. The apocalypse of NGE happens as much in reality as it does in Shinjis head. NGE is about the alienation and confusion the Thal experiences navigating the modern world. Evangalion is the direct result of him coming to terms with it and finding transcendental meaning for his pain and suffering. Shinji/Anno knows the hedgehog dilemma and yet still chooses Asuka/Life (a real human, not a fantasy puppet). And Asuka confirms this by reacting with disgust to Shinjis emotional need yet still choosing to come out of Human Instrumentality inspite of knowing that Shinji is going to hurt her. That’s mad crazy love.

    I will give you a nice big write up when 4.0 comes out. Or I might just grab my computer and smash it into a million pieces. If Anno is what I think he is there will be a lot of worthwhile aesthetic discussion in the near future.

  3. dom says:

    I don’t know how you could sit through this series, that Asuka is such an annoying cunt it just makes me want to turn it off. Im on 12 right now but keep hoping it will get better because it heard it gets really wild toward the end but its hard

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