Neuron extinction events re: epigenetics

A comment I left over at Vault-co.

Something connected to methylation switches on the ARNDT2 gene sets off a cascade that begins pulling genetic sequences for fundamental development from the archaic DRD chains. Once started, they begin to fall like dominos until they all run out. I suspect the body is saying “Something bad has happened to this kid who is currently running the Holocene candy-ass spearchucker model software. We may need to do a rollback and switch him to the original Ice Age supertank Model T version of hominids in order to prepare him for what appears to be a very rough environment he is growing up in.”

Texas Arcane
Methylation From Sodium Hydroxide For Epigenetic Triggering

It’s been a while since I learned this, so I might be misremembering, but I believe this would have been right before a massive neuron die-off in normal infant development (~2yo). Babies have an enormous number of neurons (way more than adults), but most of them die in these events. To my mind, this would be analogous to the genetic shifts that occur when catastrophic events wipe out large portions of a breeding population, preferentially killing off some gene clusters. An example would be a group of hunter gatherers where the gatherers are all killed in a fire while the hunters are in another area, culling the gatherer genes.

If we follow the analogy, it would suggest that epigenetics could trigger a preference cascade right before such a neural extinction event, preferentially culling the “holocene-strategy” neurons. Something to think about.

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9 Responses to Neuron extinction events re: epigenetics

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    I’m interested in immune systems and how they influence personality. My hunch is immunity is not just some base-level defense-against-germs thing, but that it, like a lot of things in the body, has implications for cognition and personality. Good place to start looking might be histamine.

    If this is true, then obviously the Black Plague did something interesting to certain populations.

    • Rime says:

      A weak immune system makes for a weak personality and vice versa. I have seen this with too many coworkers for it to be a coincidence. My father who NEVER gets sick tends to be the alpha in the room. My own alphaness tracks well with my health. It took me a year to recover from a mono-like illness and about the same amount of time to recover my swagger.

      We see the same thing in baboons. This particular study shows stressor based differences. Of interest to you may be the section on grooming:

    • Rime says:

      The Black Plague coupled with the Reformation is why Europe conquered the world. The genetic dead weight got thrown overboard with the plague, Europe freed from the Malthusian yoke. The Reformation removed the chivalric restrictions placed on competition (warfare) between peoples, nations, and institutions, no longer would a common faith stay the Aryan’s hand from slaughter.

      “They pour along like a Fire that sweeps the whole Earth before it.”

  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Tex’s I-turned-into-an-ubermensch self-mythology reminds me a bit of Swedish serial killer Peter Mangs (an MT dualback by the way) who called himself a genius on account of the “trepannation” procedure (hydrocephalus drainage) he underwent as a child.

    • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

      I googled Mangs and his face reminded me of finnish actor Peter Franzén. Just pointing this out. Aptly, he plays a neo-nazi in one movie.

  3. DrNeanderthal says:

    you dont still believe that wacky old man’s nonsense do you?

    “After I drank that bleach everyone, everyone, knew I had changed. Despite being a two year old baby when the doctor came into my room I greeted him with a high pitched ‘How do you do my fine Homo Sapien!’

    Needless to say the doctor went a sheet a pale white, ‘this is by far the most intelligent person of any age I have ever had a conversation with, I’d like to shake your hand Tex.’ Imagine his Sapien Surprise when my new neanderthal grip broke seven of the bones in his hand, it would take a while before I got used to my new superman neanderthal strength. The doctor being shocked on two counts now asked the nurse to get him the president on the phone and the president invited us for dinner that evening.

    Despite having never being able to read before by the time we got to the president’s house I had read the entire classics, and found most of them to be homo sapiens drivel, the work of a very inferior and stupid creature to myself. I drove the car by the way although the doctor did not seem shocked. The next year I got stuck in a canister of liquid nitrogen, which, despite being -273 degrees celcius when the rescue team found me expecting me dead I was actually relaxing in a sun lounger with my t-shirt which said “Ice Ice Baby!”, oh I was a neanderthal alright, stupid fucking saps!

    • bicebicebice says:

      Well, you can ween deathly allergic children onto peanuts and other things for example, you can boost small kids into big size adults via growth hormones etc. Some people just want to miss the point on purpose,smh.

      ‘How do you do my fine Homo Sapien!’ lol irl :D

  4. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Not exactly related to this post, but enough to share it here. Maybe take this as a late blog celebration occake.

    I read about this disease recently. When googling images of it I noticed, how many of the affected children and also some of their parents look thallish. There was also a strongly owl melon looking mother: (Googling her name should provide more articles and images, unless I’ve just been bubbled by Google.)

    Could be totally nothing and just overfitting, but I’m not the expert to tell.

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