The four humors, pH, and metabolism

Here’s a weird thought out of left field. Can the four classical humors—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—be mapped to high/low pH and metabolism? Who knows? Certainly not me, I’m just this guy. Here’s how I’d wager though:

Sanguine: Alkaline, high energy
Choleric: Acidic, high energy
Melancholic: Acidic, low energy
Phlegmatic: Alkaline, low energy

Here’s how I expect the two axes to behave, psychologically:

Acidity: Promotes mental focus, critical realism.
Alkalinity: Promotes holistic thinking, optimism.
High energy: Strengthens desires, compels quicker judgments.
Low energy: Weakens desires, induces perfectionism.

I’d expect testosterone to boost metabolism and slightly boost acidity, whereas I’d expect estrogen to boost alkalinity. In general, these are my feels for set points in the genders:

Civilized man: Choleric
Civilized woman: Melancholic
Natural man: Sanguine
Natural woman: Phlegmatic

Here’s how I figure this changes in response to the Pyrrhic cycle.

Lawless, faithless: Men tend to be more phlegmatic, women tend to be more melancholic.
Lawless, faithful: Men tend to be more sanguine, women tend to be more phlegmatic.
Lawful, faithful: Men tend to be more choleric, women tend to be more sanguine.
Lawful, faithless: Men tend to be more melancholic, women tend to be more choleric.

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22 Responses to The four humors, pH, and metabolism

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    “Can the four classical humors—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—be mapped to high/low pH and metabolism? ”

    I must be getting more INTJ ’cause I find this somewhat annoying. Where’s the practical application for world domination, man? ;)

    • Edenist Whackjob says:

      “Stop touching yourself and playing with your maps!”

      Seriously though, learning to go Te and Ni instead of Ti and Ne, is a great thing for one’s more mundane life goals (health, wealth, relationships, dare I say happiness).

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        These days I have trouble going Te outside of a social context, which is rare because most of my interactions are of the pleb variety. Nothing against plebs, but they are restricted to Fe as directed to the subjects of food, fucking, and football. Really need to get out more.

    • Robotnick says:

      The Occ works slow.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      The world is already dominated! It’s only a matter of time for the system to reach its end state!

      “In Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the super-computer Deep Thought started with “I think, therefore I am” and had deduced the existence of income tax and rice pudding before they could turn it off. The belief that you can start from introspection and by deep enough deduction come to truths about the universe is called rationalism. Such attempts are doomed to fail. The universe does not exist inside our heads, but outside: and the only way to learn about the external universe is to look at it. And the only way to learn by looking at things is by inductive reasoning.”

  2. dom says:

    well if you want a guaranteed way to up the alkalinity of your blood do Wim Hof Method, Im fairly sure its been proven a few rounds of his breathing puts up alkalinity of the blood

  3. Rime says:

    We could test this with ph kits on willing participants saliva. I imagine the mouth shows the most variation in the entire body, being on one end of the gut. Testing the other end is a bit unthinkable for the amateur scientist. At least wash your hands if you must try it.

    Speaking of the four humors and classical knowledge, the ancient greeks knew what the brain was used for. They claimed it was an organ to cool the blood which is precisely right. When a man gets passionate his blood runs hot. To calm his heart he must reason his way to temperance. Great example of ancient wisdom encoded in metaphor and us moderns too stupid to understand. Pretty mucb the whole of ancient/medieval medical knowledge is encoded this way. I don’t take archeologists and anthropologists seriously any longer. Now mediaevalists and antiquarians are much more trustworthy.

    • Rime says:

      Did you shave your ass too so the bullshit slides out easier? :P

      I can’t shave my head and face or I would. I like some of those fashy haircuts the young goys are wearing. Working outside in wet winter conditions 8+ hours a day can be brutal even with the right gear. Maybe that means I’m not a troo thal but I’d like to think my thal ancestors were hard headed pragmatists about the weather.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Did you shave your ass too so the bullshit slides out easier?😛

        This shows low social intelligence. Good-natured ribbing requires an established friendly relationship that, AFAIK, you don’t have with Laz.

        • Rime says:

          An excellent diagnosis Dr. Pera, what will be your next step in helping our patient overcome this horrible malformation?

          • Rime says:

            My apologies to both of you. I spend most of my internet time on the chans. It leaves me flippant.

            To keep your head cool you are better off keeping your hair. The body regulates temperature through sweating and by pumping blood to the outer layers of skin for less rapid heat dumping. The thin skin on the skull has fewer veins, most of your excess heat leaves through your face.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Don’t pile on Laz, he said he’s sorry.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Well, I’ve been floating the idea of a generalized social skills theory using Game and sales techniques as a starting point.

            But in the meantime, the best advice I’ve received for learning social norms is to read etiquette advice written for visiting foreigners.

  4. Kingboss says:

    “I don’t take archeologists and anthropologists seriously any longer. Now mediaevalists and antiquarians are much more trustworthy.”
    If that is the case then I am your guy. I can read several extinct languages and have read 20 of the graeco-roman works and all of the Edda sagas in their original script. I am currently trying to write a list of any ancient/classical literature that I can find to add it to my collection. As of now I am focusing on chinese sources such as the Bamboo Annals and the Five Classics.

    • Rime says:

      I’ve read a fair number of Graeco-Roman works. I want to read more of Tacitus, he’s on my short list. Having read the Eddas, how do they compare to Beowulf? Ought I read them sooner than later? I enjoyed Beowulf immensely, it gave understanding to why I have always felt so strongly of honor and kin.

      I have not read the Five Classics but I’ve read some translated Chinese works. I quite liked Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. Not sure I care to read much more eastern philosophy like the Five Classics, I would prefer to study my own medieval and Catholic heritage in more depth first.

      • Kingboss says:

        “Having read the Eddas, how do they compare to Beowulf?”

        Very different. The Eddas are the stories of all that could be remembered of the Norse gods and deal with the fate, origin, and structure of the Norse worldview. Comparing the two is like comparing the Iliad or Odyssey to the Titanomachy or the Theogony, so you can get an idea of how different they are.
        The language used in the Eddas is a dialect of Old Norse that would eventually become Icelandic, so the writing itself is a bit similar to what you find in Beowulf, but more unique and abstract [which is a bit obvious since it is a work of heathen cosmology]. It is especially important as a book since it reveals a belief system that would have extended across a very large area of Europe, including where Beowulf was originally recorded.

  5. Kingboss says:

    “I want to read more of Tacitus, he’s on my short list.”

    He is a decent historian for roman matters, but I would take caution on anything he wrote on foreign issues. He had a few peculiar biases as a writer and possibly never left roman territory in his life so it is best to sift some of his works with other sources.

  6. B. Scarfo says:

    This makes great sense. Wouldn’t Eve have been Melancholic after she had followed the snake and given the apple to Adam? Could the critical realism of the Civilized Man be tied to “knowledge of good and evil’ mentioned in Genesis? Sounds pretty damn accurate to me.

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