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This is my working definition of inquisitions as an institutional concept. I’ll be working at the abstraction level of religion* here, according to the ranking I proposed previously. This thought was inspired by musing on the nature of religion though … Continue reading

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Genre fixations

For context, Aeoli’s Iron Law of Anime: 0.1% of anime is sublime. 5% of anime is great. The rest is absolute garbage. As part of this initial foray, I’ll define “genre fixation” as a behavior where a person gets stuck … Continue reading

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Wild conjecture for the evopsych origin of emotions

This is one of those “ghost maybe” occ posts where you should mentally insert a “maybe” in front of each statement so I don’t have to fill a clear set of ideas full of qualifiers. The six basic emotions are … Continue reading

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Commentary: The IQ delta

Big copypasta from Vox: It has been observed that the exceptionally intelligent think differently than those with conventional minds, even those which most people would consider to be highly intelligent. The difference is qualitative, not merely quantitative, in nature, and … Continue reading

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What each social class wants

As a precursor to guessing which neurotransmitter and hormonal set points each social class pursues, I think it’s necessary to generalize what abstract qualities they pursue. Note that individuals’ set points can change in response to a regular series of … Continue reading

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Ramble on slave, master mindset

Imagination is necessary but not sufficient for freedom. An unimaginative person can’t figure out what to do with freedom, and therefore prefers an externally imposed structure for his life. Children are often born with expansive imaginations, so it’s a shame … Continue reading

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Divining functional social roles from ranks

I believe formal systems of rank contain a wealth of knowledge about the secret inner workings of informal social status, if we can discern them. In particular, I’ll be looking at US Army ranks. This is mostly just an exercise … Continue reading

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I got a grownup job

Something relatively industrial. It’s gone straight to my head, I’ve already forgotten about all you little people. No idea how this will impact da blergh and various related activities.

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Precis of face reading paper Computer vision researchers are beginning to tackle the highly salient field of phrenology. Every human culture has believed that inferring character from physical features is possible. Whether humans are merely superstitious or employing useful mental heuristics, they tend to … Continue reading

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Edenism in a nutshell

Intelligence researcher Michael Woodley is 100% Aeoli Pera approved, with all the certifications that naturally entails. H/T MM: Excellent interview. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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