Will-to-success, the American dream explained

America began as several nations of diaspora peoples who could be described as more or less Christian. The Puritans in New England were Christian extremists, whereas the Cavaliers were only nominally Christian insofar as Jesus could be anglicized to fit the tastes of English propriety. Almost immediately, this more-or-less Christian project was invaded by occultists preaching continental philosophy. This takeover progressed until triangular hats were replaced by powdered wigs, and America was formally a centralized, unified Enlightenment country circa 1800. The idea of nations and religious liberty gave way to Nation and religious fraternity.

Because the Gnostic ruling class have always loved to quote the Jefferson Bible and cloak themselves in priestly robes, the peasantry of this imperial marketplace hold to the mistaken notion that we are a Christian Nation in spirit and truth. This leads to great confusion, which by appearances suits everyone just fine.

tl;dw- America’s contribution to occult philosophy is the Law of Attraction, a magical idea born in the Hudson Bay region and sold to naive laypeople via Norman Vincent Peale. At this point in my life, I have no reason to suspect this law is incorrect, and every reason to believe it is correct. To give just three examples: 1. The ascendance of Donald Trump, 2. my personal experience of synchronicities, and 3. my gradually increasing understanding of gestalt psychology as an “is-ought” bridge between physics and metaphysics. As a rule, Luciferians are very bright people (if evil) and therefore more likely than average to hold correct opinions.

In brief, the Law of Attraction states that similar spirits prefer each other’s company. For example, people who engage in spiritual divination will tend to contact spirits with personalities similar to their own. This law has huge implications for the structure of reality, and naturally a wide-ranging array of applications. Particularly well-known applications are the will-to-power ethos preferred by gangsters, revolutionaries, and financial elites, and the Power of Positive Thinking preferred by social climbers and neurotics, and the Meme Magic employed by propagandists. The most popular applications are (again, naturally) the most adaptive ones, concerned chiefly with effecting desired outcomes. They are therefore well-described by the following formula:

1. Stoke the desire for X
2. Repeatedly envision X happening (in as much detail as possible)
3. Strive for X in reality
4. Foster irrational confidence in the realization of X, despite setbacks
5. Reality will then self-organize itself to conform to your perceptions, making X happen via unlikely coincidences

That is, rather than the parts of a complex system causing the behavior of the whole (as in classical physics), the gestalt causes the whole to self-organize from the parts.

This formula is the distinctly American monomyth: “that which your mind can conceive, you can achieve”. I call this the “cult of optimism” for short, and I believe it was reintroduced as a necessary component of humanity’s primordial antediluvian religion and the process of stabilized anarchotyranny.

Now we come to the question of what “success” means. Paul Fussell helpfully describes it as upper-middle class, where one’s profession is merely to believe the party line. The functional role of such True Believers is, furthermore, to act as dogmatic thought police without sacrificing the benefits of individual initiative. Colloquially “success” is believed to mean happiness and a comfortable income, and this is what parents will generally tell their children, but one expects they would not approve of a career as a cocaine dealer. This is implicitly understood to be the provenance of the upper class proper.

In fact, we find that happiness proper is easily studied in scientific terms. Happiness is achieved by 1) financial responsibility and an income of at least $50,000, 2) marriage with kids 3) physical fitness and health, 4) religiosity and community involvement, 5) career prestige, and 6) plenty of sleep. Alternatively, you can stick a syringe full of serotonin into your hippocampus and depress the plunger, but again your mom wouldn’t really consider that to be “success”.

None of the things in that list is bad, and I hope everyone reading this acquires all of them. My intention is to make you suspicious of anyone who comes knocking on your door selling happiness, or even giving it away for free! Always be aware that this world belongs to Satan and no gift is ever free.

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28 Responses to Will-to-success, the American dream explained

  1. Robotnick says:

    My dollars put to good use I see.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    Dat health and wealth gospel nigga.

  3. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Read Illuminatus, he goes into how this stuff works. See eg his gambling posts.

  4. Tom Kratman says:

    One notes, however, that that five step quasi- or fully magical process is employed by the left more or less universally and, while they often gain power, they never gain X.

    Personally, I suspect much of the synchronicity we experience is due to God having an outrageous sense of humor and an infinity of time on His hands.

    • Edenist Whackjob says:

      That’s an interesting thought, God’s humor.

      Humans have humor, and we are made in the image of God, so…

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      I agree with Tom about God’s sense of humor. And with Edenist’s follow-up, man was made in the image of God… throughout the Bible I see traces of humor in God’s dealings with man. But it is humor on a LARGE scale, almost beyond comprehension, unless you are specifically looking for God’s sense of humor. It fits the bigness of His personality. Laughter drives away fear. Faith is the opposite of fear.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >One notes, however, that that five step quasi- or fully magical process is employed by the left more or less universally and, while they often gain power, they never gain X.

      It’s not that the child sacrifices to Moloch aren’t giving us a good harvest, it’s that we aren’t making enough of them.

      • Tom Kratman says:

        Well, yes, the child sacrifices happen after they gain power, even though they never gain X, and increase until they’re overthrown and gotten rid of.

        In general, though, they palm off the blame for their failures on “wreckers” and “spies,” Trotsky or “Emanuel Goldstein.”

        It’s a syndrome of syndromes with the left. Although there are a few real human beings among them – misguided, yes, but human, and a few of them even admirable – in the main they’re so completely incapable of reason, so addicted to falsehood, so unbefuckinglievably stupid, so obsessed with fantasy, and so oxygen-deprived from dwelling only in their own skulls, that I am by no means sure they are even human beings anymore. Morally, I think, they’re beneath cockroaches and can be, were it not legally inconvenient to do so, killed without damage to one’s soul.

        The scary part there is that this kind of leftism may well be genetic, leaving little of a long term solution but gassing down the generations. That may have some soul-wrecking implications however.

  5. kensuimo says:

    “Serotonin is closely involved in mood disorders, but also in a great variety of other problems that affect women much more frequently than men. These are probably primarily energy disorders, relating to cellular respiration and thyroid function. Liver disease and brain disease, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, are both much more common in women than in men, and serotonin and estrogen strongly affect the energetic processes in these organs. Liver disease can increase the brain’s exposure to serotonin, ammonia, and histamine. It isn’t just a coincidence that these three amines occur together and are neurotoxic; they are all stress-related substances, with natural roles in signaling and regulation.”


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s interesting. Maybe serotonin plays a similar role to endorphins, except on a longer time scale. Maybe it’s more correct to describe this emotion as “contentment”.

  6. j says:

    these affairs bring to mind “hubris/anti-hubris” in the manner of “hero/anti-hero”.
    “infernal affairs” indeed…

  7. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    So grey goo IS magical. A merry burbling of collective goodfeelz telegraphs a free lunch to all the void, and cold hungry things flock to that they can shape and feed on. Better than radioactive marzipan. Just as Complete Thought, Virtue, Truth through Abstraction and Genius are nonmaterial in aspect and origin, so to are Glibness, Tyranny and the power of the Mob. Christians beware, for though the Mob is mindless, it belongs to a Mind. Kek is worse than cancer: it has been weaponised by the enemy, and America is its incubation chamber.

    Obviously, no stand is possible on Earth; time to dig in and wait for the cavalry.

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