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Plausible explanations and decision theory (briefly)

A lurker and Highly Respected Correspondent asks, Like most ladies who are interested in the wonderful workings of the world what I like is biology with a heavy leavening of math. How am I to deal with the fact that … Continue reading

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Warrior idealism

The warrior mindset is pretty well described in sociological terms as a friendly in-group prestige competition for tribal males. Warriors are loyal, competitive, fierce, and motivated to seek heroic glory by accomplishing great feats with courage, skill, and strength. This … Continue reading

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Synesthesia, afterimages

A couple of weeks ago, I had an experience that might be classified as synesthesia. First I’ll describe it, then I’ll explain how the details imply an explanation for synesthetes, if it was in fact an instance of synesthesia. I … Continue reading

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Spooked by Svenpai

Finally got around to this week’s Daily Shoah and got a treat for my trouble. I’m pretty hard on the alt-right, but I gotta admit they are the vanguard of American culture. And so, I’ll give a little crrrredit where … Continue reading

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Will-to-success, the American dream explained

America began as several nations of diaspora peoples who could be described as more or less Christian. The Puritans in New England were Christian extremists, whereas the Cavaliers were only nominally Christian insofar as Jesus could be anglicized to fit … Continue reading

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The Behelit myth in Murdoch Murdoch

I think the split in the alt-right is stupid and short-sighted. Putting that aside, Murdoch Murdoch is still the best artistic political commentary on the internet. In their most recent video, they refer specifically to the Eclipse event in the … Continue reading

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Measuring empathy (poker, charity, eye-reading, and IQ)

There was a fair amount of talk about EQ a few years ago, and there is an increasing amount of discussion of pathological altruism. What is gradually becoming apparent to me is that Western civilization not only requires a base … Continue reading

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The pipeline

Settle in kids, it’s time for a story about fiat currency. The best explanation for this concept is given in The Creature from Jekyll Island. In a typical, national fiat currency the “trustworthiness” is backed by the government, hence the … Continue reading

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How to give me money

Boneflour cyberbullied me into making a tip jar. In return for your generous donations, I promise to continue posting random insight porn with dubious real-life value on an inconsistent schedule. You’re welcome.$AeoliPera It’s a very convenient site and anonymous … Continue reading

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Rant: pathological altruism vs. virtue signaling

The Alt-Right is an adaptive ideology, but not a realistic one. It’s NRx’s retarded younger brother. But it works because retards actually get off their asses and do shit. One day the pedantic older brother started lecturing on how everything … Continue reading

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