Why pagans insist God is female

Vox put up a great post this week about how feminist theologians have BTFOed Christian apologists for decades. That’s the “what” portion, my post will explain the “why”.

In Zodiacism (antediluvian Paganism) there’s an eternal Manichaean dialectic between Order and Chaos, which are sometimes identified with masculine and feminine ideals or principles. (For a more concrete look at this idea, see my analysis of the anime Evangelion.) In this worldview, the omnipresent universe we live in falls under the feminine aspect, which is represented by the all-seeing eye.


This representation is due to the essential solipsism of female nature, which holds no principles and only follows rules that are imposed by a powerful will. This is the Ahrimanian paradigm, as opposed to Lucifer (the individualistic will-to-power paradigm). In contrast to the eye, Lucifer is often represented by triangles (which, in turn, represent distinction, hierarchy, prioritization, law and order). Thus, the all-seeing eye we’re all familiar with from masonic symbolism is a sex magic symbol which indicates the unification of male and female, order and chaos.


You might know Ahriman better as Moloch, the watcher who sees and knows all our dirty secrets.


The myths surrounding Moloch are inextricable from the whore of Babylon, Lilith (aka Ishtar, Ashtaroth, and probably a million other names). My suspicion is that, if they are different entities, Moloch is a servant of Lilith.


So just remember, philosophical solipsism is the feminine aspect of Satan/Lucifer and philosophical abstraction is the masculine aspect. Now that you’re caught up on this, it’s helpful to review how Satan/Lucifer and his followers operate.

Satan’s goal is a perfect inversion of all heaven and earth. His preferred method is perversion. What’s the difference? A perversion is any kind of disorder, whereas inversion is an opposite ordering. Let’s look at the simplest possible example:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These numbers are ordered in a certain way. Satan wants them to be ordered the opposite way:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

This is inversion, which is the goal. If the numbers are properly ordered, then any perversion sorts the system  closer to where Satan wants it.

2, 1, 3, 4, 5

Now that there’s entropy in the system there’s at least one switch that Satan doesn’t want to occur. He doesn’t want the 2 and the 1 to switch, because it’s further from what he wants the system to look like. So simply causing chaos in the system doesn’t work because he doesn’t want maximum entropy in the universe, that’s just a means to his end of creating a perfectly ordered system that’s exactly the opposite of the creator’s design. He’s a smart dude too, it’s really too bad that he’s evil.

For a less abstract example of perversion, consider the purposeful dysgenic policies that have been causing a huge loss of genetic intelligence for 40,000 years. Stupidity is weakness, which makes us humans vulnerable to Satan’s machinations, but his end goal is to have highly intelligent bastards committed to the cause of evil. For a less abstract example of inversion, consider abortion. Anywhere you find the whore of Babylon, you’re going to find child sacrifices, because this is a perfect inversion of what women are supposed to do.

The last point recalls the idea of Frame. The big idea is that we rely on narratives for understanding, and we form narratives from individual details. It’s very difficult to deceive someone when there are facts that don’t fit the narrative you’re trying to sell, so you have to explain those facts within the narrative somehow.

In conclusion, the purpose of feminist theologians is to reframe the Bible so that it fits within Zodiacism. Their method is to explain that Yahweh is actually Lilith.

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37 Responses to Why pagans insist God is female

  1. Koanic says:

    I’m very glad that I’m designing a system which can fluidly convert your converging genius into the living book form it deserves.

  2. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    Satan’s gamma as fuck.

    • MM says:

      yep, but he would swear he was the non existent “sigma”

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        There is a surprising degree of truth in this, if we completely remove the sexual reproduction part of it. This is interesting because it’s very unusual to find commonalities between human sociosexual dynamics and something so big and abstract as the war in heaven.

        • MM says:

          God, Angels, Demons and whatever the hell else there may be- its hard to imagine any sort of novel social structure as long as most beings have (ostensibly) free will. Which makes me wonder if the seething dark mass of spiritual noise- the ego-less sensation of evil- actually has anything to do with Satan. Is there a force in the universe with no ego that can cause spiritual destruction?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s a really good point, actually.

      • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

        Could introducing the Void into Creation be what gives Satan the illusion of originality? Nothing into Something as an inversion of Something from Nothing. The Void simply exists, and free beings can choose to apprehend it as a (fallen) dimension of their freedom. Making this choice immediately puts one in the sway of Satan, however.

        Perhaps dicking about with the substance of the Void makes the Autist-in-Chief feel like that small boy on the seashore Isaac Newton felt himself to be at the end of his life.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Interesting post, especially since this came across my desk today:


    For more on the concept of inversions and how key it is to everything, I recommend this website:


  4. bookooball says:

    I am a pagan, and I have to say your false conclusion of paganism is to be expected. This is because the confusion of light and dark in modern society. Many false prophets of paganism today wish to undermine the order of my ancestors.

    They worship the mother, Gaia, while conveniently ignoring the father, Apollo. This is often referred to as goddess worship. An excellent way of explaining it is, The feminine is the part of the universe that is in constant change and motion, i.e. the physical. The masculine is that which cannot be changed, i.e. the spirit, or God. Paganism has been subverted by feminism to help achieve its ends, which is to remove God from our lives. True pagan men are strong, masculine and walk in the path of light, while keeping tbe feminine subdued.

    Most good literature of pagan and heathen culture has been destroyed by the Christians during their crusades. The best book I’ve found on the subject can be read here.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This is precisely the vision of Paganism I was assuming. I understand you disagree but I believe that’s because you’ve failed to follow the guideposts I’ve laid out. It’s an abstract argument and requires a lot of imagination to fill in the details.

      • bookooball says:

        Actually, no the guideposts you laid out is typical of self righteous christians who think they can define my religion for me. I disagree with your guideposts because they are just as misleading as modern day pagan prophets. Your very title, “Why Pagans insist god is female” contradicts my argument of God being masculine, or man. I’m obviously not the picture you instist on painting.

        Paganism has been bastardized even worse than the word of Yeshua. He would considered a heathen by today’s standards. He understood that the church on stood in between god and man, and called them out for it. The church is the family and community, not a building of idols and worship.

        Believe it or not I’m very familiar with most religions, including Christianity. Maybe you should go back to the book of Matthew and read chapter 23 very carefully.

        Love and Light, brothers and sisters.

        • Koanic says:

          You snowflake like a Gaia.

        • Kingboss says:

          “Love and Light, brothers and sisters.”
          STFU wicca dumbass. Your ilk would be sacrificed by your own truly pagan ancestors and fed to crows and bugs if you could time travel to the past you wrongfully envision to be a land of “luve and loyght”.
          You should just admit you have no idea how the real world works and leave it to real men to sort your life in place. Eclecticism is the path of the clueless. For all your intellimajense talk about “I’m familiar with most religions” means nothing to those who are born traditionalists able and willing to burn lies to preserve the truth in the Sea of Deceit that is the modern world.

          • bookooball says:

            You got your panties all in a bunch, don’t you? Calm down there, keyboard warrior.

            If you want to talk of being a traditionalist, you might want to pull your head out of your ass and do some research about where your traditions actually came from.

            Love and light, brother.

            • Kingboss says:

              I am a Deist. None of those are my traditions. As expected, you know nothing at all and like standard edjumacation dumbass victims, you think you know everything. Classic case of dunning-kruger syndrome. I can tell you are either a woman or a gamma sjw[hard to tell the difference]. Like VD always writes, “SJWS always lie.”

              “Love and light, brother.”
              I could punch you.

  5. vejiortan says:

    First, aeoli, you might want to use the name “pagan” with additional qualifiers (e.g. feminist-pagan), since this term alone is almost useless in some regards, and worse than useless in others.
    Regarding the symbolism, you’re mostly wrong. The eye, and especially the eye radiating light rays, is a very clear male symbol. The pyramid isn’t an important symbol in indo-european religion (as far as I know).
    A symbol for the (esoteric) unification of male and female is the cross. The vertical line represents the male aspect – the essence. The horizontal line represents the female aspect – the substance. As for the pyramid, well chris knowles wrote about this several years ago :
    So the pyramid is used as a female symbol on many occasions.

    Moloch = Kronos, Lilith = Gaia. So Moloch is the son of Gaia.

    Also, “keeping the feminine subdued” is not a characteristic of indo-european religions, but of abrahamic ones.

    Also “love and light” doesn’t contradict overcoming lies, because lies can be overcome without any “burning”. Something as fragile and soft as a plant can break asphalt.

    Everyone interested in further discussion can visit:

  6. random says:

    LOL. Well Wicca was written by a Jewish feminist woman so… Heathen sounds more masculine to me, but meh. If you have ancestors who were crusaders, well I don’t mind either way…

    Socio sexually, it works, the pagan chicks dig heathen Jerks.

    It’s like, “Hey, do you know what that nose ring means?” , hehehe some might understand.

  7. minwu says:

    “In contrast to the eye, Lucifer is often represented by triangles (which, in turn, represent distinction, hierarchy, prioritization, law and order)”

    Its the other way around: Lucifer is Chaos, Ahriman is Order, as the luciferandahriman website explains: “It’s true that Ahriman is the source of all sick Patriarchy. But Lucifer is the source of all sick Matriarchy. It’s true that Ahriman is the embodiment of the old pyramid-like Hierarchy. But Lucifer is the embodiment of Disorder. Then Lucifer calls this sick Patriarchy and Hierarchy by the name “I” (Latin “ego”). In this image there is no distinction between sick Egotism (selfishness), and healthy Egoity: “I”-ness, Selfhood, ethical individualism. And no distinction between Regimentation and Good Orderly Direction. There’s nothing inherently wrong with angularity”

    “You might know Ahriman better as Moloch”

    I agree. Thats exactly the same insight I had some time ago. Moloch is also know as Saturn/Rempham, whose symbol is the Hexagram (Acts 7:43): “Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon”

    “My suspicion is that, if they are different entities, Moloch is a servant of Lilith”

    Ahriman/Moloch is NOT Lilith: https://sites.google.com/site/teratosophy/lilith

    “Their method is to explain that Yahweh is actually Lilith”

    Likewise, Gnosticism is what happens when you confuse Lucifer with Christ and Moloch with Yahweh. Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed “Christians” seem to actually worship Moloch:

    Off-topic: Regarding Alchemy, what do you think about Golden Sun?

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