Thoughts about the future, regarding Trump

I was wrong when I called Trump a fraud. I was also wrong to estimate his IQ as approximately 125 with a verbal tilt, which took me a lot longer to admit to myself. He’s probably a psychopathic narcissist though, which is a good thing for an executive. But hey, I’ve been wrong enough times about him that I wouldn’t trust this perception either.

That being said, how does this change our model for how the future plays out? Here’s the outline of my thoughts from before:

(0. Cold civil war intensifies.)
1. Trump becomes emperor, US enters imperial stage for eight years.
2. Economic boost due to optimism.
3. Underlying structural problems continue to accumulate in the background and enter death spiral.
4. A couple of years after Trump (~2026), the decline becomes extremely obvious, triggering panic.
5. Politicians and populace use increasingly desperate measures to preserve the status quo.
6. Hot civil war, ethnic cleansing, balkanization, and various other unseemly behaviors as the US goes the way of the Holy Roman Empire.

Points one and two are still good and we’re already seeing them in action. The cold civil war is going to be extremely intense this year and, if Trump isn’t de facto dictator now…oh boy, just wait for this summer…

Summer 2017…hold on to your fuckin’ hats out there kids because ITZ. Gonna. Be. Huge. We’re going to see rioting like this country has never known, and we have a long, long history of rioting.

I’ll say it again: SUMMER 2017. Do not be caught off-guard, and DO NOT GO INTO VIBRANT URBAN AREAS. Just stay out of downtown altogether if you can hack it. If you can’t even dodge the most obvious kinds of trouble like this, I wouldn’t worry too much about building a vault.

Okay, that tangent aside, let’s talk about how Trump changes points 0 and 3, because they’re closely tied. The civil war in this country, and in the West generally, is yet another instance of the occult Manichaean dialectic between order and chaos. This is good and bad: good because it’s predictable, and bad because it predicts bad news for us folks out here in flyover country. In this instance, you might as well call it Republicans vs. Democrats, whites vs. minorities, Mormons vs. Jews, or FBI vs. CIA because that’s kinda how it looks to be shaking out. We want the “order” side to prevail because that’s better for White Children and the victory condition is to have a viable white race in America one hundred years from now.

On top of all that, we have to look at underlying economic stuff. When Trump appointed Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State it was a little shocking for me because it indicates that he understands all this shit. If you had asked me a year ago whether it was possible for the US to change national currencies without a major war I would have said absolutely not, 0% chance. Now? I am willing to sacrifice a little curmudgeon street cred to say we have a shot at pulling it off. Rex Tillerson is the most bizarre possible choice out of a pool of maybe 100,000 choices for top diplomat…unless you’re looking to move from the petrodollar to a petroruble or something comparable. What is Tillerson in three words? Oil, money, Russia.

So if we have a shot at navigating the underlying problems too (and Trump’s first two days in office have already been extremely productive), this changes the dynamic of the cold race war that’s been heating up. We all know the rhetorical phrase “Diversity + Proximity = WAR” but this isn’t quite complete, the real formula is “Diversity + Proximity + Economic misery = WAR” because war BECOMES the rational response in the competition for common resources when you have nothing to lose. Make no mistake, Americans hate hate HATE each other, and they always will. But, we may have more time than we thought.

So, instead of a hot war where whites are fighting for their lives I’m switching my model to slow balkanization, Brazil-style. That means white action will be mostly be restricted to white flight and self-defense rather than massed offensive actions, mixed with a bit of aggressive gentrification caused by the rise of race realism. Probably whites will take back a couple of major cities and a bunch of medium-sized ones, while the others—100% minority-populated—will slide into horrific poverty.

All this is subject to revision. We’ll see.

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62 Responses to Thoughts about the future, regarding Trump

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’m talking about any physical altercations where the law is against you. If you’re doing white-collar stuff like you’re talking about, by all means get that shit started early. Just remember, they’re going to come at you with 1) legal assaults in small cases (and remember it’s an existential threat for them, and the legal culture protects them and targets you), and 2) media assaults if it’s something juicy. Don’t get in a fight with Antifa or anything. Even if an Antifa gangster attacks you without provocation, the police are going to arrest you and let the Antifa go (they’ll stay overnight at worst).

    Remember, they didn’t even want to charge those kids in Chicago that tortured that autistic kid.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    Christ even Tex aint this ITZy, man.
    The inner swede is being channeled through the Edenosphere right now for sure, there is foul sorcery at play here. Have faith in faith. The winning is going to be yuuge. In Swe, we have had free immigration from Syria since 2011, meaning any ooga booga says “Syria” and they get to stay indefinitely. Come on man, your country rose in the final hour and I don’t think you can really appreciate how jelly the rest of us westernosphere people really are.

    What ever happened to placing some faith in a Melon? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I, for one, welcome our new Oompa Loompa caste overlord.

    Regards Melon Melonson

  3. Koanic says:

    Don’t feel bad. Even Vox was wrong about Trump.

    We can’t all be right like me.

    • Son of Distant Trebizond says:


    • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

      Humans and pigs are kin. Compare.

    • Koanic says:

      Pig raped bonobo.

      It’s like you’re not even listening.

      • M M says:

        Delusional gammas are hard to listen to

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          You two ought to hash this out properly, I’m curious about the theory.

        • M M says:

          We bow before you, O Secret King.
          You must have come from a very smart pig indeed.

          • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

            How well I know the Midwit’s piercing gaze
            Impetuous fly ideas above their station
            The pursed lips part; How dim the half-truths blaze!
            And: Correlation Equals Not Causation

          • M M says:

            When you can’t reason or argue, write a fruity poem.
            Not surprising a weak loser like you would defend Koanic and his delusions of self grandeur. I’m just surprised he admitted the theory was someone else’s!

          • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

            No. That’s not it at all.
            I’ll cop to the fruitiness of the poem, the rest sounds like projection.

            Honestly, I don’t have any reason to suppose you’re a midwit, but your speed to get personal in what I thought was a discussion about ideas startled me; I’d be genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on Stabilisation Theory. It seems to me that it is the most straightforward explanation for a suite of human physiological traits anomalous amongst primates, but all shared with pigs. I’ve observed the effects of hybridisation between different species of salmonids, and my suspicion is that the consequences of ST are far more apparent in marine environments, in particular on coral reefs. A survey of coral genome sequences, and of chromosome count and topology would be very interesting indeed.

          • M M says:

            Fair enough.
            As for getting personal-
            Cannot stand passive aggressiveness. If people want to imply I am beneath them- as
            Koanic did (And as he toxicly does with nearly everyone)- there is no other way to respond then by calling them out on the true basis of the interaction.
            In your case, it might have been a mistake- though in context how else was it to be taken?
            I believe ST in general- in regards to humans it is more likely to be woo bait that gets the dopamine firing.

          • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

            That’s plenty fair; I did write a rude poem at you.

            Woo rules the world still,
            Has ruled it, shall rule it;
            Concreteness is weakness,
            Bullshit triumphant
            Over the whole Earth
            Still it is Thule’s-Day!

          • Koanic says:

            M M believes in Hybrid Stabilization theory, but thinks it more likely than not didn’t play a role in the ape -> human transition.

            That’s certainly not a low-AH position.

          • M M says:

            Maybe it’s prodromal schizophrenia and Im about to go full Tila Tequila.

        • glosoli says:

          ‘Pig raped bonobo.

          It’s like you’re not even listening.’

          I hereby bestow honorary (but temporary) status as an Englishman for the sweet dryness of that humour. It was perfect, and lo and behold, the target took the bait and swallowed it all the way down. Well played.

          • M M says:

            Basic snark is now worth commending?

          • glosoli says:

            It was just a funny comment, barely a leg-pull, far removed from snark.
            It’s clearly not even a serious point, as ‘what raped what’ is just a minor detail in the theory, but that’s what makes it funny, as clearly Koanic can see you’ve been listening.
            Accept gentle mockery like this as a friendly gesture, like the little poem too.

          • M M says:

            “Gentle mockery” comes from the same place- built up resentment.
            It is perhaps best not to respond for the sake of your time, but make note when ppl do it.
            You think all the small mocking Koanic has made towards Aeoli does not indicate a jealousy or worse? Believe me, it does.

          • glosoli says:

            I don’t believe you for very good reasons I won’t share here.
            You are totally wrong however, projecting I suspect.

          • M M says:

            Just keep it in mind.
            Not all criticism has to be projection.

          • Koanic says:

            It is supposed to indicate envy. That is the self-deprecating joke.

            The fact that you would transpose bonobo for boar rapist tells me that you did not engage the model at the deep imaginative level necessary to appreciate the spiritual implications of the dual animal roots of man, much less evaluate its probability. Not to mention that what you described is physically impossible.

            A typo would’ve been forgivable, but you continued as if the error were inconsequential.

            It’s like saying, “You think the Bulls will beat the Ravens in the World Cup!”

          • M M says:

            “Bonobos raping pigs”= rhetoric. Was sick of reading another “joke” post of you being better than Aeoli in some way. Don’t have some major beef with you Koanic- we had many friendly convos on KS over the years even before I used my real name. IDK whats happened to your philosophy of ppl but I remember you used to want to improve empathy. In any case my only real goal in being here is to try to help Aeoli become productive and happy by narrowing his genius to the things that will achieve that. Will say that you have a tremendous intellect and you do deserve respect- and as long as you’re nice I will give it to you.
            /end discussion.

          • Koanic says:

            The jokes will continue, because they are my way of affirming that Aeoli is competition in my intellectual league, and I like doing that.

      • Heaviside says:

        How hybrids are really made:

        • Heaviside says:

          Also, that’s a Chinese man standing in front of that machine. Did white people invent the torsion-field-mutated chicken-duck hybrid? Nope. The best white people could come up was the turducken, or perhaps, the quaducant.

          If it weren’t for ASIANS you white people would be left in the stone ages without gunpowder or the cellular telephone and only Gene Autry Prudhomme’s delicious Cajun cuisine to comfort you.

  4. Heaviside says:

    >6. Hot civil war, ethnic cleansing, balkanization, and various other unseemly behaviors as the US goes the way of the Holy Roman Empire.×750.jpg?itok=ZknyRyMA

    I always suspected one of America’s greatest problems was never having been invaded by Napoleon….

  5. glosoli says:

    A different kind of fraud, but a fraud nonetheless.

    • bicebicebice says:

      I don’t think that even one thousand jews are smart enough to even fraud one single Melon with his eyes on the prize. At this point, they, jews, must be the most compromised race of “geniuses” that ever existed. Just strong-arm the bastards and take back the money supply. If Melon Trump said the only valid currency in the world is now his poo, the rest of the world would laugh, three nukes later, they would start selling their lands for a quart of God Empera shit. Digital credits are for cucks, cash is for kings.
      Even if it smells funny, it comes with an inbuilt fail safe, too. That breath of fresh air means you just went broke. Shit sucks.
      Hard to skim a piece of shit.

      Suddenly, when what you never knew you always wanted is in sight, a chance for actual global stability, appears, ways will be found to utilize. Of course, triggering a massive epigenetics shift would help, or Trump would be the last Melony Melon.

      The jews will be whipped back in place just like that time in Egypt, but on a global scale. Two tigers on a mountain.

      Come the time, the prisca sapientia will take precedence over any shitt neurotic nonsense the jews could ever offer a sane person. Itz free, too.
      How do you bullshit a race that invented bullshit to keep society running exactly the same for tens of thousands of years? Very stable, probably pretty boring and extremely autistic.

      The middle class wanted to call themselves global citizens, they praise globalism and the united nations and free world trade, if it has the world global or world in it, they are all for it. Star Trek universe Yolo! They cried about the US being the world police, then cried when Trump said “America First”. Just need to renegotiate some deals here…

      Watch this space, you heard it here first, screencap this.

      Just giving different persectives here, the question is who wilingy frauded themselves into what they thought they wanted or actually wanted. Remember, saps gonna sap and they only exist to serve their masters, otherwise they are very unhappy. They willingy go into massive monetary debt to create a bond to their perceived overlords, any self-proclaimed higer upper will do to fill this void, and two days after retiring from work, they lay down and die. Existing in bondage is their bliss, it is the only way they can live.
      Different strokes for different folks.

      Now, Trump is not an ur-MM, but I don’t think it would be wrong to call him a modern Melon, but it helps to hyperbole for clarity and simplicity, actually.

      “A different kind of fraud, but a fraud nonetheless. Very succinct and aply put. Now, if y’all excuse me for moment, i’ll return to MS Word and my 100 page reply answer, and try to boil it down to just one laconic phrase.





      Comply or “die”, Thals, or you will be sent back to Freedom Forest where you can run around schreeching semi-nakes to your heart’s content, becoming one with the fauna, and bang rocks together for a jive.

      Regards Melon Melonson

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Best comment on the internet.

        • bicebicebice says:


          “They are doing it, I love the people of Israel, yadda yadda, why can’t we do it? Let me tell you people Jews are great people folks, just great, tremendous respect for them, if they have a wall and security that works, we will implement this for America. We have a great relationship with our greatest ally in the middle east, a great democracy, and we will share between our great nations, the key for national security, border walls, extreme vetting, keeping terrorist out of nations, terrorist who hate freedom and prosperity.

          We will build the wall, if Mexico is not onboard we will consult with your allys, israel, and other western nations, friendly and accepting to the great promise of prosperity and freedom, and not let the terrorist dictate the way forward…I MEAN whoever thought that was a good idea in the first place? Come on. Let me tell you folks, the wall will be built, it is going to be a great wall, and while we build this wall we will build bridges at the same time to reinforce our relationships with our trusted allies, old, and new. We will make our country safe and great again. I build the best walls, believe me folks, believe me, okay.

          God bless you.

          t.Melon Trumpsson

          tldr keep your friends close but your enemies closer. use your frenemy as a trampoline.

          Thas the way I see it at least. Makes the most amount of sense imho tbqh.

          • glosoli says:

            Re the PooBux, JFK was planning to ditch the Joobux, and look what happened to him.
            I hope you’re correct, I will keep an open mind, and look forward to his State visit to QE2 later this year, a great relationship between two great ….no, I feel a bit sick now.

            • bicebicebice says:

              It is almost too easy. Clockwork. I could go on at lengths to describe but all you guys aleady now, so. We are smarter than them, even that idiot Apercus. Just pander to their right weaknesses…(which is why i’m going to delet the edenosphere right now so they don’t get a leg up on us instead).

              Worst case scenario, 8 more years of packing rice.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    Tex believes what he says and says what he believes, even when he’s mistaken. That’s far more important than any IQ he could bring to the table, IMO.

    Agree all, except I believe he’s right about the melonz. Somebody built those things and it wasn’t homo sapiens.

  7. Boneflour says:

    How the fuck did I miss a Trump fraud post? Must be before I followed da blergh. Don’t worry Aeoli, I forgive you.

    Calling it early is respectable, making predictions beats saying “I KNEW IT” after the fact. Of course calling it early and being right is best feeling.

    As one of the OG ThalBros Stumping For Trump™, I may now pay myself in ToldYouSos.

    Hey don’t blame me man, it’s that damn NW Euro spirit. Just love being right more than being alive:

  8. Boneflour says:


    My read of Trump was that 1. He was the kind of guy who would rebuild the country from the ground up so he could put his face on Mount Rushmore. 2. He was more competent than anyone could bring themselves to give him credit for… so he miiiight actually pull it off.

    The reason for number 2:

    People don’t have that ALLCAPS JEALOUS HATE of, say Hollywood celebrities or the British Royal Family because they’re “supposed” to be there. They’re classy, they act the part. (yes, being scandal-stuffed pedophiles is acting the part).

    People ALLCAPS JEALOUS HATE Trump because not only is he shamelessly successful, he’s not even that classy about it. There’s a sense that he’s not some magical royal figure, he’s just a regular guy that is BETTER THAN YOU. (Trump was on Wrestlemania, so he is forever prole-tier Big-Mac mo’fucka)

    “How dare that fucking schlub get promoted to Manager! He didn’t even get Assistant Manager first, he just walked in and now he’s management! I’m telling you, it’s not about the work you do, you just got to be an idiot with connections.” -Trump Hater

    Imagine if The Rock became the United States Poet Laureate. How pissed off would all the “actual poets” be?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Somebody said that people think Trump is stupid because he has lousy taste, but there’s a large number of scary competent people in the world who like white and gold furniture.

  9. King Boss says:

    Out of all the things that I have have noticed about trump, it seems that most people miss something very crucial to his recent goings. Something that I only figured out yesterday. A fact that seems like an insignificant fringe connection to the common man, but nonetheless exists: The men chosen to be his strategic and policy advisors, perhaps by their own wish to assume the roles–Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller–are the true authors of Trump’s speeches and possibly the true directors of the new president.
    As the highest participant of the Alt-right, it seems that Bannon has managed to bring himself in particular to the prime strategist position to influence the Union. Already he has decided to take more of his associates from Breitbart platform as aides into the cabinet. Many of trump’s executive orders appear to have origins from Bannon and are approved by trump to signify his reign. Bannon is already under scrutiny and may hide himself in the future by either A) Leaving his office or B) denying his over-encompassing involvement in trump’s decisions. Bannon and Miller have already been known since the beginning as trump’s main managers during his candidacy, but now it seems they are acting as Shadow Consuls of the Alternative Right.

    For the future it is hard to tell if this will be a good thing, but I at least hope these guys have what it takes to finish affairs. If trump is really not in control of the oval office then most likely he will continue his showman act while his ‘advisors’ give him the cue. Best we keep watching for now until ITZ certain.

  10. Heaviside says:

    Air-Dropped 1,000 psi rated Hemp Based Igloo-Style Atomic Blast Shelters Available via the Home Shopping Network

    The product creates the market.

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