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Mental energy = bioavailable glucose

This isn’t anything new (probably), so I’m just making the connection for myself. If bioavailable glucose is what we colloquially refer to as “mental energy” then this can explain a lot. -Why smarter people have more PET activity while watching … Continue reading

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The polymorphic preselection rule (of thumb?) for positive manifolds

That’s “the PP rule”, in order to give credit. This is a speculative inference from an observation by Pumpkin Person. I’m going to generalize this as follows: A polymorphic trait that contributes to a more general capability, but is not … Continue reading

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How I categorize performance characteristics of acquaintances

I’m going to model the behavior of people from sort of an operations engineering angle, using Paul Cooijmans’ trifold breakdown of problem-solving traits: intelligence, conscientiousness, and associative horizon. High IQ: Capable of completing difficult tasks, and completes easy tasks more … Continue reading

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Estimating neanderthal and EMH visuospatial IQ

First, let’s presume I’m correct and the correlation between visuospatial IQ and brain size is approximately linear in humans, and that late neanderthals and early modern humans were similar enough to modern humans to be comparable. White people have an … Continue reading

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This is the name I’m going to use from now on to describe the worldwide religion I believe existed before the flood. It’s entirely speculative and ought to be treated as such. It may be possible to describe it as … Continue reading

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How Frame becomes Game

This picture is a really excellent illustration of all things PUA. The Game explanation for this sequence is like so: Girl dresses up to maximize her SMV (for boyfriend and general status signaling). Boyfriend observes her maximum SMV and her … Continue reading

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A little soul searching

This is a method of analysis I’ve used a couple of times for people who were asking for advice. I’m going to ask a series of questions that are easier to answer if you’re unaware of the theory behind them, … Continue reading

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