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Hemophilia, the Talmud, and Edenism

You may not be aware of this, but many Jewish boys have been exempt from circumcision since the second century. They had this problem where particular mothers would bear hemophiliacs, and these sons consistently wouldn’t survive the ritual. Rabbi Judah … Continue reading

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Meandering thoughts on Christianity

What is the purpose and meaning of life? “Life” is defined here as DNA, particularly, and the creator of life/DNA may not be the same as the creator of the universe in general. Secular people who understand the improbability of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on human systems

Starting out with a couple of definitions: A function is something that transforms an input into an output. A system is a functional network. A human function is a behavior that (semi-reliably) transforms a stimulus into a range of outcomes, … Continue reading

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Judging trustworthiness

Trust is one of the most important interpersonal concepts there is and analysis is fun. Therefore this post. Analogous to Eysenck’s breakdown of personality traits, I use the following analysis to help me feel out whether I trust a person: … Continue reading

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Mechanics of political sentiment

For brevity I’ll use the term “expected resource share/status” to refer to the idea of resource distribution via struggle between political identity classes. If your status increases then your expected resource share almost always increases with it, so I’ll be … Continue reading

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It was cold

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. Then I remembered I got this dick. That’s when I knew I was gonna make it big. Tell your boys, tell everybody. So. Been working 70-hour weeks. It’s not particularly … Continue reading

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