Hemophilia, the Talmud, and Edenism

You may not be aware of this, but many Jewish boys have been exempt from circumcision since the second century. They had this problem where particular mothers would bear hemophiliacs, and these sons consistently wouldn’t survive the ritual. Rabbi Judah the Patriarch decided the commandment must not too important, so he proclaimed that mothers who lost two sons in this way didn’t have to circumcise any more of their sons. If you want more details, you can search for “hemophilia talmud” and read all you want.

I’m primarily interested in the implications here. This wasn’t even on the radar until the 2nd century, which implies that either it wasn’t a problem before Christ or nobody cared that their religious commandment was killing off a bunch of their sons.

My current interpretation of Edenism is that there are three basic hominids: sapiens, neanderthals, and denisovans. If you cross sapiens and neanderthals you get EMH (white people), if you cross sapiens and denisovans you get stupid psychopaths (aborigines), and if you cross neanderthals and denisovans you get astrology cultists (melonheads). Again, that’s just my thoughts and nobody else’s, and they’re primarily founded on woo.

Here’s some more guessing: hemophilia is a complication arising from interbreeding between hominid types. I figure there’s an extinct allele from either neanderthals or denisovans that would interact with the gene expression that causes hemophilia, and remedy it somehow so that the expression is no longer pathological. If this is true, it indicates that the Jews picked up hemophilia from breeding outside the tribe (probably with the Babylonians), and spread this problem throughout their breeding population after a reasonably high number of generations.

Now, you just gotta figure the Babylonians had some very pure melonheads in their society. I’ve previously fingered Nebuchadnezzar as one of them. In addition, melonheads within a breeding population have a very strong tendency to interbreed to the point of becoming inbred and retarded. So looking back at the Jews, I would predict that the hemophilia was expressing itself in the more successful, elite matrilines. That would explain why they felt such an intense desire to “fix” the problem that they’d invalidate their Abrahamic covenant and tacitly admit that their bloodlines were mixed with non-Israelite heredity.

Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments, this will probably change within the next two weeks.

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17 Responses to Hemophilia, the Talmud, and Edenism

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    A framework! Thank you. woo noted.
    Just haven’t had time to read much. RL intrudes.
    I’ve been floundering with all the thals and melons. I always thought sapiens was the balls. Should’a skipped that class, too.

    Thal SMASH!!!

  2. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Re: interbreeding complications, see my earlier comment at https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/neuron-extinction-events-re-epigenetics/#comment-7075

    [Arnold-]Chiari malformation might also have something to do with thal hybridization. Quite recently I saw a local television program about it and two of the affected children looked thallish.


    “Type II malformations are more prevalent in people of Celtic descent.”
    “Cases of congenital Chiari malformation may be explained by evolutionary and genetic factors. Typically, an infant’s brain weighs around 400g at birth and triples to 1100-1400g by age 11. At the same time the cranium triples in volume from 500 cm3 to 1500 cm3 to accommodate the growing brain.[44] During human evolution, the skull underwent numerous changes to accommodate the growing brain. The evolutionary changes included increased size and shape of the skull, decreased basal angle and basicranial length. These modifications resulted in significant reduction of the size of the posterior fossa in modern humans. In normal adults, the posterior fossa comprises 27% of the total intracranial space, while in adults with Chiari Type I, it is only 21%.[45] If a modern brain is paired with a less modern skull, the posterior fossa may be too small, so that the only place where the cerebellum can expand is the foramen magnum, leading to development of Chiari Type I.[46] H. neanderthalensis had platycephalic (flattened) skull. Some cases of Chiari are associated with platybasia (flattening of the skull base).[47]”

    Basically I guessed the second quote before even reading it. Is this how you feel all the time?

    The article also says the following:


    “Patients who exhibit extreme joint hypermobility and connective tissue weakness as a result of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Marfan syndrome are susceptible to instabilities of the craniocervical junction; thus they are at risk for acquiring a Chiari malformation.”
    “Other conditions sometimes associated with Chiari malformation include […] connective tissue disorders[25] such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome[32] and Marfan syndrome.”

    …while leaving it unsure if there’s a correlation between having those conditions and a Chiari malformation, if they directly dispose one to acquiring it or both. Don’t many aspies have connective tissue issues?

  3. Pissant says:

    Neanderthals+ Denisovans= fried rice ching chong slant eyed gooks

  4. Young Heaving Bosoms of Liberty says:

    There are Adamites, Cainites, beasts of the field, and the various mixtures thereof.

  5. Koanic says:

    Overpatternmatching with too few causal entities.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    No blasphemy please, even if it is funny.

  7. minwu says:

    “My current interpretation of Edenism is that there are three basic hominids: sapiens, neanderthals, and denisovans. If you cross sapiens and neanderthals you get EMH (white people), if you cross sapiens and denisovans you get stupid psychopaths (aborigines), and if you cross neanderthals and denisovans you get astrology cultists (melonheads)”

    What about Starchildren? Also, check this:


    White people = Mundane: “What the modern reader supposedly most identifies with”, “Usually the Jack-of-All-Trades” (i.e. average).
    Sapiens = Humanoid: “Effectively humans, with a similar society and capabilities, but stranger looking and often foreign”, “Sometimes just humans themselves” (links to “Humans are the Real Monsters”).
    Neanderthals = High Men: “Usually a historical or fantastic interpretation of what humans are or want to be”, “A setting without elves as Fairy or High Men simply will not have elves”. However, Thals overlap with Fairy “ascetic or emotionally restrained”. Mousterians overlap with Stout: “The archetypal Stout in fantasy is the dwarf”.
    Melonheads = Fallen: “Good looking, manipulative backstabbing jerks who are downright proud of it”, “specialise in stealth, sneakiness and ruthlessness”, “Dark mirror of the High Men”.
    Denisovans = Eldritch? (Grigori/Anunnaki + Antediluvian Men/Thals = Melonheads).
    Aborigines = Savage (Chaotic Evil brutes).

    BTW, Ancient Melons bred MTs as praetorian guards. What about TMs?

    Off-topic: I noticed Koanic closed his blog. I know he thought it was “full of errors”, but it still contained some valuable information. At worst it was an interesting mythology, useful for storytelling and introvert empowerment. Currently the sole Edenist blogs that remain are Aeoli Pera and Vault-Co. As Glenn once said “Edenism is dead”. To be more accurate, I would say that its dying.

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  9. Obadiah says:

    In the Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus refers to Seth as virtuous and of excellent character, and reports that his descendants invented the wisdom of the heavenly bodies, and built the “pillars of the sons of Seth”, two pillars inscribed with many scientific discoveries and inventions, notably in astronomy. They were built by Seth’s descendants based on Adam’s prediction that the world would be destroyed at one time by fire and another time by global flood, in order to protect the discoveries and be remembered after the destruction. One was composed of brick, and the other of stone, so that if the pillar of brick should be destroyed, the pillar of stone would remain, both reporting the ancient discoveries, and informing men that a pillar of brick was also erected. Josephus reports that the pillar of stone remained in the land of Siriad in his day.

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