Updated descriptors for major lobe functions

Cerebellum: Intuition
Occipital: Simulation
Parietal: Semantics
Frontal: Association
Temporal: Pattern recognition

As an aside, anybody know what this is? I didn’t make that site. Is this something normal or no?


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Maybe do this later?
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5 Responses to Updated descriptors for major lobe functions

  1. M...M says:

    Cerebellum= Novelty seeking/risk taking (the more damage the less novelty seeking), general affect, monitoring behaviors (and thoughts!), and more more more.
    Oh and the visual spacial fuckupedness and clumsiness you’d expect
    Its not intuition though or I wouldnt have int. in spades. Would guess it comes from the limbic system as a whole. Muh amygdela, rabbitz.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’ll have to think this over. First thing is to determine whether we mean the same thing by intuition. I recall previously doubting your meaning on the word “hate” and you were right on the mark, so Bayesian probability says it’s my bad if anybody. Probably.

      • M...M says:

        Any kind of prediction of the future (without active thinking) besides the positioning of the human body(including muscle memory, routines, etc.) would come from other parts of the brain. Sudden realizations- frontal, feelings on something- limbic. Literal gut feelings from signals either from ENS to limbic system or vice versa. Body language probably changes signals from cerebellum that effect intuition so it could have some role but the center is most likely (right?)frontal considering how often intuition is ignored or questioned by many.
        Also what post was the one where you talked about hate?I cant remember any of that.

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