The “brainpower” model of IQ

Brainpower is analogous to horsepower, which is a measure of work done over time. I claim that intelligence has two primary subfactors, comparable to:

  • Current and Voltage in electronics
  • Flow and Pressure in pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Clock Rate and Instructions Per Clock in central processing units

This will be a purely formal description of the model, so it isn’t necessary to know what the physical units of measure are at this point. The idea is that we can already begin to explain some of the high-level phenomena by analogy to other types of flow systems.

I’ll refer to the two intelligence subfactors as mental speed (S) and mental caliber (C). Mental speed refers to the quality possessed by people who can solve problems very quickly, whereas mental caliber refers to the quality possessed by people who can solve very difficult problems. You can imagine measuring these two subfactors as being analogous to measuring the explosive power of a football player by multiplying his 40-yard dash speed by his weight class. It is absolutely essential to understand that I chose these terms for colloquial impact, and not by extension of the physics analogies above. I did this so that people who’ve never even heard of this obscure blog can have a pretty good idea what you’re talking about just from the terms alone, even if they don’t have a precise definition to hand. However, this may be confusing for you in the short run: just remember that every other physics term in this series of posts will be used according to its precise, established definition (e.g. weight, friction, work, power, etc.), except for the terms “mental speed” and “mental caliber” which are just placeholders like X or Y.

Recall, intelligence is a person’s capacity to solve problems, where I define problems as non-material obstacles to objects of desire. S = problems/second, whereas C = difficulty/problem. To wit, g = S * C = brainpower.

Please compare this with my anthropological brain matter theory. That’s the connection I’m intending to make eventually. I believe that overall gray matter mass predicts a person’s mental speed whereas overall white matter mass predicts a person’s mental caliber. Think of these as being comparable to the specifications for the amp and volt capacities for an electronic system.

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12 Responses to The “brainpower” model of IQ

  1. MM says:

    >I believe that overall gray matter mass predicts a person’s mental speed whereas overall white matter mass predicts a person’s mental caliber.
    Reverse this. Women are the ones with more white matter/ “quickness but lack of depth” is best descriptor of female comms besides “muh feelz”.

    • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

      This. Are you sure that you have understood gray and white matter correctly, Aeoli? There was something wonky on that linked post as well.

      Related article (and overall good website):

      Hunch: there are multiple different causes/types shoved under the general ‘dyslexia’ label:

      -white matter dominant dyslexia or female/normalfag/neurotypical dyslexia: basically very loose thinking and an extreme version of the normie idea of “holistic” thinking
      -grey matter dominant dyslexia or dyslexia that results from insufficient white matter connectivity between the relevant brain parts: this is the autist/dumb male/thal type of dyslexia
      -dyslexia that results from faulty development and/or injuries of relevant brain facilities

      Anger fuel from the same site (and again a good resource, especially the list):

      At least he is honest about it.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >This. Are you sure that you have understood gray and white matter correctly, Aeoli?

        No, I just have a strong feeling that it has to be based on something like this.

        • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

          What about communicating potentially false information to your readers? Butterfly effect, eternal jump day and all that. Horrible consequences!

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Maybe. Better to try than not IMO because no one else is working on this to my knowledge. In summary, I hate being wrong and the possible effects of being wrong but I’m not afraid of it.

      • Santoculto says:

        ”Dyslexics enjoy a top-down cognitive style, tend to be holistically-oriented and have a gestalt processing bias (e.g., they see the forest but lose track of the individual trees)”

        I never fully understand this metaphor, some concrete example of holistic and detailed thinking is required.

        Sociology = detailed-like science non-holistic-like one

        Philosophy = holistic-like knowledge generaly non-detailed-like one.

        Social interactions among individuals of different ethnic backgrounds and with their effects = sociology = hyper-detailed, hypo-holistic

        Racial differences in temperament and in intelligence types and levels = evolutionary psychology = hyper-holistic, often hypo-detailed.

  2. kensuimo says:

    Somewhat meta:
    Associative horizon inversely proportional to timescale on which available factors cohere. High AH forces connections between mostly truly dissimilar things. Low AH does not force connections. Med AH (you) can tolerate noncoherence for long enough time intervals to faciliate necessary mapping for proper accuracy.

    Also, this is your semiweekly reminder to please expand upon your recent lobe descriptors.

  3. Santoculto says:

    Of course it’s not only it but using my illiterate neuroscience gray matter would be that “thing” that control or regulate thinking creations made by white matter isn’t?? Based on brains of pathological liars and women disposition to believe in bulshitism.

    I think I’m good at associate horizon but I don’t tolerate incoherence for ever, even I don’t tolerate. I not just tolerate but embrace multiple perspectives specially when we are talking about a complex or large factual systems for example the intelligence system (cognition, emotion, rationality to wisdom)

    To tolerate you need have little understanding of what you are tolerating. True believers usually don’t tolerate the incongruence of their belief systems because they don’t or can’t see it as incongruence. They no have plan b or c. This explain what they have hope some day their pet belief system will become concretely true for example the back of Jesus on eaaaarth. Hope nurture magical thinking.

    • Santoculto says:

      White matter creates narrative based on world-interpretations or interpret the world, gray matter compare/check if is real.

      Disproportionate white matter than gray matter cause (fundamental ethiological cause**) pathological lie-ism. Disproportionate ”white guys” creating narratives, less proportion of ”empirical gray/grey/gay/jay guys” to check/ to mirror narrative with the facts.

      Maybe more gray matter than white matter cause pathological honesty** or… realism*

  4. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Big and fast = .50BMG

    Big and slow = .45ACP

    Small and fast = .223

    Small and slow = .22 (subsonic)

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