On normies

Over the weekend I took a little hike to a family event on my dad’s side. I’m not close to any of my extended family relatives because there are way too many of them. Hell, I don’t even know how many cousins I have or what all of their names are, but at last count it was around 50. Of course, that’s without counting boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and the babies they’re popping out immoderately. It’s a very “salt of the earth” type of operation on an industrial scale; the alt-whiters who can suppress their autism would love it.

I said hi to one of my aunts, with whom I’ve exchanged perhaps ten words in my life. She congratulated me on having “matured”. Presumably this was because she’d heard I graduated college and got a job that could pass for middle class if you aren’t looking very closely. Now, I’m obviously not a fan of normies, but I’m not writing this post in a spirit of anger either. It’s important to model why they think and act the way they do. Onward then, to the archetypal normie.

The purpose of a normie is to be a low-effort voter. Their function in society is to show up with a sense of entitlement and espouse political opinions that are as moderate as their cognitive abilities will allow. Imagine that every human face you encounter on a regular basis can be weighted according to how emotionally close they feel, and how strongly they hold their opinions. Then imagine they were placed on a right-to-left political spectrum according to their opinions. Normies do this all the time, and constantly adjust their political position to stay in the exact center of mass. This is how they form their opinions, and why only the opinions of political extremists really matter, provided the normies’ sense of entitlement is sated. (If resources become scarce, watch out!) This is the purpose of those late-night talk shows and comedy shows. They aren’t all that funny because that’s not the point. The point is to tell the TV audience what everybody else thinks about, and what they think about it, so that they can adjust themselves to the center of mass. That is, they’re Framing public opinion through misrepresenting what it is currently.

Showing up with a sense of entitlement explains the normie’s approach to working life and dating. The SlutHate guys did an excellent job of defining this as the “Normalfag theory” of dating:

normalfag theory
The average everyday boring person’s dating strategy, which is dating people who are just good enough for sex from their small pool of prospects and this selection takes place when their level of sexual frustration exceeds their fear of rejection.


In the world of work, normies can be described as the Clueless types who show up most of the time, spend most of their working hours socializing (erm, I mean “networking”) and refuse to do any real work before 10, after lunch, or on Fridays. When I entered the corporate world I was taken aback by how seriously people take the proscription against work on Fridays- you’d think it was an order from the Pope, except more serious than that whole meat thing. Because normies are magical thinkers, they don’t understand how work gets done, but because they were physically present (most of the time) while it was being done, they are 100% confident that they deserve an even share of the profits and a promotion.


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32 Responses to On normies

  1. everlastingphelps says:

    She congratulated me on having “matured”. Presumably this was because she’d heard I graduated college and got a job that could pass for middle class if you aren’t looking very closely.

    Having seen the Aspie/’thal maturation process, it’s not that. The last time she saw you, you were an intense, question asking obnoxious shit (to a normie.) Now that you’ve figured out more about normies, you don’t care enough about their opinions to try to learn anything from them, there’s less intensity (because you now know there’s no useful information to be intense about gleaning) and you are generally more “relaxed” to normie eyes.

    That’s what she meant by “matured”. You’re not as scary and amygdala-triggering now.

    • bicebicebice says:

      Hey thats pretty good

      “they are 100% confident that they deserve an even share of the profits and a promotion.” in a sense, auntie wise, he is an even bigger threat, now, to the whole of their society.

      Pulling the plug on your own is the final Red Pill.
      What else do they deserve since they ruined Western Civilization? I make sure to let everyone close to me in on how I “feel” (perceive true objective measureable reality etc etc), they can’t even “muuh” when I tell them last stopp will be starving to death in poor houses whilst being enriched by ooga boogas. They know.

      They know their time is over forever. Get in line, or put all your effort into your own family and get it right from the get go. Go forth and procreate, Thals. As Tex himself said;

      “When I was growing up I don’t know how many times I heard “That is a problem our children will face.” These cowards are only beginning to realize it is also a problem they would face when they were too old, too weak and full of regrets about their foolishness in saying such stupid things when they were younger. They thought they’d be dead by now but all they have done is assure their retirement will occur in very interesting times, if you know what I mean. It is one thing to be running from a cannibal horde in your twenties and another thing altogether to try to hobble along in your seventies. These idiots imagined their grandchildren running from vicious cannibal enrichment squads and they were okay with that so it is really a matter of being hoisted by your own petard. There’s nothing funnier than a sixty year old secular atheist frantically trying to escape a huge savage mob of like-minded souls chasing him for barbecue. After all, we are nothing but meat and death is the end so why shouldn’t this old fellow throw himself on the grill for the greatest good for the greatest number? He is old and according to utilitarianism will taste best with chives and chicken salt.”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >That’s what she meant by “matured”. You’re not as scary and amygdala-triggering now.

      That’s probably true, the resource abundance is hitting me in a profound way after so many years of begging for scraps. It’s probably a combination of both factors.

  2. Santoculto says:

    Even I really like this link you post I prefer my triarchy of sociotypes: Workers in the bottom, manipulators in the middle AND the current or contextual outsider observers in the top just like respectively the subjugated, the parasite (and not rarely the predator) and the mutualist.

  3. Santoculto says:

    Worker work to survive but also because it can manipulate or understand the social world properly,

    Manipulator manipulate to survive but also to avoid to work as workers do,

    Observers observe–to understand to survive but also to avoid manipulate malignantly … And to avoid work as workers do.

  4. Santoculto says:

    The categorization of your link also don’t divide the types in homogeneous way putting a mental and or psychiatric condition such a “sociopathic” with socio-hierarchic or even contextual term “loser” and the “clueless”, other category of description. Other problem is that this category, is not just overwhelm charged by adjectives and or moral concepts, mingled in three different types of categorizations, but also no have a good side, it’s quite depressive, just like everyone is a sociopath or a clueless or a loser. My triarchic model seems more morally neutral even I never advocate for moral relativismes, descriptively homogeneous and emphasized on psycho-cognitive and existential//evolutionary perspectives and not just in world of work.

  5. Mr. T. says:

    Brilliant! The world could use a guidebook written in this vein.

  6. SirHamster says:

    “Normies do this all the time, and constantly adjust their political position to stay in the exact center of mass. ”

    Great crowds of sheep without a shepherd.

    I have an instinct related to this – to choose extremism based on what will shift the moderate center of mass. I am Alt-Right in this insane Lefty society, but I’m pretty sure I would promote Lefty-like things in a completely Alt-Right society.

    Best I can figure is I have sheepdog instincts, though I too am a sheep.

  7. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    From experience, it seems to me that Thal types pop up more eclectically, and sprout in more unexpected places than other high-IQ strains. Would be interesting to hear more of Aeoli’s family history, for sure.

    • bicebicebice says:

      That would be an interesting question in regards to our cultures, are they really eclectic or just the exact fucking same (killing off some of the magic here), with slight variations, like a different shade of green is still green youknowwhatimean?

      • -MM- says:

        Normies- low Associative Horizon, “low” IQ(100).
        Melons: low AH, medium(120ish) to high IQ(150ish)
        “Thals”: high AH, medium to high IQ
        Controller Melons: High AH, High IQ
        Misc: Normal melons are basically high IQ normies. They dont question societal systems, though if they HAVE TO work around them to survive they will do well. Dopamine driven.
        Aeoli made a post a long time ago about introverts being Acetycholine driven in cognition-needs exploration.
        What makes a “Thal” from what I can see is really the combination of High AH, at least medium IQ, and at least some altruism.
        So ANYTHING that can produce the AH without destroying all empathy makes a Thal.The less altruism preserved the “less of a Thal” you are ie MTs. So “Thal” is stil frontal driven(left mostly). The reason why a High AH High IQ Melon has the tendency to be.. lets be nice and say “pragmatic” is because of the reliance on parietal.
        *****Phrenology is great but this is where it meets its limits. You cant know this from skull shape. An MRI will tell you how big the lobes are but only a FMRI will tell you whats actually getting used and if hypofrontility is present. And all the other peculiarities.
        Many psycho’s have nice big foreheads and nice big frontal lobes. They are just switched off.

        So basically just watch what people do.
        Any thoughts would be good.

        • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

          The lower/normal melons I know tend to be more melony and overall different compared to smart normalfags. Of the two best examples the first one knows about befriending the right people, getting into positions via informal ways and actively promoting himself to the point of appearing laughable (at least to me). He’s also more ambitious and driven than most normalfags. He seems to be generally redpilled but acts along either because it’s advantageous or his opinion fluctuates (these two also being melon traits). He’s also generally narcissistic. The other one was hierarchical, dominant, emotionally expressive, manipulative and concerned with people management and the typical melon institutional parasitism. Both of these people express melony traits more than personality types or various diagnoses alone would cover and they also have the look.

          Also see this: http://paulcooijmans.com/psychology/intrex.html

          ‘Introversion’ is more or less “thal”, ‘Extraversion’ is a combination of “melon” and “crom”.

          • MM says:

            I’ve never met a smart normalfag.
            Is the hierarchical behavior and narcissism of “melons” really any different than the typical person? Or do we just have the IQ to succeed where the dirt people can’t?
            Also this:
            TLDR: Introverts have more grey matter in frontal lobes and amygdela. The more extroverted someone is the less grey matter in these areas.
            Explains “Thal” AH, morality, and outcast status due to high anxiety that impedes action.
            Explains “Melon” psychoticism, narcissism, social speed (due to increased white matter)
            Explains “MTs” (combination traits like less frontal grey matter but still elevated levels in the amygdela. Lots of lee way) and their odd sense of morality and threat assesment; often times just as much narcissism as “melons”. Add psychosis and you get ppl like Koanic. I think I’m in the territory of a genuine revelation!
            The thal noble lie creation myth isn’t something to take seriously.
            In fact I just did a pretty good job of explaining things without the need for melon pyramidz n thal ubermensch n shieet.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >I’ve never met a smart normalfag.

              There are more ways to be stupid than there are to be smart. Low associative horizon is a type of stupidity which prevents many people from understanding and solving significant problems.

              >I think I’m in the territory of a genuine revelation!

              I believe you’re definitely getting somewhere but I’d caution against the mania that comes with a new paradigm.

              >The thal noble lie creation myth isn’t something to take seriously.
              In fact I just did a pretty good job of explaining things without the need for melon pyramidz n thal ubermensch n shieet.

              Reductionism is only justified when it explains all of the facts. This theory doesn’t include the Paracas skulls.

        • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

          For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment (it doesn’t have the ‘Reply’ link), but let’s hope this gets through.

          >I’ve never met a smart normalfag.

          Maybe “high-functioning” would’ve been a better word. I meant those normies that are IQ 120-something and generally perform pretty well but are pretty dull and unoriginal. Melons and Thals in that same IQ range are clearly different from them in their abilities and traits.

          >Is the hierarchical behavior and narcissism of “melons” really any different than the typical person?

          I think so. Melons (at least my examples) tend to be more hierarchy-aware and/or insistent on them while normies tend to take them more as a given and just twitch along. Normie/”crom” hierarchical behavior and awareness has mostly to do with simple social and physical popularity competition but again there’s some variance depending on the level of normie, personality features and possible disorders. This provides a good tangent to PSL users that are probably mostly CTs. They are all about looksmaxing/mogging/competition/slaying but manifest these motivations with T-front autistic obsession and perception. A CC would just “do it” or “be himself”.

          Regarding narcissism, melons tend to be more sociopathic, cunning, chutzpah and destructive. Normies are just varyingly delusional and self-biased social competitors (check out the second Cortical Chauvinism link I posted on the recent brain matter and IQ post) and at least some of them are generally nice and try to play according to rules. Not that there isn’t some overlap between normies and melons here, but more that melons expand from the normie narcissism.

          >Or do we just have the IQ to succeed where the dirt people can’t?

          See the first quote.

          • MM says:

            With muh new theory on Melons, Thals, etc. I at least mostly agree.
            The difference between normies and melons should be found in an increase in white matter in the frontal lobes and amygdela and possibly an increase of grey matter in parietal.
            “Thals” would be the opposite excluding possible cerebellar abnormalities(Grey matter dominance in Occ possible too of course, depending on the cause of the person’s “thalhood”. Would expect those with heavy amygdela development to have more grey matter in occ but havent found research to back that up so take with salt).

  8. Tom Bri says:

    Hmm. A little rough. These ‘normies’ are the substrate that society is built on. It might be nice if the average IQ was a bit higher, but someone has to do the day-to-day work and it isn’t going to be the aspies.
    Your aunt probably knows a lot more about you than you do about her. Filtered through all the intervening family member’s perceptions of course, but accurate enough for HER purposes. I’d guess she worried about you!

    • Ophiuchus says:

      One of the general intellectual thrusts of the Neanderthal-sphere is the rejection of any sort of mass society scaled above the tribal level.

      That said, I agree with you regarding the necessity of a neurotypical caste (or castes) to perform the wide range of day-to-day functions necessary for the maintenance, prosperity and continued stability and success of any given society–just don’t expect Mr. Pera to agree in kind!

      The recent uncontrolled overscaling of society along with the sweeping destabilization and upheaval of the basic moral fabric/social tenets brought on by ever-more rapid technological advancements (and, of course (((other factors))) ) has laid waste to the spiritual and social well-being of all levels of civilization, from the neurotypical backbone, to the scientific/engineering caste (or “aspies” as we crudely refer to them), to the administrative/priestly caste (to which MM and my own ancestors have traditionally belonged). When a society increases in scale too quickly, the parameters to rise to the top become increasingly brutal/unacceptable and we’re left with snake-creatures like John Podesta running things (and the members of the administrative caste who still have some human decency left become more “ITZ-y”).
      When overscaling happens too fast, the rulers become isolated and separated from the people they rule, and dehumanizing effects occur at all levels across the board. The current configuration can’t last, but I believe this darkness will pass. It has to–one way or the other.

      • -MM- says:

        >One of the general intellectual thrusts of the Neanderthal-sphere is the rejection of any sort of mass society scaled above the tribal level.
        10/10. Why did the real Thals get wiped out? No ability to mass organize.
        > The darkness will pass one way or another
        In the meantime there’s work to be done.
        I’ll throw THALFEST in 2044 and everybody better still be alive!
        You don’t wanna miss the freeze dried chicken tendies

  9. Santoculto says:

    One of the most contrasting type if compared with typical neurotypical is the daydreamer.
    One of the greatest need of life is… Spend the vital time.

    Instinct work very well to push living beings to live their life cycles without great reflective or introspective approach as well consequent uncertainty.

    Everyone spend your time on their best lifestyle. The daydreamer because have a hyperactive mind tend to spend your time in your thoughts, feelings and imagination and tend to become exhausted to spend more energy in manual or physical activities.

    The worker, again based on my triarchic model of sociotypes, have, characteristically speaking, the opposite pattern. Your mind is much more hypoactive than the daydreamer mind. In other hand s/he have great physical energy. So s/he spend your time working in manual/physical and the smarter of workers spend your time working in technically intellectual jobs, the format is technical, the matter is predominantly intellectual. The two great differences between the daydreamer and the worker is what I said, the first is mentally hyperactive and spend your time introspect way but it’s physically hypoactive (lazy), the second is mentally hypoactive and spend your time extrospect way using your physical energy and strengths (hard working). But both do what everyone do: Spend or occupy your personal time.

    Many autistics seems fall into the daydreamer category even this type is more related to the psychotic spectrum near to the schizophrenia and mood disorders. But because obsessive interests and higher intellect one of the facets of openness autistics are characteristically speaking a mixture of both sometimes in aberrant ways. As usually happen everyone is more or less daydreamer and worker but some groups will be overwhelm one of the two.

    Autistics because their obsessive interests tend to put their personal joy above extrinsic duties the class of sociopathic governors create and impose for us/the masses. Indeed while neurotypicals have a little more diversified but invariably superficial interests autistics know since early age what they like too much and what they want to do into long-life. It’s seems a cognitive instinct or “degrees of ‘savant-like'”. Autistics have the cognitive instinct but seems no have well functioning the evolutionary/social instinct.

    Or not.

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  12. Jack says:

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  18. Glenn says:

    Very good article. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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