Stories as emotional reactivity formulas

Conjecture: Stories are long-form descriptions of human emotional state reactions, analogous to chemical reactions.

Example: Chick flicks. They generally follow the formula of Humor and Worship -> Sadness -> Surprise and Happiness. Because Humor is Surprise and Disgust, the first act can be rearranged to “(Surprise and Disgust) and Worship = Surprise and (Disgust and Worship) = Surprise and Evil”. It makes a certain amount of sense because the chick flick formula has been feminism’s most effective cultural weapon for destroying the character of Western women. The basic deception is that Evil -> Happiness, where degenerate behavior predictably results in blissful elation because putting out makes the cad fall in love.

The difference between a story and a proper mythos is that the latter makes use of human archetypes to describe macro-scale human political interactions. A good example would be a story which anthropomorphizes the causal forces at work in my Pyrrhic cycle. For example, Conan the Barbarian could stand in for the K-selected barbarian outbreak because he is an archetypal representation of that sort of person. The key to doing this properly is to understand how archetypes work, which should be its own post.

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  1. bicebicebice says:

    A proper mythos is more durable than trying to reign in and control reality/time(especially when set up to fail hmm…), apply just enough layers to reality —> tax and regulate it (maintain it). Personal short stories are fun but of no real use except for getting a slacker or two off the couch and off to the gym, it won’t fix a system, but they sure as hell can ruin them “muh religions”. How the hell did good fracture into so many pieces it even became inverse. My god!
    Fucking Pretty Woman.

    K.I.S.S or “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, some x1 Woo needs to be kept “secret”, it will just make people upset and ruin stuff otherwise, let the leapers leap in peace. Imagine having 2600cc and your degenerate (literally and figuratively) offspring start to believe the crap you spewed to keep the workers in line, to the point they actually adopt a doctrine of manmade cyclical destruction because demons fairies and bottled imps told me to do so. Now that is funny.
    Fucking Bridget Jones’s Diary.

    “King Henry expanded the use of tally sticks to include the collection of taxes by local sheriffs, creating a demand for them, and the sticks began to circulate as a form of money as a result. Revenues owed to the Crown were collected in this manner, and the tally stick system formed the basis of the British Empire until the formation of the (((Bank of England))) at the end of the 17th century. ”
    Fucking Titanic.

    Fucking Sex and the City.

    Then again, I really liked that blog entry about the various ant races, especially the marauding slavers, pretty intense. Just like people!
    This is why I believe we are on to a good thing here, best case scenario this world just suffers from some extreme epic mismatching and negative superstitions(if you don’t believe in hell you are going to hell, hmmm).
    Then again, it is very well possible that even Atlantis, along with Papua New Guinea, Australia, North Sentinel Island and the thing that never happened (Madagascar Plan), were prisons, and still are. That is where the real evil resides. Hand them a finely crafted goblet and they will smash it on rocks just to cut your throat with a sharp piece. Or maybe they are just more honest than (((Them))).
    Fucking Legally Blonde.

    Thank god Globalism will solve the problem, we just need to bring people together and everyone will be equal and happy, stop dividing people into categories!!!oh wait…
    My body and mind are one on this, because neither wants to serve as a drumstick for cannibal enrichment squads.
    Fucking Out of Africa (ayy lmao,

    Never did Western Man think he would end up in this situation thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A man larping as James Bond gets sent to the asylum, whereas women…
    “Stories as emotional reactionary formulas” – Thou shalt not make heroines.

    Now i’m pissed.

    • MM says:

      The estrogen in the water makes your son gay.
      Fucking Twilight

      The vaccines make him retarded.
      Fucking Forrest Gump.

      (((That’s the 1200th one this week. I wonder how long it’ll be till the goys notice?)))

      ” ‘If there is hope’, wrote Winston, ‘it lies in the proles.’
      They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it? And yet… ”


      • bicebicebice says:

        “” ‘If there is hope’, wrote Winston, ‘it lies in the proles.’
        They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it? And yet… ””

        The absolute best Edenistic joke ever, albeit unwittingly Now that is grim(reality).

  2. MM says:

    AEOLI(And others)- Reposting my simple explanation for Thals, Melons, MTs without wooooo.
    Please no kneejerk bs. Id love to have more info and though-out-thoughts tho!
    TLDR: Introverts have more grey matter in frontal lobes and amygdela. The more extroverted someone is the less grey matter in these areas.

    Explains “Thal” AH, morality, and outcast status due to high anxiety that impedes action.

    Explains “Melon” psychoticism, narcissism, social speed (due to increased white matter)

    Explains “MTs” (combination traits like less frontal grey matter but still elevated levels in the amygdela. Lots of lee way) and their odd sense of morality and threat assessment; and the often “melon-levels” of narcissism. Add psychosis and you get ppl like Koanic.

    I don’t see any problems. And most of the thoughts here about “Thals” “Melons” and “MTs” stay the same(Melons are a little fucked. But you love us XD).

    Just no ridiculous “we wuz kangz” level creation myth. Win-Win-Win!!!!!!!!!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Okay, let’s say your theory is true. Then why do these things occur? Pure genetic recombination? Did evolution cease to have effects above the neck? Does subspecies admixture have no statistically significant effects? How often should we expect someone with 5% thal admixture to have the same forearm-upper arm ratio as someone with no thal admixture?

      • MM says:

        I’d imagine they occur for the same reason why a proportion of ANY mammal species show the same introverted traits that are supposed to be the hallmark of a “thal”. In the past it helped your ancestors survive. In the “modern” world the same anxiety and threat assessment cripples you and many others here.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I agree with your description but your explanation is circular. That’s why it appears (to you) to have perfect explanatory power without needing further details. Why chicken? Because egg. Why egg? Because chicken.

          Correct tautologies hide profound truths in the form of paradoxes. Paradoxes hide profound truths in the form of feedback loops. You’re expressing a form of bounded cognition. I can break this for you if you’re willing.

    • MM says:

      Note: I’d imagine there are several other ways to induce introversion, or similar working thingz.
      To use myself as an example- I am an ambivert. Without action= introverted, depressed.
      With exercise I return to what is my natural state as an ENTJ(Natural as both my parents are “melony”). It’s night and day.
      This makes perfect sense with the added info that my cerebellum is abnormal. Exercise alleviates it(through re-wiring or BDNF neurogenesis idk).

      SO- it is possible for introversion and depression to effect all types in some way via other brain structures, the one I am certain about being the cerebellum(Which is very very very under-rated) :

      Chronic sloth doesn’t seem to make “Melons” any more moral but it would make sense if it up-regulated the amygdela or did anything else to increase cautiousness.
      It could be as simple as less cerebellar activity=more depression considering that damage to the cerebellum shows a direct relationship with amount of depression.

      • MM says:

        After watching this I now think that the TEMPORAL lobe also plays a major part in the difference between the “Thal” and “Melon”. As you can see below (at around the 5 minute mark) the deep socket astronomer relied on his temporal lobes whilst the melony actor used his frontal! Interesting.

        Also, could the infra parietal sulkus be the key to “Melon” articulation?
        Find out after the break

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Temporal is often more active in the extremely intelligent when solving problems. I believe this is why wide skulls tend to indicate associative horizon.

          • MM says:

            Wide skull= high test= high grey matter.
            Wouldn’t doubt the Temporal lobes grow disproportionately seeing how wide skulls act.
            Trump. Hogan from Hogan’s Heroes

            5 min 56 sec to 9 ish

            For laughs- “The Face is Familiar” screen @ 38 seconds.

            A phrenology game show!!!

  3. Ophiuchus says:


    Aeoli, in the past, has theorized that deepsock corresponds to a diminished Anterior Cingulate Cortex:

    Koanic, meanwhile, has theorized that deepsock is the product of extra development in the orbitofrontal cortex:

    Meanwhile, the study you posted makes a very strong case that the trait we know as “Negative Affectivity” is related to unusual thinness of the mPFC (medial prefrontal cortex) and a corresponding enlargement of the amygdala (which in the Aeoliverse we understand to be consequent of Ice Age K-Selection, and in the past has been referred to as “Thalmygdala”)

    Let’s take a look at where each of these regions are in the brain:

    I think these three subregions of the brain definitely all related to atavistic/Ice Age-K/Thal expression, but I think a confounding factor may be whether or not each person’s frontal lobe (most importantly, the prefrontal cortex) is located behind or above their eyeballs–or both.

    For instance, look at this person’s MRI: the frontal lobe is neither totally above nor totally behind their eyes, but rather, positioned diagonally both above and behind it:

    If we were to reduce this person’s brain mass in the ACC, their eyes would probably recede a bit. Reduce the OFC, even more. And, as your study demonstrates, if you reduce the thickness of their mPFC, their negative affectivity will increase, their social skills will suffer, and these traits will coincide with increased amygdala volume. Meanwhile, their eyes would sink in even more. So, it looks possible that these three areas of the brain are probably underdeveloped in people who have to start a fire in under a minute or freeze to death, and probably evolved more robustly in a materially-plentiful r-selected environment. They’re like superfluous white-matter inhibitor-devices whose purpose is to ensure that whoever’s got them conforms to group-consensus. They wouldn’t be necessary in a high-trust, small-tribe environment. Deepsock brain = jailbreaked i.e. rodeo clown i.e. not genetically engineered to serve the God-King.

    Though this is all just amateur conjecture and far from canonical.

    • Koanic says:

      I don’t buy the hypotrophy argument. All signs point to hypertrophy. Things grow from the inside out. Brow projection does not indicate missing matter behind eyes, but extra matter in the brow.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I doubt that brow projection indicates much beyond extra bone matter in the brow (which in turn predicts growth hormone, and the personality consequents thereof).

      • Ophiuchus says:

        The more I read about the Orbitofrontal Cortex to formulate a response to you here, the more it looks like I was probably wrong initially linking its function to an r-selected environment. It’s heavily involved in social inhibition, impulse control; etc, which are obviously K traits. The Phineas Gage incident in particular comes to mind as a demonstrative example.

        However, the fact that the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and what we consider “ingenopathy” are strongly linked is pretty hard to deny, as are the implications of the study MM posted which demonstrates the link between the mPFC, social skills, negative affectivity, and (crucially and perhaps most tellingly) amygdala size.

        Also, the implication re: hypertrophy in the frontal lobe would be that the ACC and the mPFC would never be selected for robusticity in an Ice-Age K-selected environment; they have to do with self-image projection (ACC) and social cognition (mPFC), both of which are indicative of an r-selected (abundant) environment with concomitantly large, complex social structures. In other words, things grow out from the center, but not if evolution doesn’t require them too. The Thals never had a robust ACC or mPFC in the first place, because they never needed them. Any mass the Thals lacked up front would be made up for and then some by the gigantically huge gray matter endowment primarily concentrated in the Occ/hindbrain/subcortical systems.

        As for whether or not these two components (or, more accurately, lack thereof) actually cause deepsock, I’m not sure. I think our brains may be so hacked, spliced together and nigger-rigged at this point that I think we’d be surprised if we undertook a formal study of, say, 1000 separate MRI scans from adult ethnic Europeans to determine how cortical positioning impacted orbital recession. But for now, I’d agree with you it’s probably best to assign deepsock’s primary cause to the OFC.

        • Koanic says:

          I am not very interested in theorizing about deep brain structures because we cannot readily observe the effects of their size variations. Therefore deceiving oneself is easy. Humans are inherently disposed towards “4 humors” type thinking, but reality isn’t.

          Obviously visible physiognomy only explains a subset of biologically-drive psychological variance.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      My most recent thought is that shallowsock predicts emotional turnover rate as described here:

    • MM says:

      Koanic and you are both right.
      You are right about the mPFC decreasing as shown in the study.
      However, having looked at a good deal of MRIs from deepsocketed individuals(My dad is a radiologist and it’s my future career) the frontal lobe as a whole is not affected.
      If the frontal lobe as a whole was decreasing in deepsocketed individuals it wouldn’t explain introverted (“Thal”) intellect and morality. You’d expect the opposite!
      Hence my statement that introverts have more grey matter in the frontal lobe and extroverts have more white matter(Which would explain sooo much). I should have been clear on the results of the study vs my theories as an increase in overall frontal white matter in introverts is conjecture until I find some good stuff. Do let me know if you know anything about it as it’s really the key of muh theory.

    • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

      The MRI image you posted isn’t sagittal and therefore may not display socket depth clearly. Think about how the front brain has a curved shape and how the eyeballs are positioned. I’d imagine that narrowface, widespace and midface projection increase this and vice versa for their reversed features. You M-backs sure are visuospatially retarded.

      (I’m not totally sure about this. If I turn out to be wrong, please don’t genocide me and my immediate family in a lawful evil way.)

      Related: Check out this schizotypal’s brain on the top right. I bet he told his jew shrink about melons and shit in an articulate and monotone voice.

      Some thoughts about above mentioned “deepsock” brain regions later.

      • Ophiuchus says:

        >”The MRI image you posted isn’t sagittal and therefore may not display socket depth clearly.”

        The MRI I posted displays socket depth (that is, orbital positioning relative to the frontal lobe) accurately precisely *because* it’s not sagittal.

        Why: the orbital gyri, underneath which the orbitals sit (each of these being subdivided into four regions by the orbital sulcus). They resemble slots or ridges under which the eyeballs sit, because that’s what they are. Check it out:

        To get an even better idea of what I’m talking about, examine these two images taken from a full-color coronal MRI, noting the location in the brain where each image was taken from as marked by the red arrows at the top-left and indicated by the vertical red bar:

        The two images above were taken from this textbook, which will give an even better demonstration:

        I wish I had a full copy of the book, so we could see the full distribution of gray and white matter across the entire neocortex + limbic system, with each section precisely labeled.

        But anyway, the frontal lobe, which contains several different structures that variously govern, diminish and amplify things like social cognition, self-control, and self image (i.e. OFC, ACC, mPFC) isn’t positioned singularly on top of the orbits, nor is it behind them: it’s simultaneously above, behind, and between them.

        The kill-team will arrive at your location in short order.

        Also, you should join the forum if you haven’t already.

  4. Santoculto says:

    watcha tcha

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