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Finished table of composite emotions

Strictly based on my opinions.

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Rightism and leftism in the Overwatch hierarchy

Something I’ve noticed about idealists is their tendency to agree on objective realities right up until they notice the philosophical impilcations. It’s counterintuitive, but you can trust an idealist with anything except abstractions. So the smarter an idealist is, the … Continue reading

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Another symbol composition

Here’s your lexicon and here’s my previous examples. Have a stab at interpreting it. Extra credit for including color psychology. This example comes from one of the’s podcasts.

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Updated descriptors for major lobe functions

Cerebellum: Intuition Occipital: Simulation Parietal: Semantics Frontal: Association Temporal: Pattern recognition As an aside, anybody know what this is? I didn’t make that site. Is this something normal or no?

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Cave bear syndrome

This is a pseudo-type proposed by Koanic about two years ago to describe a sort of person who doesn’t fit neatly into either the Amud or Mousterian categories. Before that I’d proposed a subtype of mousterians that I called “red” … Continue reading

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