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Polarization of Alt-Right posts so far

It’s been downright illuminating to watch the commentary play out on these posts, speaking as a pseudo-para-anthropologist, because commenters are splitting exactly along the Alt-West/Alt-White lines I laid out in my first major post regarding polarization: How to divide and … Continue reading

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On the Alt-Right, part two

Part one. I left off the previous post explaining where internet culture came from. But I skipped a step last time in my rush to get something published, so I should rewind a little bit and explain how whites were … Continue reading

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On the Alt-Right, part 1

Understanding the Alt-Right requires familiarity with several esoteric topics. My five previous posts on the subject can be found by searching for “alt right” in the sidebar widget. The Alt-Right begins with the old right in America, represented by such … Continue reading

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No username spoofing

This is a new rule for commenting, inspired by MM. It ought to go without saying that spoofing is not acceptable in a written medium, even if it’s obviously for a joke. But that’s diversity for you, nothing goes without … Continue reading

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Three axes of socializing: Smalltalk, Signalling, and Sperging

This post breaks socializing down into its major components, as defined by their psychological purposes and societal functions. Smalltalk is the exchange of emotions for its own sake, and typically revolves around the topics that interest ordinary people: in-group gossip, … Continue reading

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Primary aspie/NT social difference is small talk

If you ever need to know whether someone has a touch of the tism, ask how they feel about small talk. Don’t necessarily listen to the words, but 99.9% of the time you can trust the body language. A neurotypical … Continue reading

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Traits related to mental speed and caliber

It should go without saying that this is all very speculative, but if it went without saying then it wouldn’t be very autistic, eh? I should note ahead of time that speed is probably something we get from neanderthals, whereas … Continue reading

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