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Primary aspie/NT social difference is small talk

If you ever need to know whether someone has a touch of the tism, ask how they feel about small talk. Don’t necessarily listen to the words, but 99.9% of the time you can trust the body language. A neurotypical … Continue reading

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Traits related to mental speed and caliber

It should go without saying that this is all very speculative, but if it went without saying then it wouldn’t be very autistic, eh? I should note ahead of time that speed is probably something we get from neanderthals, whereas … Continue reading

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Transition from Destiny to Quest in the genius’s journey

This is my humble opinion of how it tends to happen, re: Charlton. The beginning of the Destiny phase is simply the existence of traits that are necessary but not sufficient for genius: such as intelligence, conscientiousness, and associative horizon … Continue reading

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How to have meaningful dreams

This is the best method I’ve come up with to date. To optimize the frequency of psychologically esoteric dreams—if you’re into that sort of thing—here’s what I recommend. First, you need to wake up an hour early, but still be … Continue reading

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Equalism in the church

The societal function of equalism is for upper-class white people to browbeat lower-class white people, because if we’re biologically and materially interchangeable then being poor means you must be a sinful person who deserves to be poor. An illuminated soul … Continue reading

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Scientific description of guilt vs. shame

There are two bounds on cheating in societal dilemmas: what you think you can get away with, and what you can trick yourself into believing it’s acceptable to get away with. Shame is the emotional drive that prevents people from … Continue reading

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Owl melons have neanderthal-like adolescence

Refer to the adolescence phase of male aspie development. There are both similarities and differences in expression during this phase. The key is that both types become obsessed with performing violence effectively, but neanderthals express this in an emotional, endogenous, … Continue reading

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