Primary aspie/NT social difference is small talk

If you ever need to know whether someone has a touch of the tism, ask how they feel about small talk. Don’t necessarily listen to the words, but 99.9% of the time you can trust the body language. A neurotypical will either A) smile broadly and virtue-signal their outsider chic identity or B) seem confused for about three seconds, then ignore the question and plow on. An aspie will visibly recoil, their face will darken, and their brows will furrow. They will either try to rationalize small talk according to some kind of retarded libertarian principle or evince an honest hatred. The truth is that small talk angers us more than anything, to such a ridiculous extent that it could be reasonably described as the leading cause of aspie suicide.

For neurotypicals, the primary consideration in conversation is emotional coherence: expression, mirroring, point and counterpoint. Information content is incidental at best. For aspies, the transfer of tribal and institutional knowledge is primary. When we converse with each other, it’s not unusual for one aspie to sit silently while the other improvises a 10-minute lecture on one of our subjects of expertise. And let me tell you, they’re both loving every second of it. It’s just the way we are. Neurotypicals hate dry exposition of information with the same intensity that aspies hate small talk. And this is why aspies and neurotypicals will never live together in peace, not in a million years.

As Nottuh once expressed so eloquently, “I’m not interested in talking about the weather, I want information.” If someone on the spectrum talks about the weather, you’ll know it because they enjoy the subject immoderately or they’re survivalists, or both.

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36 Responses to Primary aspie/NT social difference is small talk

  1. Ophiuchus says:

    Where did you find that dank video of MM?

    (Edited by mod.)

    • MM says:

      Ah yes. I questioned your loser religion. Big no-no, thinking for yourself and all that. I should waste my ONE life on Altrugenics arguing over pictures of foreheads. That’s the opposite of spending your time like a retarded faggot. For sure!

      • Ophiuchus says:

        Hey now fam, don’t be impolite. I think you look great in the video, and you did a good deed for the people of Vancouver Island by warning them that they could be in danger. You potentially saved some lives there, which is a pretty big deal. The part about the umbrellas was especially key. I’m just saying that you might wanna take it easy on the ‘Force before you make your next vid is all.

      • Ophiucuck says:

        I was going to keep bullying you but this comment made me realize you actually do have Asperger’s or something, which made me feel bad, so I’ll stop.

        Instead, I’ll try to give you an explanation for why I’m so fascinated by this dumb ideology:

        Sometimes, when we try our best but just can’t seem to get it right, we become very sad. Eventually, this leads to frustration. Over time, this pattern of frustration and sadness leads to a state of depression, which is a deeper sort of sorrow than frustration. Once we’ve existed in this state of depression for a long enough time, we begin to project that feeling onto the future, which leads to an emotional state known as despair. Despair is a feeling of even deeper and more existential helplessness, and it doesn’t sound like very much fun at all. This despairing person may find alleviation from this unpleasant emotional state by cultivating an interest in things like fringe anthropology and psychology theories, rather than striving for what the adaptation executors of the world keep yelling in his ear what he should want to do and think.

        However, there is another side of this coin.

        Sometimes, we have a person who just can’t seem to get it *wrong*–no matter how *little* he tries. This person may or may not come from a family of WINNARZ–however, if he did it’s probably not something he would bring up in the comment section of a fringe psychology blog, as doing so would probably be considered rather poor form where he’s probably from. Anyway, after a prolonged period of winning meaningless victory after meaningless victory, this person may actually start to feel kind of sad himself, albeit for very different reasons than the guy who became depressed and despairing. Eventually, this person may begin to feel an emotion that some have named “ennui”, which is a kind of deep sadness like depression, although it comes from a different place and for different reasons than depression. This ennui-laden person may find alleviation from this emotional state by cultivating an interest in things like fringe anthropology and psychology theories, rather than continuing to strive for what the adaptation executors of the world keep telling him he should want to do and think.

        Anyway–the melonposting and thalposting will continue unabated. 24/7 the thunder will roll, nigger. #GetOgreIt

        Further reading:

        • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

          Praise bountiful Kek

          • glosoli says:

            MM admitted to trying all varieties of mind-altering drugs, for the fun of it of course, nothing to do with the gaping empty meaningless existence he experiences, and sees ahead for himself.
            Got to have more fun.
            I too feel sad for him.
            But he’s only 15, when he matures, maybe he’ll be alright.

          • MM says:

            I did some pot in HS and now have Thalforce. Much less drux than the average teen in my caste. Or fucking any teen in the (((currentyear))).
            Whatever the hell is wrong with your brain Glosoli, it makes the worst drugs look like sugar pills.

        • MM says:

          No disagreement.
          I used to be here to push Aeoli to win. Didn’t work and was a dumb idea.
          Now this place is entertainment. One day I’ll get bored and leave, probably after a grand shitfest. Thanks for the flame war btw. They do give a little break from the ennui.

          • Ophiucuck says:

            You’re welcome re: the flame war. Some nice, open conflict from time to time can be refreshing, and serve to keep us mentally sharp. I think your heart’s in the right place and I believe you when you say that you want Aeoli and co. to win; it’s just that the overly abrasive, dismissive manner in which you were doing so seemed a bit wrongheaded and an example of “using the wrong tool to do a noble task”.

            There are points you’ve brought up regularly that I actually agree with you on (or at least agree with you on in spirit), such as the unpalatability and/or non-viability of Edenic theory in its current form toward any market larger than “deep-fringe internet group”. For most people–even many of the more open-minded and truth-seeking folks you’ll find in the outer corners of the internet–even simple titles/names like “Melonhead”, “Starchild” and the like are going to sound so preposterous, recondite and farfetched that they’ll dismiss any idea that follows immediately–no matter how much deeper truth it may contain. I think you instinctually grasp this and are trying to remedy this problem and move the theory toward a more outwardly plausible-sounding form, but I also think you’ve been utilizing the wrong strategy to do so.

            Inculcating a phase change toward scientifically-falsifiable coherence w.r.t. Edenic theory is not something that can be “brute forced” with derision, mockery and social shaming, or magically unlocked “with this one neat trick”, but rather, requires a greater commitment and level of patience and consideration on the part of the theoretical phase-changer towards the phase-changee. It takes a long-term, honest investment of intellectual capital rather than “maybe if I verbally abuse these sperglords just a liiiitle bit more, then they’ll finally start thinking like me”. The point is recognizing that they don’t think like you, and never will think like you, but that you can both still cooperate for the purpose of conducting the intellectual discourse in a direction that better serves the truth.

            I got a bit rambly here, but I hope you get the point I’m trying to illustrate.

          • MM says:

            >requires a greater commitment and level of patience and consideration on the part of the theoretical phase-changer towards the phase-changee. It takes a long-term, honest investment of intellectual capital rather than “maybe if I verbally abuse these sperglords just a liiiitle bit more, then they’ll finally start thinking like me”
            I’ve been commenting on this blog using pseudonyms since 2014. Started using my real name in late 2015 and started the verbal abuse 4 months or so after that… I get what your saying but you can’t change people’s minds if they don’t want to listen. Which is why I thought you showing up was a really good thing. Most people here made up their minds a while back. Even Tex Arcane himself revising his theory on melon heads etc. hasn’t changed anything! It was ignored.
            I admittedly got nasty and started equating edenism with wish fulfillment (We wuz aspie gods n shieet). Derision seemed like the obvious route as the synthesis of the two opposing viewpoint would land somewhere closer to where the truth likely is. But that didnt work. The discussion on was good, though you were the only one to show any signs of receptivity and my statement re: Paracas skulls was ignored by Aeoli.

            I wont exaggerate or bullshit- I am very busy. This is the ONLY place online that I comment, and I need to stop. The amount of effort vs rewards for researching, explaining, arguing, and likely still being rejected cannot be justified. Hopefully the good points I’ve made wont be ignored because of the derision but at the end of the day it will be people like you that care about this in a way I simply can’t that will move all this towards actual truth, utility, and acceptance…

          • Ophiucuck says:

            Do you have an email address where we could talk at greater length instead of cluttering up the blog section here?

          • Koanic says:

            > Even Tex Arcane himself revising his theory on melon heads etc. hasn’t changed anything! It was ignored.

            Your rants are flyover territory for me, but I saw this and wanted to point out:

            Tex’s shift was way behind the forum. There was no reaction to it because it had already been figured out.

            None of the stuff you’re saying is new or interesting. You are not smarter than the forum.

          • MM says:


            >Your rants are flyover territory for me
            Says the king of insane self absorbed ranting. Let’s have a sample!

            “Deciding to counter one monkey adaptation with another, I chained a habit to the end of my meals. After each plate, I would first look at a single image gore porn, then set a timer for one hour. After that timer elapsed, I could eat another plate. This worked admirably, even at full fatigue. Should I be tempted to indulge outside permitted hours, the simple threat of a gore porn dose proved sufficient.”…
            “The brutal, direct, and personally costly nature of this solution appeals to my MT nature. I do pride myself on running the sort of advice blog you won’t find anywhere else.”

            No wonder Koanicsoul got memory holed. You fucking freak.

          • Ophiucuck says:

            A final thought here: My motivation for getting involved in this stuff goes beyond me just coping with “muh winnar sadness”. What it’s also really about is seeing the bigger picture of things; i.e. the future that awaits our kids and realizing the importance of preserving those strains of altruistic DNA that have historically made Western Civilization superior to all others. In other words, it’s not going to make a fuck how much of a #winnar you or I are if your grandkids are going to die in a nuclear war because there are no honest, decent or kindhearted people left in the world.

          • glosoli says:

            MM will never have what we Thallish sorts have.

            The resentment of that fact is clear to see in his seething, and perhaps explains the wider Melony hatred of us. Anger will never change the fact that there is truth and good, and lies and evil.

            There’ll only be one winner in this battle, and the final score will be announced in the next life. The losers will be rotting in eternal hell, still hating us winnerz (did I spell that correctly) for eternity. Nice.

          • MM says:

            More emotional BS from goofy Glosoli.
            You’re so boring yet I am obligated to respond and say something like:
            “You are the biggest loser wherever you go. Everyone at Vox Popoli hates you almost as much as I do!”
            And its true, Glosoli. Something about your stupidity+self righteousness+ basic bitchness makes you one of the saddest creatures imaginable.

          • glosoli says:

            Someone is certainly emotional, the reader will decide who.
            I got the bit about the seething hate correct though.
            I’ll have to work harder at Vox’s to increase their level of hatred to yours, but great to hear that already 100% of folk there are on board with the hate.

            The musings of a teenager, I hope he doesn’t leave us, we have much to learn about his species.

          • Glosoli says:

            Vox is a faggot like you. I purge homosexual thoughts by stretching my anus with a cucumber and doing a few koans. Thals are dis-proportionally affected by BPA and other estrogen mimickers. Thankfully the dark lord Morgoth gives me the strength to resist sucking off those tasty BBC’s I see on my weekly ventures to the supermarket/welfare office.

          • Nottuh says:

            Looks like mm copied your account glosoli

          • glosoli says:

            Yes, although he capitalised the G.
            He seems to have an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality.
            Wonder why? Masonic ritual abuse perhaps?
            He’s a sad, but fascinating little chap.

        • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

          >Masonic ritual abuse, perhaps?

          I met a victim of the Masons today. She described her ordeal in some detail. A homeless woman, dying of an easily treatable kidney infection. She made the mistake of being born to a renegade bloodline.

    • MM says:

      Yo AP can you take down this mention of my irl name

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Close your mouth, or I must scream.

  3. Who is this man and how can I recruit him?

  4. Koanic says:

    I love how this guy shamelessly shuts up between thoughts.

    Get it right. We’ll wait.

  5. Heaviside says:

    pathetic: Getting upset about small talk.
    aesthetic: Getting upset about Smalltalk.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    (Smalltalk is not a bad language.)

  6. Personalized Normie Encouragement Spammer says:

    I stumbled across this and thought you (and why not other Edenism folks as well) could make some money with it. You definitely have the required interesting knowledge and writing skills. Put that bigocc wisdom and systemized info hoarding to a socially advantageous and appropriate use, Aeoli!

    Seems somewhat of a rippoff, though.

  7. iouiyutyrter says:

    Tribal knowledge?

    That’s aspies trying to fit in, maybe, at the most.
    Aspies and tribes have no nexus between them.

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