On the Alt-Right, part two

Part one. I left off the previous post explaining where internet culture came from. But I skipped a step last time in my rush to get something published, so I should rewind a little bit and explain how whites were driven to soft genocide under national socialism.

The truth, which many of you already know, is that the Communists won the Cold War. Many decades after the war had supposedly ended, Soviet agents were still infiltrating and perverting American institutions into tentacles of their giant, global vampire squid. The Soviet Union may not have survived, but the survival of converged nation states or their populations was never the goal of Communists—the opposite would be closer because it at least satisfies their Freudian death drive.

Socialists have been fighting a successful fourth-generation war at least since the invention of television, and probably longer than that. The media, universities, unions, intelligence community, and Democratic party were subverted instantly in the 1960s. The old right’s institutions in America were infiltrated by Buckleyite conservatives preaching free trade, who immediately threw open the borders to Trotskyite Jews who rebranded themselves as “neoconservatives”. (This two-pronged Hegelian dialectic approach to subversion appears to work just as well at the tactical level as it does at the moral, strategic level.) By the end of the 1980s, the Republican party was marching in lockstep with CIA directives, and the old right was again forced into hiding.

This period from about 1965 to 1995 was when the soft kill white genocide began in earnest. Low-class, union card-carrying whites with no college aspirations were driven out of work and into welfare, drugs, and McDonald’s serfdom by free trade and immigration. But they’re fat, ugly, lazy, and generally unpleasant people, so nobody cared and the problem worsened. During the period from 1985 to 2005 it became increasingly difficult for flyover middle-class white men to have the idyllic “normal life” that their parents demanded: sports and honors in high school -> fooling around at state university -> internship at GloboCorp -> lower middle-class entry-level job -> girlfriend and then babies and mortgage -> ambition out of desperation -> comfortable upper middle class life by age fifty. By the time millenials hit the job market around 2010, only about 1% were actually following this trajectory and the rest were falling off the ride at some point, culminating in a vast swath of underemployed white men who retreated to video games and porn.

The Communist Jews and their minority allies, overly confident of their assured success, began ruthlessly driving any remaining white men from the workplace and discussed “hard kill” genocide options openly. By the time our first black president was re-elected for his second term, minorities were celebrating demographic replacement trends and “big, black dicks” became a mass media symbol of humiliation and replacement.

But suffering leads to wisdom, and white people remembered how to use their brains. Three internet subcultures would turn this seemingly unstoppable tide: 1) Gamers, 2) PUA, and 3) HBD. The Jews, in their hubris, had not reckoned with the power of weaponized autism.

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10 Responses to On the Alt-Right, part two

  1. Koanic says:


    Is the generation that has viewed in movies and committed in video-games every atrocity imaginable once again desensitized to the commission of 4GW violence like the tribal hunters of old?

    I can’t tell because I never had much problem with it.

  2. MM says:


  3. Robotnick says:

    Many alphas are too dopamine-saturated with money and pussy to be seriously concerned with alternative right-wing politics.
    Many I’ve seen/known metaphorically suck their own dicks, show off, and feel so exalted compared to the weak millennials who make up the majority, rather than using their masculinity for anything noble.

    Though “alpha shitlord” you’re referring to is probably different.

    The nepotism and filtering tactics of the elite prevents any counter-messages from being promoted in institutions, mainly and especially the media. The Jews are the main bouncers to that party. I’m not sure there is a peaceful solution to perhaps get around that. Maybe there is.

    • bicebicebice says:

      Isn’t it interesting that e-celebing and namefagging always leads to shitcucking in the end? Like lawyers, the last thing they want to do is get rid of crime.

      • Robotnick says:

        Exactly. That’s what a lot of these alpha males at least unconsciously want. They don’t want the average man to be as strong/masculine/successful as them.
        Also, average men from past ages could kick their ass if alive today. Or many men from less developed countries. They really need to learn humility just as much as any weakfag.

  4. MM says:

    Yep. I “joined” anticom the day before Spencer’s speech in Auburn for info updates and out of several hundred who could go was one of the 2 PEOPLE that actually went for sure. And the other guy (Who at least showed up) just gave me all his 50+ posters and I had to put them all up as he was too chickenshit to do it himself. “Muh vandalism charges”
    There’s no point in going into the “why” of the learned helplessness of the right, the only thing that will change it-to be frank- is an escalation large enough to break normalcy bias.
    And only in very specific circumstances does that actually end well.

    If anyone here lives in Alabama email me 12345werstersd@gmail.com for meetups. Im chill irl.

    • MM says:

      I admittedly didn’t give AF about cameras, etc. Banked on what you said about cops being more concerned with violence (In this case the Antifa near Foy Hall.)

  5. Santoculto says:

    Ethnic Russians never have genuine or logic interests to infiltrate in USA. It’s ”’others”’.

  6. Santoculto says:

    Introvert passivity usually happen because politics is a extroverted game itself. When reasonable and introverts start to create their own groups I think at least will start to be effective specially for themselves instead be spread and dispersed among the masses.

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