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The core of Western esotericism

The meaning of the Edenic apple is “choice”. Thus, the unspecified biblical fruit is always depicted as an apple because it resembles the human heart. Air quotes around “choice” are because the second meaning is that free will is an … Continue reading

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Naive literal imagination

This is a name for what I’ve referred to elsewhere as “dream logic”. It’s important because this appears to be a sort of magical thinking that we use to process very big ideas, like conspiritards’ insistence that we’re ruled by … Continue reading

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Interesting prayer experience

I usually pray in the shower. It helps me focus, and concentration is a huge problem in my prayer life these days. I’ve been experimenting with mental techniques that I’ve picked up from what I know about the law of … Continue reading

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Some aesthetic correspondences

Visual: Literal Geological Water: Subconsciousness, Superego Air: Consciousness, Ego Underground: Unconsciousness, Id Wind: Change (of emotional tone, usually) Rain: Separation of people(s) Fire: Violence Meteor: Mass extinction event Spring greenery and fauna: Vitalism, life energy Altitude: Abstraction level Mountains: Organic … Continue reading

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More wild speculations on anthropology

Apropos of nothing, here are the names I use inside my head for the edenic types. I’d need to check these with someone who knows Latin: Melonheads = “the rationalists” = homo economicus. Neanderthals = “the dreamers” = homo naturalis. … Continue reading

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Theory of origin myths

1. (The first law of Edenic political science) “Intra-species conflict stems from various phenotypes unconsciously trying to alter the environment to favor each of their respective reproductive strategies.” 2. Human breeding populations are best adapted to the selection pressures that … Continue reading

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Edenism in FF7

Put on your fedoras kids, There Will Be Autism. Instead of Vivaldi we’ll set the mood with an autistic troll: A cursory examination of Final Fantasy VII produces a vaguely New Agey, environmentalist message with lower-case ‘e’ edenist tendencies. Woke … Continue reading

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