Your regularly scheduled red vortex of DOOM

This is a mythical trope in Japanese visual culture, which is drawn from transcendentalism in Enlightenment-era mathematics. This probably won’t make a lot of sense right now, so I’m just recording it for posterity.

Some people were confused by my inclusion of a vortex in the introductory post on the alt-right. I was hinting at a larger idea that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around. Fortunately, I came across the artistic expression of this idea in art recently—specifically, in Final Fantasy 8. (For the record, I don’t recommend the game in general.) There’s this event called the “Lunar Cry”, which contains a lot of familiar visual elements:

The backstory of this phenomenon ought to call the Eclipse event from Berserk to your memory:

The Lunar Cry…is a phenomenon in Final Fantasy VIII where creatures of the moon — monsters — fall to earth at regular intervals.

…the cycle began tens of thousands of years ago; a product of gravity, the phenomenon is similar to the pull on the tides; when the moon’s surface reaches saturation point with monsters it spills and falls to the planet and can destroy entire nations.

Lunar Cry

There’s one other similar event in Japanese visual culture that should help you to sense what I’m getting at: Third Impact, from Evangelion.

The Third Impact is an event mentioned in Neon Genesis Evangelion and finally occurring in The End of Evangelion where Human Instrumentality was almost achieved. It began when Rei Ayanami (also the vessel for Lilith’s soul) transformed into the Angel form of Lilith, and used Unit-01 as a catalyst. Shinji Ikari was inside of the Eva, as the Mass Production Eva units appeared and formed a Tree of Sephiroth. Soon afterward, Evangelion Unit-01 became the Tree of Life. This event is a global Anti A.T. Field event which terminates A.T. Fields of all living beings on Earth.

Third Impact

This won’t make sense unless you understand the context, where Unit 01’s awakening occurs due to the unification of Adam and Lilith’s genes to create the “tree of life”.

What I take from the context of these three datapoints is that the Zodiacist obsession with obtaining the moon is inextricable from Lilith death cult worship. Either they believe that Lilith is literally imprisoned in the moon or this is an esoteric metaphor for something equally insane. Apparently, the reward for mass human sacrifice in this effort is that the nation that succeeds in doing so (personified by Unit 01 in Evangelion and Griffith in Berserk) is elevated to transcendant status.

Well, if I ever needed to convince y’all that I’m an unreliable narrator, this was the post to do it. Hopefully somebody with a better brain will understand and express it better—this is why I tell people I feel like I was supposed to be smarter.

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43 Responses to Your regularly scheduled red vortex of DOOM

  1. Rime says:

    You are still watching NGE on the 2nd level (esoteric/occultic), on occasion touching on the 3rd (philosophical*). Please watch 2001: Space Odyssey and if you are confused watch/read Robert Ager’s explanation. It’s like listening to Eroica without knowing of Napoleon and the Heilegenstadt Testament. There are things that once understood do not translate so well into words.

    1st: Superficial – Plot(The lies we tell ourselves)
    2nd: Esoteric – Occult(Aesthetics)
    3rd: Philosophical – Wille(Desire)
    4th: Pyschological – Dasein(Existence)

    Perhaps I am wrong about 2 and 3, they may very well be flipped. It’s been a while. The story itself falls into four distinct parts, the first being the introduction of the main characters and setting, the second the arrival of Asuka, the third begins with the revelation of the third Rei… guesss where the fourth part starts.

  2. Rime says:

    Weird, I just posted about this on Aeolis last post. Strange congruence.

    The relations between:

    Alt-lite = Techno-Commercialism = B(ear)
    Alt-west = Theonomy = r(abbit)
    Alt-white = Patriarchy = K(wolf)

    We ought to expect tension between the three, this is healthy for a society. The competition between the corners of the trike provide the stability for civilization and the impetus for growth. As long as there is enough pressure from outside the three corners will focus on pushing outward to maintain the shape. Like a chord, the three tones require one another for form and function. When a civilization is overly successful the triangle breaks down, mimicking the rapid expansion and equally rapid collapse of the western civilizations in the early modern period.

    What the altright ought to focus on doing is negotiating a healthy medium between the three factions in order to create a healthy society. To a certain extant it is doing this naturally. Eventually we need a king to stop the buck. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but as the stakes get raised this will become more readily apparent. NRx talks about becoming worthy, well, we have to create our own structures apart from the ZOGcorp/Cathedral in order to become worthy. Guys like Vox and Cernovitch are doing that in regards to the media (the purest form of techno-commerce/B). Theonomy – Orthosphere and co., Patriarchy – Various too many to name

    • Rime says:

      Plenty of experience with dindus, don’t want them around. Some are wonderful people, but then I hear some pitbulls make for wonderful pets, it doesn’t mean I let a pitbull near my kids.

      Alt-light won’t discuss the dindu problem and pretends it doesn’t exist, alt-west will occasionally remark that they most go back or be destroyed, and alt-white is only slightly less dindu-obsessed than jew-obsessed.

      Even if we got rid of all dindus we have only removed a symptom, not a cause. Who is advocating for more dindu acceptance and why? Remove them too.

  3. imperius says:

    I’m getting pretty close to unfollowing this blog. Tone down the irrelevant mumbling.

  4. imperius says:

    Your last few posts that sought to categorize the alt-right made me instead question your sanity. I always knew you were kind of crazy, but I didn’t know you were gulag-grade crazy.

    • Ophiuchus says:

      Ahh, you think social shaming tactics are your ally? You merely adopted the shallow, crudely manipulative, weaponized language. The average ingenopathic Ferrathal was born in it. Molded by it. They didn’t instinctually comprehend the implicit underlying structure of de facto human intersocial organization and its variously sophisticated nuances and mechanisms until they were already men; by then, it was nothing to them but extremely tiresome and irritating!!!

      gtfo tbh

      • Pseudorandom Ghostbuster says:

        This commentator could be a legit shill. He appeared out of nowhere posing as an already existing reader, without having any earlier comments I’m aware of, and also his linked blog is totally empty. His comments also appear as very “plastic”, kinda like tailor-made non-genuine utterances to maximize desired shaming effect (what you already said). Compare to those spam comments that praise your blog or post while trying to advertise something. Also his choice of shaming was ineffective and weird considering what this blog and the majority of it’s readers are. And the fact that he posted a series of comments in a short time, almost like he was angry.

        Aeoli clearly touched something with this or previous posts. Shoo, Moon-goo!

    • Heaviside says:


  5. imperius says:

    It’s one thing to have novel insights; it’s another to ramble on without explaining them in such a way where everyone sees how much of a tin foil crazy you are.

  6. Boneflour says:

    Eww, moon snot. That looks infectious.

  7. MM says:

    Year by year I’m happier I never watched NGE.
    Vortexes are just archetypally evil imo
    SPIRAL INTO HORROR! and all that.

    Also getting back into music-posting so her ya go

    • Ophiuchus says:

      Finally, someone who understands the threat posed to all of mankind by the Spiral, aka the symbolic apotheosis of evil as an idea.

      #Tired: Being woke to the Jew
      #Wired: Being woke to Melon McMelonson
      #Inspired: Being woke to The Eternal Spiral

      • MM says:

        Let’s take a closer look for sake of even more autism-
        1.618 “Nautilus”/galaxy spiral is beautiful. 1.5, 1.25. should look good. A spiral with ratio of 1 would be circles within circles if it was repeated. Looks good.
        Its the math ratios. See how the evil ones above are both relatively small ratio and crooked? Likely some off-color 45/32 esque ratio. Like a minor second in music. Or a tritone.

        • Ophiuchus says:

          Yes, the classic “fibonacci spiral” is very beautiful.

          “See how the evil ones above are both relatively small ratio and crooked?”
          “Like a minor second in music”.

          Consider the sound of the minor second:

          Now listen to the main theme from Eyes Wide Shut:

          So, the small, crooked, twisted spiral of the “boy-lover symbol” literally “sounds like” the theme from Eyes Wide Shut when expressed/manifested in a musical form–and what was that movie about?

          On a more purely symbolic level, look at the inwardly spiraling triangle: it represents the perversion/warping of Order. Similarly, the inwardly spiraling heart represents the perversion/warping of Love. The combination of Order and Love is the family, and that’s what the Washington Pedocracy wishes to annihilate on a conceptual level.

          The only GOOD spiral is a DEAD spiral

          Or one with well-apportioned ratios, I guess.

  8. Ophiuchus says:

    Further clarification: though Aeoli defines the line as representing “masculine energy”, the triangle and its attendant concepts are very, very, closely related and correlated with all things considered “masculine” or “deriving from masculinity” (structure, order, hierarchy, rigor, control et al) and this is why the pedos chose the triangle (in corrupted form) to represent “boy love”; similarly and inversely, the heart represents femininity/love/gracefulness/kindness/patience/receptiveness/softness (also observe that it geometrically resembles an inverted triangle).

    Also, spirals are not “evil” or “harmful” when apportioned properly, but when “twisted” or “crooked” by dualistic imbalance (which is what a vortex is–a crooked spiral) they mangle and twist the nominally Elective Affinities into Defective Affinities; you can see this “twisting of the soul” made manifest on the faces of people like John Podesta when they try to “smile” (which much more closely resembles a pained grimace). Their smile is in essence a frown, which relates to the concept of Satanic Inversion.

    • Ophiuchus says:

      Also the Jewish star of David represents the combination of the triangle and its inverted form, the heart. It’s the metaphysical expression of why male Jews are “effete”, “feminine” and “nebbish” and the female Jews are concomitantly “masculine”, “discomfortingly assertive” and have the “jaws” of “construction workers”.

      “Air quotes” in a “comment thread” on a “webblog”

      • Ophiuchus says:

        Final thought… 4 now NEway ;)

        The combination of the masculine and the feminine, in spiritually and physically healthy societies, is typically represented by the cross (which represents the family on a metaphysical level, as originally intuited by Aeoli’s magical Neanderbrain). But when the Jews combine these two concepts, they don’t get the cross, but rather, the Seal of Solomon, itself forming a hexagon at the center, which is the same symbol observed on Saturn’s north pole, which is formed by what? A giant vortex!

        5/5 bretty inderdasting :DDD

        • MM says:

          yup the good ol Saturn hexagon spiral is something Ive been waiting for on dis blergh. That would be WIRED melonboon posting.
          Elongated skulls

      • Koanic says:

        Hm, yeah I always felt that star was gay, and come to find out it’s pagan, not of God.

        • Ophiuchus says:

          Itz more than just gay (though it is pretty gay: just ask the Israeli military/Jewhollywood/our sons; etc). What it is, in truth, is a symbolic representation of what Aeoli has referred to in the past as the “Babylonian Death Cult” (recall that the proper/full name of the Rabbinic Talmud is the “Babylonian Talmud”). I am pretty confident in this religion’s existence, though I have a slightly more dubious outlook on “Zodiacism” (or at least the Aeolian conception of thereof, which is, as Vejiortan pointed out, constituted primarily of what amount to mere normative inversions of foundational Christian ideas).

          However, I’m not ruling out the possibility that the Babylonian Death Cult/Rabbinic Judaism/Saturnian Swirling-Eye-of-Sauron-Worshipping Religion is a continuation of “Zodiacism”, which it may well be; I’m just saying that Zodiacism probably has a little bit more going on than just being an aesthetically-pleasing inversion of Christian ideas.

          Anyway, re: the Star of David (i.e. the Seal of Solomon): it has six outward points, represented by six smaller triangles, forming symmetrically around a six-sided hexagon, like so:

          “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding yada yada yada…”

          The Star of David is the combination of masculinity (triangle) and femininity (heart/inverted triangle), but in a demonic way that retains both of each respective form’s metaphysical symbolic essence (made physically manifest in Jews’ physical and mental hermaphroditism, which you can also observe physically and statistically observe in the U.S. Senate, as I alluded to in my “Phrenological Investigation into the United States Senate” post in BMP). Instead of the masculine and feminine combining in a virtuously balanced manner, as in Christian nations (metaphysically represented by the cross, manifested physically as the morphologically and spiritually distinct husband and wife, who combine in a physically and spiritually healthy manner to create spiritually and physically healthy offspring).

          Solomon’s Seal/the Star of David is the final expression of what happens when you spend your life trying to summon demons and listen to their advice. In the end, the joke is on the Jews. The joke is always on the jews.

          @Mead the Rite of Spring is something I like to think of as the expression of the fundamentally dissonant, neurotic Jewish soul. Warped, as it were, by the worship of the Saturnian Vortex.

          • Koanic says:

            “it has six outward points, represented by six smaller triangles, forming symmetrically around a six-sided hexagon, like so:”

            Synagogue of Satan. Mind blown.

            • Ophiuchus says:

              “This minor act of alchemy is brought to you by Thalforce™: ‘Experience the Ice Age.®’ And introducing for a limited time: Thalforce Plus™: Clorox Blast Edition®: now with 200% more Cleveposting!®”

              Saturnianism is Luciferianism is Saturnianism.
              The Eye of Saturn is the Eye of Sauron is the All-Seeing Eye.
              Or at least this is what the Bigmelon is a’tellin’ me.

              @Mead poast moar delicious musical insights with relation to symbols/mathematical ratios and such (e.g. spiral ratios and their relation to sound) and I will try to keep backlinking them to metaphysical truths, as we did above.

              You can play Mozart and I will play Goethe and let us bring about the Neanderfriend/Melonboon Enlightenment.

            • MM says:

              ^Talked about spirals and a little music stuffs here. BPM is not just a heart rate thing- relation to tempo (using same music intervals 1.25, unison, etc) will add to or change effect. (1.25 being happiness for example) A 64 BPM song in c major/a minor with just tuning(with C0 tuned to 64 hz!) would have amazing effect. Phase cancellation avoided.
              The simpler the math of the base the more consonant. If you wanted to go full evil starting at 140.625(45/32= augmented fourth, I misspoke earlier calling this a minor second which is 16/15 in just intonation. There are also more esoteric and evil intervals such as the neutral second. Just intonation will change many for better) this frequency itself will give an immediately noticeable effect.

              ^Whole song in bpm of ‘key'(this being open because of consecutive rising 5ths) This is better heard in new version of song @ 50 seconds here:
              Its 2 perfect 5ths in a row followed by a minor second and another perfect 5th!
              1.5, 1.5, 1.0666…(yeah that’s the good ol minor second!), 1.5
              Interestingly enough if you multiply these ratios together you get 3.6. Divide this by 3 to get the ratio and you get 1.2. A minor third. Sadness. Which is the ultimate feeling given by the movement. Interesting huh!

            • MM says:

              As for the deeper stuff I’ll have to find my old notes first as not to butcher my own #content.
              The biggest practical thing is that you can use music to control your state of mind, willpower, and even use it to hallucinate your way to archetypal insights(really the only thing dissonance is ‘good’ for tbh).

              I know I sound wooey, aspie, and basically the opposite of my normal style typing this^ But it’s 100 percent true!

  9. glosoli says:

    I’m going to write this here as a plea for help, it ties in with the destruction of the family theme alluded to above. A similar plea for help was deleted at Vox Day’s blog, I hope Aeoli will be more tolerant, given that a child’s life is at stake.

    Little baby, 9 months old, seriously ill, in a state hospital in London.
    The parents have raised over £1.3m to take him to America for experimental treatment.
    The hospital (state) have petitioned the courts (state) to be allowed to turn off life support and allow him to die, and also to deny the parents the right to take him to the US.
    The courts (state) agreed.
    The parents have a final appeal pending.

    It’s getting fuck all publicity in the UK, as the liberal media presumably agree with the way it’s going.
    I have written a letter to our Queen, she’s head of state, and also (supposedly) head of the Church of England and defender of the faith. She’s been a waste of space, not a squeak in the past 50 years, nothing.

    Can we (you) somehow start a viral 4chan/8chan/pol Twitter/ Facebook meme war about this?
    The best meme might be alluding to the death penalty, which disappeared here in the UK over 40 years ago (except for treason, and that went in ’98.
    Yet the death penalty is being applied to this (white male) child against his parents wishes.

    It’s fucking evil, and I may be tempted to get out on the streets myself to protest it, if anyone else in the UK could be bothered to join me.

    That’s it, sorry AP.

  10. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Can someone forward this to Koanic/Altrugenics Xen?

    I found the earth face image by cropping and uploading it to Google reverse search. It can also be found by searching ‘eugenics is good’. Both of the neanderthal images can be found by searching ‘neanderthal reconstruction’. To circumvent the spam filter, here’s a paste with links to large version of each of them. You might want to search better quality ones.

    Regards, altruistic Altrugenics lurker or “nobilid”.

  11. Aeoli Pera says:

    What they’re measuring is engagement.

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